Bedroom Design 2019-2020

Thinking through the design of the bedroom 2019-2020, it must be remembered that the decor of this room should maximize relaxation and a good rest. That is why it is so important to maintain harmony in every detail of the interior and the nature of the decoration of the room (including the texture of finishing materials, painting walls, the selection of decorative elements, furniture layout, etc.).

The design of a modern bedroom, which necessarily takes into account the type of activity and lifestyle of its future inhabitants, should not only please the eye, but also be extremely functional: even with a minimal amount of furniture, it should be cozy and comfortable.

The original design ideas for the bedrooms, which will be discussed in our article, are dictated by the latest technologies, features of the modern layout of apartments and the emergence of new resources and finishing materials.

Popular Bedroom Design Styles

A modern bedroom can be decorated in one of the unique styles, the list of which in the world of interior design is quite extensive. However, professional designers are able to easily combine in one interior the characteristic features of several styles, which often interact and complement each other.

Classic style

The interior of the bedroom, designed in the classical style, is a vivid example of a combination of elements of the following stylistic directions: baroque, renaissance, modern, etc.

The main features of the bedroom, decorated in a classic style and striking with the richness and luxury of the environment, are represented by the presence of:

  • draperies made of velvet or silk;

  • luxurious decorative details decorated with gilding and skillful wood carvings;

  • expensive antiques;
  • exquisite chandeliers and lamps, set in bronze and brass, with a decor of the original curls;

  • calm colors, sustained in natural tones and excluding the presence of any flashy accents in the setting.

The classic-style bedroom is best suited to self-sufficient individuals who value above all the reliability and stability associated with this environment.

Romantic style

The trend of 2019-2020 is the bedrooms, the decor of which relates us to the romantic interiors of the 70s of the last century, characterized by:

  • an abundance of rounded shapes;

  • the softness of color combinations (in particular, the complex shades of burgundy and red, a combination of blue and brown, as well as pink and red colors), configurations and textures used;

  • using luxurious chenille and velvet textiles.

Eclectic style

Modern bedrooms decorated in the eclectic style, characterized by the possibility of combining the incompatible, will appeal to bright people who are not afraid of experimentation and appreciate the creative approach.

In the interior of such a bedroom, elements of ancient decor can harmoniously coexist with objects of ultra-modern furnishings. For example, a restored table purchased at a flea market gets along well with bright futuristic furniture.

In 2019-2020, interior decorators recommend boldly combining ethnic eclecticism with modern environmental trends.

A combination of a neutral background and dark floral wallpapers can be considered a good solution for a spacious bedroom.

A harmonious addition to the eclectic-style bedroom interior is the use of lively greenery, furniture and curtains with a gold edging, spherical attributes and decorative materials painted in dark shades of green.

Modern style

The modern style (synonymous name - “contemporary”) in the design of the bedroom is characterized by a combination of utmost functionality, comfort and minimalism, which makes the living room as comfortable and spacious as possible.

High-tech gadgets (for example, beds with lifting mechanisms and smart devices that help regulate temperature and humidity) will fit perfectly into the interior, representing a combination of extremely simple geometric shapes.

Among the new products designed to make the bedroom environment more relevant is the use of:

  • faux leather;
  • denim;
  • decorative stones and crystals;
  • silver decor;
  • futuristic and space ideas in room design.

Minimalism style

The decoration of the bedroom, designed in the style of minimalism, largely echoes the design of the high-tech style, but it has a number of distinctive features presented:

  • restraint and laconicism of the color scheme (priority is given to white color and graphic drawings), all lines and forms;

  • a complete lack of decorative elements;
  • the extreme simplicity of the furniture and accessories used (due to the fact that a special niche system is provided for the functional equipment in furniture and all surfaces are completely free, a feeling of spaciousness and cleanliness is created in the room);

  • the presence of chrome trim;
  • the active use of the latest technological solutions and modern finishing materials, as well as glass, concrete, marble and nickel-plated steel.

Scandinavian style

The fashionable design of the bedroom, decorated in a Scandinavian style, gaining more and more popularity every year, immerses its owners in an atmosphere of maximum comfort and homeliness.

Among the main signs of this style, the use of:

  • light tones (creamy or pastel cream are most often chosen as the background) and bright contrasting accents;

  • mainly natural materials;

  • original color textiles;

  • tall (full height) mirrors;

  • unusual design fixtures.

Since the Scandinavian-style bedroom requires a lot of light, the room should have large, laconic windows.

Novelties in the design of bedrooms

The new bedrooms, designed in the styles of loft, pop art and high-tech, will attract the attention of young people who appreciate cutting-edge interiors.

Loft style

The loft-style bedroom, which is characterized by a special originality of design, will be enjoyed by creative people who prefer to spend their leisure time indoors, in the design of which a lot of interesting design finds were used.

For rooms decorated in a loft style, the use of:

  • rough brickwork (without any finishing);

  • untreated wood and concrete as finishing materials;

  • ceiling beams and open structures;

  • unusual approach to the design of the floor and ceiling;
  • catchy decor;
  • stylish furniture.

The highlight of the loft style bedroom is the contrasting combination of deliberately rough walls, dandy furniture and unusually cozy decorative elements, often belonging to different styles. Bright color curtains, armchairs, pillows and bedspreads are actively used here as color accents.

Thanks to the dim lighting, the interior of the loft-style bedroom gives the impression of light negligence, giving the room a peculiar charm.

Pop art style

The interior of the bedroom, designed in the style of pop art, will be enthusiastically received by creative individuals who welcome the most daring experiments.

Characteristic features of the pop art style are:

  • the flashy brightness of the color scheme, which prefers acid colors;

  • minimal amount of furniture (use of built-in wardrobes and transforming furniture is welcomed);
  • using posters and posters with photographs of theater and cinema artists to decorate the walls;

  • a well-thought-out lighting system, providing for the presence of neon lights and a multitude of colored light bulbs, allowing you to create interesting lighting effects that harmoniously fit into the design of the bedroom;

  • using the same print that adorns walls, furniture, pillows and accessories;
  • the active use of artificial materials: plastic panels, MDF boards, metal and glass products.

Hi-tech style

The choice in favor of a bedroom decorated in a modern hi-tech style, without a doubt, will be made by representatives of the young generation who are watching with interest the appearance of new gadgets and original technical devices.

The interior of a hi-tech bedroom is characterized by:

  • the complete absence of random things and unnecessary details littering the space;

  • minimal use of decor;
  • an abundance of shiny surfaces (they are most often chrome or varnished);

  • the use of simple forms and concise lines.

When decorating a bedroom in high-tech style, designers most often prefer neutral colors: black, white or gray, contrasting beautifully with red, often used as an accent.

High-tech bedrooms will not lose their relevance for a number of years.

Small bedroom design

It's no secret that the footage of bedrooms in most typical Russian apartments does not exceed 15-20 square meters. m, but this in no case does not mean that their interior should be faceless and nondescript.

Even the smallest bedroom can be unique and modern, it is only necessary in its setting to adhere to certain rules. To visually expand the space of a small room, you must:

  • paint the walls and ceiling in the lightest colors;

  • completely abandon the dark decor;
  • use vertical prints and lines;
  • hang floor-length curtains (this technique will not only make the bedroom more elegant, but also visually raise the ceiling);

  • use the wall adjacent to the head of the bed as a bright color accent, helping either to expand the room or to adjust its shape (in a narrow room, such a focus can be a small painting or print on curtains);

  • lay laminate only diagonally;
  • use built-in lighting and local lighting fixtures;
  • furnish the room with functional furniture equipped with built-in drawers or a transformation mechanism (you can increase the space with the help of a sliding wardrobe with a mirror door);

  • set the bed next to the window, freeing up furniture at the door.

The best option for small bedrooms is a style design:

  • country;
  • shabby chic;
  • rustic;
  • provence.

Bright bedroom design

The bedroom, sustained in bright colors, most effectively relieves stress and has a good rest. Consider the most popular design options for bright rooms.

  • The highest versatility is white, which contributes to the visual expansion of the space and is especially indispensable in bedrooms, the size of which does not exceed 12 square meters. m. In the smallest rooms, it is recommended to paint not only walls, but also furniture in white, using various accessories and textile products as bright accents. To expand the space in combination with white walls, dark floors are often used, and furniture with upholstery of a similar tone is selected to support the latter.

  • The new bedrooms, designed in pink, are among the original, but rather rare options for the interior. The main subtlety is choosing the right tone. Bright pink shades that stimulate activity that interferes with relaxation should be discarded in favor of pale pink tones.

  • For people who lead an overly active lifestyle and have problems falling asleep, designers recommend choosing a bedroom decorated in light gray tones with a calming effect. You can make the interior more interesting and expressive with the help of original lamps and paintings, as well as by adding other colors: olive, blue, pink and green. To the bedroom does not make too gloomy impression, it should be located on the south side.

  • In light yellow tones, you should decorate the bedroom, which almost does not penetrate the sunny color. Bright and warm, they will not only help to have a good rest, but will also create an excellent mood in the morning.

  • The most attractive for relaxation are the bedrooms, decorated in green and blue tones. The best effect is produced by the combination of mint, beige and white colors in the coloring of furniture and used textiles.

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