Numerological forecast for 2020

All sorts of predictions, fortunetelling, analytical and esoteric forecasts, horoscopes, etc. have long been included in human life. Some seriously rely on the advice of astrologers, while others read the prophecies of various magicians for fun. It happens every year. The numerological forecast for 2020 is also among the various “predictors” that put forward the assumption of what will happen to our life in the near future.

Why do people need a numerological forecast

The simplicity and accuracy of predictions based on numbers is not known to so many people, when compared with astrological horoscopes by year of birth or zodiac sign. At the same time, numerology is somewhat akin to science - the date of birth provides the basis in the form of numbers that need to be added, and not vaguely interpreted. However, the essence of the numerological forecast does not explain its purpose.

It is straightforward, without any mysteries. The purpose of the forecast by numbers is to predict people the approximate direction of their life for a certain year or even a month. Also, such predictions often provide recommendations for self-development and any advice about health. Now the common numerological horoscope is more common for large groups of people, indicated by numbers. Those. this prediction is not by zodiac, but by a certain figure obtained at birth.

Such a forecast cannot simply be read, it is first necessary to carry out elementary mathematical operations. First you need to calculate the number of fate and the figure of the year. However, those who have previously encountered numerology, it is known that the number of fate is constant over the years, therefore, throughout a person’s life, it is the same, because linked to date of birth. The rest just need to make a calculation, and this does not even require a calculator.

Features of calculating the figures of the year and the number of fate

To find out the forecast for the coming year, it is worth adding 2 numbers - fate and year. As a result of this, it will be possible to find out the personal cycle for the calculated year. Numerology by date of birth is necessary to identify the number of fate, the same for life. Based on this figure, it will be possible to find a ready forecast for the next year, compiled for people with different numbers of fate. This is the option presented below, you just need to calculate or remember the sum of the birth numbers.

Interesting to know! The number of the year and the number of fate are determined in similar ways. The first is more interesting to experienced numerologists, and the second is worth knowing to every person. The calculation is very simple - all the numbers are added in order, if the total is a two-digit number, then the data is also plus among themselves. The difference in calculations is only that the numerology of the year allocates only 4 digits (2020), and the number of fate is determined taking into account the date and month of birth.

For example, you can calculate the data for a person born 07/03/2005. If you add all the numbers, you get the number 17. It must be "separated" into single digits and continue the addition. The result will be the eight. For a person with such a date of birth, the number of fate will be 8. In order not to get confused, it is better to add all the numbers, including zeros. For clarity, take a different date of birth.

Calculation of the "Number of Fate" by date of birth
Date of BirthSeptember 17, 2004
The first stage of addition1+7+0+9+2+0+0+4
Amount Received23
Second addition2+3
The total amount of "Number of Fate"5

Calculating the date of the year is even easier - the month and date of birth are excluded from the calculations. For 2020, everything looks very simple: 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 4. The number of this year will be 4, it is used to detail a personal numerological horoscope. The rest should be guided by the number of fate. They range from 1 to 9, and for prediction you only need to find your "number" to read tips for a year.

Forecast for 2020 for the numerological "Unit"

Representatives of this group can safely count on the mercy of fate. Purposefulness combined with courage and hard work can bring a good “harvest” of gifts in 2020. The formation of willpower, work on morality and a certain amount of perseverance will help Units to receive bonuses in different areas of life. This will be especially good in the sphere of labor and material wealth. This year's work will argue, skills - "pumped", salary and other income - to grow.

This will be most clearly expressed in Yedinichka, who in the last period were seeking to get a new position or establish relations with an interesting business partner. However, for those who have just embarked on a career advancement, the year will also provide opportunities for both professional and material growth.

Caution! The menace of this group themselves pose a threat to the favorable course of events. Now it is extremely important to learn to see and use compromise solutions, forgetting about the dictate. Nervousness and overt aggression will not lead to anything good. Outbreaks of anger should be avoided.

It is important to remember that hot temper in 2020 can be harmful not only in the work environment. As a result of a quarrel, you can permanently lose the warmth of communication with a relative or close friend, loved one. However, with respect to the latter, the numerological horoscope is more loyal - the One in 2020 expects a lot of love, romance and passion. This applies to both single and single, regardless of the floor. There will be many acquaintances, and for those who already have a couple, among new faces it is worth looking after good friends or future business partners.

Forecast for 2020 for the numerological "Two"

The people of this group in 2020 have the most even predictions regarding all spheres of life. This period cannot be called calm, because there will still be small ups and downs. To a greater extent, we are talking about the results obtained regarding the efforts made. Throughout the year, there will be a direct connection between work and remuneration, and it is not just about money. Such a pattern can also be seen in personal relationships - they spent time and energy on understanding a partner or self-improvement, immediately getting harmony in love or tenderness of the other half.

Just do not forget that somewhere in the depths of the soul, the Twins have a feeling similar to a similar school assessment. For some reason, the people of this group are constantly trying to plunge into the abyss of suspiciousness, looking for the dark side, exposing the very deuces for the discovered flaws. It is worth getting rid of this, then in the family, and with friends, and in work there will be success.

This is especially important for people who are creative, emotional. However, it will not hurt others to strengthen their faith in themselves, gain self-understanding and learn to tolerate shortcomings, including their own. The rest of the year will give more advantages in all areas. If conflicts at work and at home are still avoided, then it will turn out to rest morally and restore strength for future accomplishments.

Forecast for 2020 for the numerological Troika

For people with a figure of 3, the coming year can be classified as controversial. Numerology as if denies accuracy, issuing a forecast with all sorts of "if, but as it were." The triples should remember this and learn to maintain maximum concentration on the chosen task, sharing less plans with people who seem close. Also now is not the time to share success. In 2020, luck will need silence, it is better to silently go to success, talking about what has been achieved after a long time.

Attention! The Trois will have several enemies of success in 2020. The first is their irrepressible desire to risk everything for the greater. Now this approach will lead to financial losses, all investments must be carefully verified and repeatedly counted. The second enemy is the unwillingness to see equals as close assistants, and ignoring their advice can result in a quarrel and loss of concentration. The third enemy will be the desire to criticize everyone, but not yourself. It is important to get rid of this habit, at the same time trying to evaluate yourself from the outside.

Representatives of the group can get a lot of bonuses throughout the year, provided they overcome their shortcomings. Among the gifts of the year there will be love, well-being, and career growth. And all this will be expressed in different ways - the lonely will find a couple or start a romance, and the family will find an idyll. Troika may have a new position or open his own business, there will be a lottery win or a banal bonus.

Forecast for 2020 for the numerological Four

For representatives of the group, the year will pass under the symbol of productivity. Work will argue, things will be decided, the world around the Fours will continue to revolve. However, the latter will be only an illusion - these are the persons of number 4 who will show maximum activity in solving their own and other people's affairs. From the very beginning of 2020, people in this group must remember the importance of alternating work and leisure. Otherwise, already in May, they will feel tired, having lost their fuse and having lost their favorable opportunities.

It is important to learn how to relax productively - no passive activities, it is better to chat with friends or devote time to a hobby, some new activity or a trivial walk. It will also be useful to “teach” the brain to use the information received in non-standard ways. For this, various exercises from training for creative development are suitable. Friends' new skills and tips will help achieve a lot in 2020.

However, a fly in the ointment for the Fours is also found - this is the sphere of personal relations. A lonely and family one should wait for a storm of passions, but not the one you want to see in love. We are talking about jealousy, and, in most cases, completely unreasonable, manifested by the Fours themselves. It is important to keep your eyes open, and not to invent a cause for conflict. It is also worth remembering about other potential troubles - all year long for the representatives of the group, a long road will be a danger. Air travel is especially undesirable. Ideal would be to avoid business trips and travels until mid-November. In late autumn, the risk of trouble along the way will be much lower than it will last all year.

Forecast for 2020 for the numerological Five

The bright individuality of the representatives of the group is useful only in order to assemble a team. It is teamwork that will be most effective for the Fives. Now is a period of creativity, risk and ingenuity in the workplace, but this only applies to labor issues, not extending to the financial sector. In this area, everything is not so smooth - all 2020, according to the numerological forecast, persons with a fate of 5 retain a high probability of collision with fraudsters and fatal errors in the preparation of documentation.

However, in the material sphere the Fives will be lucky for a year, but only if they work in a team. In addition, it is necessary to fill the team with the spirit of unity and try to give “each sister an earring” so as not to offend anyone undeservedly. Now this is important, because among like-minded people there is someone who can inspire personal growth and the search for new partners, including abroad.

For Fives, the year is more aimed at increasing wealth and professional development. Lonely is worth diving into work with your head, although you need to look around in this situation. Making novels with new acquaintances is not worth it - in a high degree of probability they will not be effective. An exception to the rule will be someone from their work team or friendly environment. This person has long been in the field of view of the Fives, but they stubbornly do not see that they have a devoted close person.

Forecast for 2020 for the numerological Six

Some members of the group at the beginning of the year might think that heaven is overly generous with them. Part of this is a bit of truth, but life bonuses are not just gifts, but a previously deserved reward. Just for persons with the number 6, a personal “cornucopia” will open - any sphere will be beneficial for bestowal. Just do not wait for all this if in previous years long work was not done on self-improvement, the growth of professional skills, the ability to build relationships and much more.

Also, numerology by birth advises to pay attention to the potential of an existing hobby. There is a high probability of making it not only a pleasant activity, but also an auxiliary source of income. A year for the people of this group already promises to be quite profitable, but the extra money usually does not bother anyone. In addition, there is a meeting with not very decent people. It is important to be on the lookout, then losses can be avoided. What can not be said about harmony in relations with friends and loved ones - the resentment of individuals with a fate number of 6 can lead to conflicts and misunderstandings. At the same time, there will be people in the circle who want to hear good advice or get a comradely parting word. This will make you feel fit and reduce the number of unexpected grievances.

Forecast for 2020 for the numerological Seven

The people of this group will have to learn something in order to find a diverse life reward. Predictions of numbers for 2020 for Sevens clearly indicate the need to develop patience and the maximum possible rejection of fuss. At the same time, excessive restraint is also undesirable - the year will be dynamic, but not recognizing unnecessary and empty movements.

Attention! In 2020, numerology advises Sevens to focus more often on their own health. Despite the general positive dynamics of the year, representatives of the group will have to face an exacerbation of chronic ailments. Timely prevention and a healthy lifestyle can prevent health problems.

In personal relationships, a year can hardly be attributed to a smooth one, especially among family Sevens. The element of working concentration will seem like coldness or detachment. This will lead to increased attention and control on the part of the partner. Sevens can begin to feel annoyed, breaking down in emotions at their beloved people, children and friends. It should be restrained, as well as straightforward. It is important to talk about the situation, explaining your feelings in order to get rid of excess custody and not bring discord to the family.

It is better for lonely representatives of the group to create a vacuum in their personal lives. Occasionally, romance ties will be unpromising, but they will spend their strength repelling the desire to try to build relationships in the future. Only exceptional lucky ones can find love in 2020, while the rest should just wait out this period without trying to find a couple at any cost.

Forecast for 2020 for the numerological "Eight"

A good period in life begins in Eights. Most of the bad luck and troubles were left behind, now is the time to look forward, giving maximum freedom to our creative imagination. Originality of thinking, an intuitive search for solutions and an easy fleur of adventurism will allow you to achieve unexpected heights in self-realization, professional and material spheres. Only this will have to add one simple, but a little tedious "ingredient". It is about the need to acquire new skills or knowledge. The year is as successful as possible for a career and intellectual leap, which will ultimately lead to an increase in income.

The availability of funds at the Eights will provoke the activity of scammers of different levels. Intuition will avoid major problems, but still do not forget about caution.However, there will be a reason to just part with the funds - relatives will need to help, it’s better to give them as much money as you don’t mind just giving, because they are unlikely to be able to return them in the near future. In relations with loved ones, it is better to remove the material component - expensive gifts will not help maintain harmony. It is better to look for happiness in the tenderness shown in actions and words, in caring for loved ones and in pleasant joint activities.

Forecast for 2020 for the numerological "Nine"

It is unlikely that the coming year can be attributed to the prosperous for the people of this group. Almost all spheres of life will find themselves in an unfavorable wave, capable of depriving themselves of strength. With a certain change in point of view, problems in many areas can be attributed to the attempts of the universe to force Nines to develop. Now it’s worth stopping and thinking, and not trying to urgently revive life. It is much more important to analyze it in order to find hidden problems and remember forgotten desires.

In a way, it is necessary to pause life, communicating with loved ones and loved ones, abandoning career aspirations, long trips and attempts to reach some heights. Now is the time for reflection and calculation, even large expenditures are undesirable - they can result in a loss of money. Therefore, it is better to transfer or buy a car or apartment before 2020.

The numerological forecast for 2020 for people with different numbers is clearly different in meaning, although it clearly indicates the cyclical nature. On the other hand, people can tune in advance for periods that are not very successful and make full use of favorable years, which provide many opportunities for personal development, strengthening health and increasing well-being. In addition, do not forget that everything remains in the hands of man - even accurate predictions are not able to ruin people's lives if they systematically and thoughtfully go to success.

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