Fashionable bows fall-winter 2019-2020

Fashionable bows of the fall-winter 2019-2020 season for women, characterized by a variety of styles, materials and textures, can be created only with a thorough knowledge of fashion trends, which will be discussed in our article.

Fashion bows 2019-2020 for every day

Creating stylish images for every day, any woman should take into account the following trends of the upcoming season:

1. His leading trend is a bold combination of clothes, shoes and accessories belonging to different styles and made of different fabrics and materials.

2. The most relevant colors will be presented: all shades of red colors (especially scarlet, burgundy, wine), black, turquoise, silver and various shades of nude and metallic colors.

3. Total bows will be very popular - images that are fully sustained in one (for example, only in scarlet) color. To create a leather black total bow, you can combine a skirt (or trousers), a jacket, a leather jacket and high shoes.

4. In the fall-winter wardrobe, there must be checked items: coats, shirts, dresses, skirts and trousers. Floral prints also will not lose their relevance.

5. In the next season, velvet and velveteen will be of particular relevance in the manufacture of casual and outerwear (dresses, skirts, trouser suits and coats). In order for products from velveteen not to make the figure too bulky, it is recommended to choose things from matter to a small scar.

6. The leading trend of the cold season will be a trouser business suit. It is recommended to wear it with shoes of a contrasting color on a stable comfortable heel.

7. The so-called “grandmothers” of hand-knitted sweaters with all kinds of ornaments that go well with skirts made of light, flowing fabrics will be in great demand.

8. Of particular relevance will be skirts, trousers and suits made in patchwork technique from pieces of fabric in bright contrasting colors.

9. This fall, jackets (waist or oversize) that perfectly match classic pencil skirts with tight sweaters and stilettos will become an indispensable item of everyday wardrobe.

10. Spectacular items with fur trim will come into everyday fashion. Fashion designers are increasingly decorating with fur inserts clothes made from velveteen, knitted fabric, velvet and satin.

11. Sheepskin coats will appear again in the winter wardrobe (they can be red, dark, and multi-colored). The models with embroidery and asymmetrical hem will be in demand. You can wear them with pants, denim suits or dresses decorated with floral prints.

12. The trend of the season is fur coats (artificial and natural), painted in the most incredible colors: scarlet, mint, orange and even sky blue.

13. In everyday images of the upcoming season dresses play a special role:

  • Leather shirt-dresses, which are successfully combined with high boots and boots with lacing, will be in great demand.

  • In the upcoming season, stylists recommend to acquire a dress from thin knitwear with a length of midi. Wearing it is best with high-heeled shoes of contrasting colors. A flower dress will most effectively look complete with a cardigan or jacket.

  • Dresses with animal prints imitating reptile skin, leopard spots and tiger stripes, preferably worn with fur accessories and products made from natural wool.

  • The baby-dollar dress is in perfect harmony with high-heeled shoes and fur boas.

14. Stylists say that in the coming season, the same types of skirts will gain equal popularity: trapeze, pencil, sun and half sun, so every woman will be able to choose a skirt that is perfect for her body type.

  • Floral pencil skirts, according to the stylists, should be worn with dark-colored blouses and high boots. As for office classic skirts - blouses with bright flowers are ideal for them.

  • The ideal length for corduroy skirts is the length of maxi and midi. Spectacular faux fur skirts are best worn with tight jumpers and high boots with lacing.

15. Denim clothing, very popular in the coming season, will be represented by jeans, suits, shirts and jackets (the most relevant colors are light blue, black and indigo).

Among jeans, the most popular models will be:

  • without scuffs and bleached areas;
  • direct classic cut;
  • oversize, to the ankles;
  • with cuts and holes;
  • length ¾;
  • skinny jeans;
  • flared jeans;
  • jeans-culottes;
  • without hemmed edges;
  • with embroidery depicting stars;
  • with patchwork inserts in the style of patchwork;
  • decorated with sequins and sequins.

Any jeans go well with t-shirts and cardigans, elegant high-heeled shoes or flat shoes.

16. Everyday images are unthinkable without trousers. In the upcoming season, trouser models will be relevant:

  • wide;
  • flared;
  • tight-fitting, stitched on the figure.

It is recommended to wear a jacket with voluminous shoulders for pants that fit the figure, while for models of wide trousers, a jacket in the waist is ideal.

For flowing trousers, it is better to choose a coarse knit sweater.

Photos of fashionable bows can be viewed on the Internet.

Fashion bows 2019-2020 for women over 40 years old

For women over 40 in the coming autumn-winter season, the following fashion trends will be relevant:

  • In their wardrobe must be long dresses and skirts that can not only mask some errors in the figure, but also significantly rejuvenate the appearance of its owner by creating a modern, stylish look. It is recommended to wear them with tippets or large scarves, tied in bulk around the neck.

  • The leading trend of the upcoming season will be oversized clothing, the parameters of which exceed the previously wearable size by a couple of numbers. Jerseys (sweaters and cardigans), dresses, jackets and oversize coats will help to create an unusually feminine look, while hiding all the flaws of the physique.

  • Stylish images of the upcoming cold season can be multi-layered, that is, if desired, you can safely combine many different elements in one image: pants, voluminous cardigans, tight turtlenecks, light tops, tunics, jackets, etc.

  • Models of wide classic trousers will gain incredible popularity: plain or with a discreet print in the form of a cage or stripes. The trend will also include trousers with carefully ironed arrows or with a slightly flared bottom.

  • The social status of a mature woman can be emphasized with the help of trouser suits, which will be very popular in the upcoming cold season.

  • Fashionable models of skirts - in addition to always up-to-date pencil skirts - will be presented by asymmetric models with a smell, pleated skirts on the floor and flared models made of dense fabrics (below the knee length).

  • The trend will be the most comfortable shoes on a rough (tractor) sole, low platform and stable heel, perfectly compatible with any elements of the autumn-winter wardrobe.
  • To create everyday looks, women of mature age are advised to purchase patchwork-style clothes made in patchwork technique that allows boldly combining fabrics of different colors and textures. This style looks best on flared things and semi-adjacent silhouette models, suitable for figures of any type.

  • Fans of the styles of sport-chic and casual in the coming season are allowed to wear a skirt or business suit with sports shoes, with some caution.

  • In the new year, stylists advise women of mature age to emphasize the waistline. To do this, they need to choose models of dresses, coats and jackets, suggesting the presence of a wide belt.

  • In the autumn-winter season 2019-2020, women after 40 are recommended to adhere to the monochrome color scheme, making up an ensemble of things painted in similar shades of the same tone. This does not mean that they should completely abandon the bright colors. A monochrome set of things can be made in any bright color (for example, in ultramarine, scarlet or olive).

  • To complement the fashionable bow, you can apply stoles, scarves, scarves, neckerchiefs and collar-necklaces, decorated in beige colors. Properly selected accessories will make your skin shine and help refresh your complexion.
  • In the upcoming cold season, both precious jewelry and jewelry should be discreet. To complement a casual plain dress, you can choose a simple chain, pendant or bracelet. Large earrings are the trend of this season, however, it should be remembered that they are incompatible with any jewelry for the neck: you need to appear in public in one thing.
  • To revive everyday bows, you can use bright shoulder bags and shoes in contrasting colors.

Fashion bows 2019-2020 for teens

When developing models of fashionable clothes for adolescents in the upcoming autumn-winter season, designers will be guided by the following requirements:

  1. Teenage clothing should only be made from natural fabrics:
  • flax;
  • cotton
  • velvet
  • denim.

2. Given the desire of adolescents to stand out from the crowd, fashion designers offer them things painted in the most rich and vibrant colors. Of particular relevance will be clothing:

  • gray-silver tones;
  • the colors of pink and red gold;
  • warm shades of brown;
  • yellow color scale (mustard and acid yellow color will be especially actual);
  • sky blue and deep blue;
  • complex shades of green (bottle, dirty green, swamp).

The trend of the upcoming season is a combination of clothes of the above colors with things of black and white.

3. Extremely popular in teenage fashion will be things with bright prints in the form of:

  • heroes of animated films;

  • strips and cells;
  • large numbers (usually located on the back);
  • small flowers.

4. The most fashionable bows of the upcoming season include a combination of seemingly completely incompatible things, for example, dresses with sneakers or a strict jacket with ripped jeans.

5. In the wardrobe of a teenage girl there must be a leather or denim jacket-jacket and at least one pair of ripped jeans.

6. No less popular element of a teenage wardrobe is a sweatshirt - a kind of sweater whose cut resembles a sweatshirt. In a strict model of a sweatshirt, you can safely go to school, and to create a casual look, a bright little thing is decorated with a funny print, a catchy inscription and sequin embroidery.

7. Hoodies are still the favorite clothes of teenagers who are not going to give up their positions, so in the new season they will be presented in the widest assortment.

8. Dresses that contain elements of tulle, for example, tulle two-piece dresses or models with a denim or knitted top and a pack of tulle, will become a real feature of teenage fashion.

When choosing a teenage wardrobe in the next autumn-winter season, you need to remember that the trend will be:

  • sweaters, blouses and dresses with bare shoulders;
  • midi length skirts and dresses;
  • jeans and trousers decorated with stripes;
  • blouses, sweaters and dresses with sleeves made of printed chiffon or tulle, embroidered with many sequins and sequins.

Fashion bows 2019-2020 for full

Fashion for the upcoming season, which is unusually democratic, will give owners of magnificent forms the opportunity to emphasize the most advantageous aspects of their appearance. With the help of correctly selected items of the autumn-winter wardrobe, even very full ladies can feel stylish and charming.

In accordance with the body-positive movement, which prescribes women of luxurious forms not to be afraid to wear clothes painted in bright and light colors, modern stylists offer them to replenish the wardrobe with things of the following colors in the upcoming autumn-winter season:

  • gold;
  • powdery pink;
  • carmine;
  • royal blue;
  • dusty gray;
  • all shades of brown;
  • glossy black;
  • swamp green.

To create fashionable women's bows, in the next season it is enough to put on an ensemble, all of whose components have a carefully selected shade of one tone, for example:

  • cardigan and trouser set;

  • a pencil skirt and a sweater;
  • straight silhouette cardigan and long dress;
  • sweater and trousers.

In the fall-winter season 2019-2020, things will be in fashion for those full at the peak of popularity with:

  • abstract patterns;
  • geometric patterns;
  • animal prints imitating reptile scales;

  • all kinds of variations of the Scottish cage.


Girls wearing plus size clothing are advised to forget about fur coats and voluminous down jackets in the upcoming autumn-winter season. To protect them from the cold, while emphasizing all the advantages of luxurious forms, feminine and elegant models will help:

  • Coats: single-breasted, semi-fitted or A-shaped silhouette.

  • Leather jackets.

  • Bomber Jackets.

  • Spectacular trench coats.

  • Fashionable wraps: cardigans, capes or poncho.

Warm knitwear

The fashion of the autumn-winter season is simply unthinkable without cozy models of pullovers, sweaters and cardigans. Full girls are recommended:

  • Acquire oversized models that work well with other wardrobe components. It is best to wear loose-fitting knitwear with tight pants or jeans (spacious trousers or skirts are strictly contraindicated in this case).

  • To wear thin knitwear (this will help to avoid deliberate rudeness in autumn images).
  • Choose models of sweaters with small ruffles or sleeves-flashlights: they will become the trend of the new season. No less successfully decorate the full figure of the model of knitted jumpers with a smell.

  • Combine trendy sweater dresses with fitted trousers or jeans.

Models of fashionable dresses

For girls who are the owners of curvaceous, in the cold season of 2019-2020, the trend will be models of dresses (trapeze, A-line or detachable under the breast) with:

  • smell

  • flared wide sleeves;

  • V-neck;

  • a large number of assemblies and folds.

The most sought after length of dresses for full ladies is still midi, and the variety of colors and materials used (represented by exquisite lace, flowing silk, airy chiffon and aristocratic velvet) is truly impressive.

Stylish jeans and pants

  • The main trend of the upcoming season will be dark-blue or black leggings that go well with a long cardigan.

  • Skinny pants with a length of 7/8 will become a fashionable element of a winter wardrobe. Complete with them volumetric knitwear will look great.

  • Fans of the classic style will be able to flaunt models of straight trousers. From flared trousers in the coming season, they should be abandoned.

  • Fashionable jeans for the autumn-winter season should be painted in black or classic blue, have a straight fit and a high rise. Unfinished edges and light scuffing are allowed in their decoration. You can wear them with a stylish denim jacket.

Fashion Skirt Models

Very popular in the autumn-winter season 2019-2020 will be enjoyed by:

  • A-line skirts that go well with simple blouses, short sweaters, coats, and raincoats.

  • Pencil skirts, barely covering the knees and by no means too tight-fitting figure. Complete with them will look great blouses of any cut, elegant jackets, any items of outerwear, ankle boots and pumps.

  • Fluffy skirts of the "sun" style, having a length of midi. With their help, owners of full figures can not only give their images a certain playfulness, but also hide the excess fullness of the hips.

  • Wrap skirts made of metallic fabrics, most often imitating the color of noble metals (silver or gold), designed to create spectacular evening looks.

  • Models of skirts in the style of "Year"

  • Pleated skirts.

Stylish costumes

According to the statements of modern stylists, in the next season in the wardrobe of full ladies there should be 2-3 suits with skirts of the “pencil” style, necessarily of different colors. A variety of colors will allow fashionistas to change the combination of the upper and lower parts of the kit, each time creating original and fresh images.

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