Minimum wage from January 1, 2020

The annual increase in the minimum wage (minimum wage) has become commonplace for Russians. The change in the minimum wage at the same time pleases and frightens citizens - benefits, pensions and other social payments depend on this value, but even after an increase, prices usually rise. Only the latter is still connected with other factors, and people are looking forward to an increase in wages, especially state employees. At the same time, it can now be assumed what the minimum wage will be from January 1, 2020 in Russia and whether the Russians should expect serious changes.

The concept of minimum wage and the principle of increasing wages

Despite the concept of the minimum wage, called the minimum wage, until recently there was no binding of this value to real income for the work done. The salaries of cleaners, caretakers, and even educators were often below the minimum wage. Now this situation is prohibited at the legislative level - if an employee has developed a full time standard, then the payment cannot be less than the minimum wage. In this case, the employer must take into account the "fresh" figures, updated by the government regularly.

Every year there is a change in the minimum wage. New numbers become relevant from January 1. For the basis of the increase, the size of the subsistence minimum (PM) calculated for the second quarter of the previous year is taken. This is the current principle for increasing the minimum wage in the Russian Federation.

Worth to know! Currently there is a project that implies an increase in the minimum wage in a larger amount than with the previously developed principle of calculation based on last year's PM. The following values ​​are assumed for different groups of people: the able-bodied population - 12,130 p., Children - 11,004 p., Pensioners -9,236 p. At the same time, the Ministry of Labor has not yet announced that such figures are accepted for execution. However, there are versions that imply a new minimum wage for able-bodied citizens in the amount of 14,158 p.

The latest news about the adoption of such figures for the final implementation is waiting for many state employees, because often for them a basic increase in the minimum wage leads to an increase in real income. Now the minimum wage is valid in the amount uniform for all of Russia in the basic version, without taking into account increasing regional variations.

Do not forget that PM is calculated based on the current value of the consumer basket in the Russian Federation. Therefore, the new minimum wage is also involved in the calculation of sick leave. The increase in the minimum wage automatically leads to an increase in payment for one day of disability.

Minimum All-Russian Salary

As mentioned above, there is a single minimum wage adopted for the whole country. Now its size is 11,280 rubles. At the same time, the minimum wage in the Krasnoyarsk Territory will be slightly different than in the Rostov Region or Krasnodar. This is due to the presence of increasing coefficients, in particular northern ones. It is important not to confuse the minimum wage and the average salary in the country. These concepts are completely different, and the average income of Russians exceeds the minimum wage by several times.

As for the expected minimal, the situation will be obvious later, because no final decision has been made. In addition, there are attempts to change the general principle of increasing the minimum wage. It is assumed that about 2-3% of the increasing value will be added to the base binding of the PM values ​​for the 2nd quarter of the previous year. This will gradually “raise” the minimum wage to amounts exceeding the cost of living.

Attention! Full-time work in accordance with the established tariff plan cannot give a salary of less than 11,280 rubles per month. For the northern regions, the corresponding increasing coefficient, expressed as a percentage, as well as the surcharge for work in harmful conditions, is added to this amount. Moreover, such increasing values ​​add to the minimum, but in many other situations, bonuses and other surcharges can legitimately be calculated on the basis of a base salary that does not reach the minimum wage.

Often metropolitan analysts and economic employees from large cities claim that in reality in Russia few people work for wages comparable to the minimum wage in size. Such persons suggest that there are very few citizens who receive such small incomes, mostly people just get paid in envelopes. If you do not take into account hundreds of thousands of teachers, educators, nurses, cleaners, etc., then the picture will be similar to the real one. In the meantime, a huge number of people really receive income, literally 1-2 thousand more than the minimum wage. However, from the capital and large cities, not everyone can see the difference in income in regions remote from Moscow.

The dependence of the minimum wage on the region

Not everyone understands the reasons why the minimum wage differs by region, if initially declared uniform for the whole of Russia. The first factor is the presence of the northern coefficient. Also in the capital, additional “boosters” are often used for minimum wage rates, because life in Moscow is really more expensive than in cities of regional significance.

Important! Some citizens confuse the concept of a living wage and the size of wages. The first is formed separately for each region, and the minimum wage is single throughout the country. Moreover, in a number of regions and districts increasing factors, for example, northern ones, are added to the minimum wage.

In fact, knowing the base size of the minimum wage and the value of various coefficients, you can independently calculate the total amount of the minimum wage. Just do not forget that even within the same region for different professions, different raising factors can be applied.

The question is that the official minimum increase fixed at the legislative level is still not reliably known. For example, we can take several regions with increasing coefficients and, based on the estimated size of the minimum wage in the amount of 12,130 rubles, consider the change in the minimum wage.

Examples of calculation of the minimum wage in different regions on the example of the amount of 12 130 r
RegionBoost factorThe total amount in rubles
Kostroma region1,1513949,5
Omsk region1,1513949,5
Orenburg region1,1513949,5
The Republic of Khakassia1,315769
Kemerovo region1,315769
Altai Republic1,416982
Magadan Region1,720621
Chukotka Autonomous Okrug224260

Moscow, St. Petersburg, Samara, Tula and many other cities are subject to the rule of accrual of the basic minimum wage. There are many regions with different coefficients for neighboring areas. As an example, we can consider the Chita region, which has fluctuations in the coefficients from 1.4 to 1.7. The latter value applies only to the only region of this region - Kalarsky. Data on the exact size of the coefficients is always on the websites of municipalities, as well as in the Labor Code of the Russian Federation.

The nuances of indexing daily earnings and vacation pay

Experienced accounting staff, knowing that the minimum wage will be increased from 01/01/2020, calculate in advance the possible variations of the holidays, sick days and working days in rubles. This approach allows you to be prepared for the quick accrual of all due payments, if necessary, immediately after the New Year holidays.

At the same time, accounting sometimes makes mistakes. This is expressed in the incorrect calculation of the amount of vacation pay or appropriate compensation using outdated data. An example is compensation upon dismissal, calculated on the border of two calendar years — for the part of vacation pay, it is necessary to use the previous minimum wage, and from January to start applying the new minimum wage.

Interesting to know! Recently, an idea was raised among officials to increase the minimum wage to a significant value of 25 tr. It is this amount that somehow allows you to live and not exist. These were not rough plans, but simply a theory that was not taken into account for serious consideration in the form of a bill due to a budget deficit.

Entrepreneurs and accountants of various companies should know what the new minimum wage for 2020 will be in order to avoid penalties for non-compliance with the law, including fines. The amount of penalties is determined for different categories of people, so you should be careful about calculating salaries after changing the minimum wage.

Fines for salaries less than the minimum wage

The minimum wage has such a name precisely because the salary cannot be lower. An employer must pay such a minimum for full-time work. Violation of such a requirement leads to administrative liability for the offense. And this is not just some kind of warning - such a situation is punishable by penalties and other sanctions.

The penalties for the violation are quite diverse:

  1. Primary occurrence:
    - SP fine 5 tr .;
    - legal entity recovery up to 50 tr
  2. Repeated situation:
    - Individual entrepreneurs, officials, managers are fined from 20 to 30 tr .;
    - In some cases, disqualification of up to 3 years is likely;
    - on a legal entity a fine of 50 to 100 tr

Separately, it is worth highlighting the right of the employer to form wage components according to their own rules, i.e. salaries, bonuses, increasing coefficients separately should not be equal to the minimum wage. It is only necessary to comply with the total value of the minimum wage, taking into account all basic payments, and if there is a district-level minimum wage coefficient in the region, it must be separately increased by its size.

Attention! It is important to understand that this is a full time job, not a side job. Official part-time at 0.5 or 0.25 rates can be paid by the corresponding size of the minimum wage. Most often this is observed among teachers and doctors, combining work in different institutions.

The minimum wage in 2020 for the first half of the year has already been determined, although fraud and a half rate allow dishonest employers to pay significantly less taxes. So far, this situation is beyond the control of the authorities, but the process of combating the shadow sectors of the economy has begun, and the issue of unofficial or such "half" hiring will be resolved sooner or later.

Since January 1, 2020, the minimum wage itself in Russia will not affect the fight against economic crimes, but its increase gives people hope that in the near future life will at least not get worse from a financial point of view. However, one should not forget that the growth of the minimum wage is insignificant, so you still can not count on a noticeable improvement in the lives of citizens.

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