2020 Anniversary Writers

2020 is rich in important dates. Many writers will be anniversaries this year. According to the statistics of the Public Opinion Foundation, Russians occupy the third position in the list of the most readable nations, so they will be interested to know which of their favorite writers has a significant date in 2020.


01/02/1920 (100) Isaac Asimov. Science fiction writer, from a family of emigrants from Russia. He gained world fame as the author of the storybook "I, Robot."

01/04/1795 (225) Alexander Sergeevich Griboedov. Russian poet and playwright. The author of the rhymed play "Woe from Wit."

01/04/1875 (145) Vasily G. Yanchevetsky (Jan). Russian writer of the Soviet era. The author of the trilogy "Invasion of the Mongols."

01/17. 1860 (160) Anton Pavlovich Chekhov. Russian prose writer, playwright. His works are included in the classics of Russian literature. He wrote more than 300 works.


02/10/1890 (130) Boris Pasternak. Russian poet and writer. The author of the novel "Doctor Zhivago", for which he received the Nobel Prize. In 2019-2020, conferences dedicated to the study of the subject of this work are planned for the writer's anniversary.

02/14/1855 (165) Vsevolod Mikhailovich Garshin. Russian writer, art critic. The author of the children's fairy tale "The Frog-traveler".

02/23/1840 (180) Vsevolod Vladimirovich Krestovsky. Russian poet and prose writer. The most famous work is the novel "Petersburg Slums."

02/29/1920 (100) Fedor Aleksandrovich Abramov. Soviet writer and literary critic. He wrote the trilogy "Pryaslin", for which he was awarded the USSR State Prize.


03/06/1815 (205) Petr Pavlovich Ershov. Russian poet, playwright, author of the tale "The Little Humpbacked Horse".

03/08/1920 (100) Ivan Fotievich Stadnyuk. Soviet prose writer, playwright. He wrote biographical stories about the war.

03/20/1905 (115) Vera Fedorovna Panova. The author of the story "Companions", based on which the movie "Train of Mercy" was filmed.


04/02/1840 (180) Emil Zola. French writer, author of the storybook "Tales of Ninon", autobiographical novel "Confession of Claude."

04/02/1805 (215) Hans Christian Andersen. Danish prose writer. He wrote children's tales.

04/26/1660 (360) Daniel Defoe. English writer, author of the well-known from childhood childhood novel "Robinson Crusoe". The first to introduce the concept of the novel as a separate genre of literature. From the pen of the master came about 500 books.


05/16/1910 (110) Olga Fedorovna Berggolz. Soviet writer, playwright. The author of the book “Says Leningrad”, written on the basis of radio programs from the city besieged during the war.

05.24.1905 (115) Mikhail Aleksandrovich Sholokhov. Soviet writer and screenwriter. Author of the novels "Quiet Don", "Virgin Soil Upturned", "They Fought for the Homeland."

05.24.1940 (80) Joseph Alexandrovich Brodsky. Russian-American poet-emigrant. Especially popular were his plays "Marble" and "Democracy."


06/06/1875 (145) Thomas Mann. The German writer, from whose pen came the novel "Buddenbrooks", who received the Nobel Prize.

06/21/1910 (110) Alexander Trifonovich Twardovsky. Soviet poet. The author of the poems "Vasily Terkin" and "House by the Road."

06/29/1900 (120) Antoine de Saint-Exupery. French writer, winner of two literary awards for the novel "Wind, Sand and Stars", as well as the author of the tale "The Little Prince".


07/06/1885 (135) Andre Morois. French writer, worked in the genre of romanized biography.

07/10/1905 (115) Lev Abramovich Kassil. The most famous work is the autobiographical novel Conduit and Swabrania.

07/13/1920 (100) Arkady G. Adamov. Soviet writer, worked in the genre of detective. His story "The Case of Motley" revived the detective genre in the USSR.


08/05/1850 (170) Guy de Maupassant. He became famous as a novelist. He wrote a novel in the sunset era of the genre and the increased popularity of short stories.

08/22/1920 (100) Ray Bradbury. American writer who worked in the dystopian genre. The author of 11 novels, including Dandelion Wine, 451 degrees Fahrenheit, and Martian Chronicles.

08/23/1880 (140) Alexander Stepanovich Green. The author of the story-extravaganza "Scarlet Sails", the novel "Running on the Waves".


09/07/1870 (150) Alexander Ivanovich Kuprin. He became famous as a master of literary landscape. In 1909 he was awarded the Pushkin Prize.

09/13/1935 (85) Albert Anatolievich Likhanov. Russian children's writer. His books are published both in Russia and abroad.

09/15/1890 (130) Agatha Christie (Miller). English writer. The author of more than 60 detective stories that have become world classics, and 6 psychological novels.


10/03/1895 (125) Sergey Alexandrovich Yesenin. The Russian poet, a master of literary landscape, wrote in the lyrical genre.

10/13/1880 (140) Sasha Cherny. The poet of the Silver Age. He began his creative career in St. Petersburg, then emigrated to Paris.

10/22/1870 (150) Ivan Alekseevich Bunin. Prose writer and poet. Recognition came after the release of the story "Village".

10/23/1920 (100) Gianni Rodari. Italian children's writer, author of "The Adventures of Cipollino".


11/28/1880 (140) Alexander Alexandrovich Blok. Russian poet and literary critic. In his works, the mystical and everyday were successfully interwoven.

11/28/1915 (105) Konstantin Mikhailovich Simonov. Soviet writer, screenwriter. He gained popularity as the author of military lyrics. The most famous poem is "Wait for me."

11/30/1835 (185) Mark Twain. An American writer, according to Hemingway, is the founder of modern American literature.


12/05/1820 (200) Athanasius Afanasevich Fet. Russian writer and translator. For the translation Horace received the Pushkin Prize.

12/30/1865 (155) Rudyard Kipling. English writer. The most famous work is The Jungle Book.

12.16.1775 (245) Jane Austen. English writer. The author of the novel "Pride and Prejudice."

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