Industry Agreement for 2018-2020

The industry agreement for 2018 2020 is an important document, which is drawn up in accordance with the legislation of Russia. Its points are taken into account when concluding collective agreements in various sectors of services and industry, as well as when civilians are employed as employees. The participants in the collective agreement are partners and respect mutual interests, all issues are resolved gradually, taking into account the clauses of the agreement. In addition, any contract falls under the jurisdiction of the General Agreement, therefore, each of the parties assumes a number of decisions and obligations.

The essence of the document

Organizations and enterprises are provided by the state depending on the budget limit. The content of the service contract, the procedure for changing items and the process of its termination are determined using the Labor Code of Russia. If the terms of the document in any way reduce the rights or guarantees of the employee, they are invalid and inaccessible to use. The duration of the contract in this case is purely individual and is negotiated separately with the possibility of extension.

The industry agreement for 2018-2020 contains several very important nuances:

  • ensuring the professional growth of employees is no less important than providing suitable jobs;
  • implementation of a number of measures to attract and subsequently retain specialists at enterprises;
  • full assistance in training new employees;
  • special training program taking into account the most rational use of available resources;
  • advanced training or confirmation of their current level of skill without losing their jobs;
  • if the employee was sent for further training, the position also remains with him.

In the course of all events, the previous career advancement is taken into account, and not only professional skills. In addition, employee benefits are periodically monitored, this applies not only to the timing of payments, but also to wages in general. Monitoring indicators are publicly available to contract participants.

Rosstandart industry agreement for 2018-2020

This document regulates labor relations between employees and employers of organizations included in the list of Rosstandart. This applies to the general conditions, guarantees and benefits that are provided to employees of the organization. Guarantees and bonuses are a suitable tool in order to motivate interest in the work of the employee

There are also several important nuances that must be taken into account:

  1. The stipulated conditions apply only to enterprises that are in the company statement;
  2. If we are talking about public service, the main condition in this case is only that the operation of the contract or agreement does not contradict the legislation of Russia.

Employees, for their part, can count on a number of guarantees:

  • if an employee leaves his job due to a layoff or voluntarily, but the employment contract is terminated completely, the employer is obliged to pay him severance pay in any case;
  • if the staff reduction is widespread, the employer must notify the relevant bodies of the Trade Union about this;
  • every year the company creates new jobs, which allows to maintain a more stable situation in the labor market;
  • during the complete liquidation of the enterprise, the employer must contact the union.

These and other nuances in terms of creating social and business relations between people are constantly being adjusted. This list also includes rest time, remuneration, sick leave and weekends.


The industry agreement for 2018-2020 contains all the nuances of business relations between the head of the organization and employees. The conditions apply if a collective agreement is concluded between several parties. Negotiated obligations are considered unavoidable. Additions are made only with the full consent of the participants.

Performance monitoring is carried out by the Moscow Regional Commission. The decisions made are then considered by the commission through periodic monitoring and reviews. As soon as the document is signed, it automatically takes effect. Typically, the term of the contract is three years, but sometimes the period is extended with the consent of the parties.


The sectoral agreement on the agro-industrial complex for 2018-2020 is an active part of collective-contractual cooperation between people who work in this industry. It also serves as the foundation for the development and conclusion of various covenants on cooperation at the regional level. In this case, the parties are:

  • ASR;
  • RAC union;
  • Ministry of Agriculture;
  • Rosselkhoznadzor;
  • civil servants.

To ensure the most efficient use of labor resources, an increase in productivity and output was chosen. Thanks to this, revenues will grow not only for the organization itself, but also for its employees. The necessary measures are being taken to increase the capacity of employees. All nuances of the agreement apply to employers, employees, territorial partners of the enterprise and various allied associations (for example, SAP).

In the event that several covenants are concluded with respect to the employee, those conditions that will be most beneficial for the employee are subject to application. Documents are valid from the moment of signing until the end of 2020. The parties can only amend or supplement the terms of the contract together. None of the parties can change the contents of the document in secret from the other.

Based on the principles of business partnership, participants in a transaction must fulfill several obligations:

  1. Protecting the interests of domestic companies.
  2. Development of the economy and economy, ensuring freedom of business.
  3. Compliance with a high level of safety in the work of enterprises.
  4. Employment of graduates in the professional field.

A number of legal acts on environmental protection and economic development are also being worked out. Control over the movement of budgetary funds and the conduct of financial operations is carried out. Between trade unions, workers and employers, many different work issues are addressed. Therefore, even in the case of a dispute about the duration of the vacation or the amount of wages, any discussion goes to the end in accordance with the terms of the contract concluded between the employee and the employer, as well as taking into account the General Agreement, the review of which may invalidate one or another contract.

The main priority in this area is to increase the level of labor resources, quality of life and distribution, followed by the most rational use of financial resources.

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