What will be the children born in 2020

In 2020, a new twelve-year cycle of the eastern zodiac will begin, so children born this year will be endowed with special qualities. Not only the host animal of the year, but the color with the elements will influence their character and fate. And if you add that 2020 will be a leap, the fate of the kids promises to be even more interesting.

General qualities

2020 will be the year of the Metallic White Rat. Children born between January 25 and February 11 (2021) will be endowed with special talents. It seems that they are ready to cover everything: sing, dance, read, learn from the diapers the basics of complex sciences and be sure to be everywhere. Such was the cunning rat, which, according to legend, was ahead of all other animals, having appeared on the Bull with the Jade Emperor.

Thanks to the elements of Metal, the little Rats will be very stubborn. It’s not easy to deal with them: babies decide to cry any situation. These children do not have a sense of tact; it cannot be brought up even over the years. Already in the first year of life, one can predict what the character of a person will be in the future.

Despite the external resilience, the inner world of children born in 2020 will be fine-tuned: they especially need love and attention. It is impossible to love them, they absorb a warm attitude towards themselves, like water, and as a result they themselves grow up caring and loving. In the East, a child born in the year of the Rat is considered a real gift of fate, because he will never leave his parents in old age.

Still, such kids really need communication. They begin to reach for a company of peers early, they begin to speak early, and quickly get used to the team. Children born in 2020 will become the pride of their parents at all concerts and in all competitions. They are not embarrassed, they do all the things the first time, no matter how complicated they are.

In addition to the traits inherent in all Rats, each person has his own individual characteristics. This is influenced not only by the common symbol of the year, but also by the person’s patron by birth. The day in the East is also divided into 12 periods, where each animal is allocated 2 hours.

Monthly Horoscope

The eastern zodiac differs from the astrological one, but at the same time, these two systems complement each other.


Children born from March 21 to April 20, 2020 will be extremely stubborn. The assertiveness of the Rat will complement Aries' inflexibility. From an early age, it will be a quick-tempered baby, striving for freedom. For him, only his own opinion is important, so even the most convincing arguments of his parents will not be able to change his intentions. Scolding such a child is pointless. The real torment for him will be discipline. At the same time, in Aries, Rat's need for love on the part of parents is perfectly expressed.


The obstinacy of this sign in 2020 will not be pronounced. He will not take a hard attitude to himself and pressure from his parents, but he will be ready to listen to the opinions of adults. From an early age, he will show a craving for art. Theater studios, music and art schools are the best activity for Taurus 2020. They will always miss the love of their parents, so you have to be ready to give it to the little Rat every minute.


This sign embodies all the energy of the symbol of the year. To get ahead of everyone - this is the principle of life of Taurus 2020. The child will begin to walk, speak, read early, foreign languages ​​will be well given to him. And everything will work out if parents can teach the baby discipline and self-organization. Like all Gemini, the children of 2020 have a sensitive heart. They are experiencing the pain of others, love nature.


There seems to be nothing in this sign from the Chinese patron of the year. This is an absolutely flexible kid who respects everything in order. For him, attention from parents is important: with a lack of communication and love, the child will become isolated. Cancers in 2020 are not characterized by excessive sociability, they prefer private lessons. In order to develop business qualities in the baby, you need to support any undertaking and sometimes throw ideas of what you can do yourself.

A lion

Leo Rat will turn out to be a cheerful child who loves to be in the spotlight. At all holidays, he will be the first. So that the baby does not manifest a "star disease", parents will have to slow down his ardor. Excessive care can adversely affect the development of the child's character: he can grow selfish and oppressive. To teach little Lion cub to take care, you can buy him a pet.


Cleverness and innate intuition - this is what the Virgin Rat will be different from. In terms of education, this is an absolutely unproblematic kid who will not have conflicts either on the playground or in the school. Moderately shy among strangers to him and quite sociable among his own. The order in everything is important to him. Such a baby has a keen sense of ownership, so he will have to learn generosity from his parents.


The most capricious kid of all Rats in 2020. It is sensitive to the mood of others, so in a family it is better to avoid quarrels and speak only in a calm voice. From an early age, a craving for creativity will appear, especially for music and dancing. A negative trait is self-doubt. Making a decision for Libra will be real flour.


This sign incorporates all the stubbornness of the Rat. It will be very difficult with him: aggression towards others, craving for fights, inherent in both boys and girls. For Scorpio, any way to achieve the goal is acceptable: if it does not work out in a good way, deception and cunning will be used. These children grow up early and break away from their parents. To melt the baby’s heart, parents will also have to go for a trick: one of them must be persistent, and the other is soft, because rats still need love.


He has energies over the edge. Not a minute of loneliness - this is real comfort for Scorpio. Such activity will have to be managed, but only very competently, because Scorpio will not tolerate pressure and moralizing. Energy can be used by giving the child to playing sports, but Scorpio will not like singing, music and drawing.


Strict, confident, judicious, developed beyond his years - this will be Capricorn born in the year of the Rat. His games will be practical in nature, he will imitate adults, playing the roles of mom, dad, teacher, doctor. Studying at school will be easy, but not so with the relationship with peers. The causticity of character will repel people.


Active, kind, but absent-minded. Living by the rules for him will be a real torment. Problem solving will always be non-standard. Raising such an Aquarius is not easy, because one idea will replace another, and often things will remain incomplete. Due to his non-standard thinking, such a child may become a scientist in the future.


Dreams and dreams, a rich inner world is a Fish born in the year of the Rat. This is a small rebel, he needs to do everything, like not everyone else, while he will not be enough self-confidence. The imitation of others is inherent in fishes, therefore, choose the correct stereotype of education: just like parents will communicate with the baby, so in the future he will communicate with his children.

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