Full moon and new moon in June 2020

Full moon and new moon - periods during which there is a particularly noticeable impact on the Earth and on people. On such days, the risk of negative incidents (accident, disaster, illness, etc.) is increased. People complain of poor health, sudden mood swings, exacerbation of diseases. It is important to know the period of the full moon and new moon in June 2020 in order to be prepared in advance for the negative impact of such phenomena on the health of life and activity in general.

Full moon

Let us consider in more detail what you may encounter during special periods of the lunar cycle. People with disorders of the nervous system or a weak psyche are more exposed to lunar energy. The full moon in June 2020 falls on the 5th (the moon in the sign of Sagittarius). The following negative phenomena are noted:

  • Excessive aggression or tearfulness is manifested;
  • Important matters often end in failure;
  • The likelihood of developing poisoning, colds, headaches;
  • The number of people intoxicated increases;
  • The blood coagulates worse.

Positive sides:

  • The birth rate is increasing;
  • The healing properties of medicinal herbs are improved;
  • Increases the likelihood of establishing a relationship.

New moon

The period of the new moon in June 2020 is expected on the 21st (the moon in Cancer). The following good points are noted on this day:

  • A positive result in all endeavors;
  • A suitable day to gather your thoughts and find the right approach to unresolved life tasks;
  • The solution to long-accumulated problems;
  • Increasing the emotionality of sensitivity, which will favorably affect relationships with loved ones;
  • A suitable period for dealing with bad habits.

This period falls on Sunday, therefore it is great for improving mental state and eliminating the accumulated fatigue for a week. Please note that of the negative sides noted:

  • Increased risk of injury;
  • Negative result in cases related to lending and cash loans;
  • Unpleasant consequences in situations related to fire;
  • Ineffective teamwork.

Moon phases in June 2020

After we figured out what date to expect the full moon in June 2020, we will consider the most favorable days in this lunar cycle.

NumberDay of the weekZodiacLunar daySunrise / sunset timeNote
1MondayLibra10.1114:44/02:33A suitable day for business cooperation, but not for making important decisions. During this period, physical activity will positively affect health.
2TuesdayLibra11.1216:44/02:48Any undertaking will lead to the desired result. Suitable day for moving or vacation.
3WednesdayScorpio12.1317:45/03:03Not an auspicious day for sorting out personal relationships. Changes in any field of activity will be successful.
4ThursdayScorpio13.1419:17/03:22Brain activity improves, a creative surge is noted. An auspicious day for solving problems, raising authority, developing a business.
11ThursdayAquarius19.200:53/09:37Suitable day for self-development and introspection. Intuition escalates. Expect a positive outcome in both business and personal affairs.
18Thursdaycalf26.2702:26/18:07A favorable day for small and large financial transactions. A positive result in solving old problems. A suitable day for business negotiations and networking with loved ones.
24Wednesdaya lion3.406:46/23:47
25Thursdaya lion4.508:09/--:--
26FridayVirgo5.609:35/00:09A favorable day for financial transactions. Pay attention to the personal sphere of life (during this period, acquaintances and new connections will be successful).


Pay attention to the list of what you can do during the period when the full moon will be in June:

  • legal affairs;
  • meditation;
  • Travel and leisure;
  • Promotion of new ideas;
  • Health care;
  • Strengthening family relations;
  • Cases of a creative nature (reading, drawing, etc.);
  • Summing up the working week;
  • Scientific works.

And here is a list of what is recommended to be rescheduled for another day:

  • Cases related to construction and land operations;
  • Self-criticism (since this day increases the craving for negative thinking);
  • Alcohol consumption.

As for the new moon, this day is favorable for:

  • Operations with antiques;
  • Changes in diet, inclusion of a new diet;
  • Spiritual development;
  • A romantic evening out;
  • Global analysis of plans for the future;
  • Health enhancements;
  • Swimming, aerobics;
  • Chatting with friends
  • Expectations of the guests.

What to avoid on this day:

  • Overloads;
  • Stressful situations;
  • Clarification of relationships (especially with relatives and friends);
  • Making risky decisions.

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