Where to go on May holidays in 2020

A nice spring bonus to the standard vacation is the May holidays, where you need to have a great rest and have fun, but first choose where to go in 2020. It can be a wonderful corner of our Motherland, an exotic eastern country, a hot seaside resort or a classic European tour.

Small cities of Russia

An inexpensive and unforgettable vacation awaits everyone who goes to small Russian cities that have preserved cultural traditions and ancient architectural monuments:

  • Uglich is a charming provincial town where Tsarevich Dmitry was killed. The oldest Uglich hydroelectric power station in Russia is located there, and the Uglich Kremlin is considered the main pearl of the city. The customs and traditions of 19th-century citizens are illustrated by the exposition presented at the Museum of Urban Life. Guests of the city will certainly enjoy excursions to the Museum of Russian Vodka, the Museum of Dolls, the Chamber of Uglich Princes.

Museum of Urban Life

  • Tobolsk is known to all as the named capital of Siberia. Today it is the cultural center of the region. N. Chernyshevsky, F. Dostoevsky, as well as many other Russian poets and writers were exiled to Tobolsk prison castle. Vacationers will enjoy the stone Tobolsk Kremlin with a cathedral bell tower, as well as the Historical and Architectural Reserve, the Polish Church and the Provincial Museum.
  • Suzdal is a fabulously picturesque city, many of whose architectural structures are recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Many Russians and tourists from around the world are planning a trip here. You can go here in May 2020 to enjoy the Russian flavor, admire the domes of churches sparkling in the sun, and taste the famous Suzdal cucumbers.

  • Kungur is a historical city of Russia, which has become popular thanks to the amazing ice cave. Here you should definitely take a walk in the Park of balloonists, go on excursions in the Museum of Local Lore, St. Nicholas Church, the Museum of the History of Merchants.

Museum of the History of Merchants

  • Yelets is a large city in the Lipetsk region, preserving the spirit of antiquity. Those who chose it for the spring holidays are waiting for an unforgettable experience. Be sure to visit the Yelets Lace House, Znamensky Nunnery, and a tobacco factory. Many temples are open here, which annually host millions of pilgrims from around the world.

Yelets Lace House

  • Dmitrov is one of the most comfortable small Russian cities founded by Yu. Dolgoruky. It is especially beautiful in the spring when fountains begin to work. After strolling around the city, you can relax right on the lawn in the park and admire how the steamboats and sightseeing yachts on the canal sail.

Frog museum

  • Gorokhovets is a unique "open-air museum", mentions of which are still in the chronicles of the 11th century. Many beliefs and legends are associated with the main attraction of the city - Bald Mountain, on which there is absolutely no vegetation. On the site of this amazing natural anomaly, archaeological excavations are being carried out, and until now they have found the sites of an ancient man.

Bald mountain

  • Azov is a popular tourist city, located not far from the salty Taganrog Bay. Local attractions include the Azov Fortress, the Powder Cellar, the Azov Museum Reserve, which stores ancient silver and gold jewelry of Sarmatians and Scythians, as well as the remains of mammoths.

Azov Fortress

It is small Russian cities that are literally created for a budget spring holiday. Many travel companies offer bus tours in several interesting directions at once, accommodation in cozy hotels with meals. To save money, Russians travel on their own, pre-booking mini-hotels or apartments. Housing prices in remote regions range from 500-1500 rubles per day.

St. Petersburg

For those who have not yet decided where to go for the May holidays in 2020, it is worth paying attention to the famous city on the Neva. The capital of Peter the Great is a wonderful place for a short May vacation. Few cities in the country can compete with St. Petersburg in the number of palaces, museums, monuments and galleries. Accommodation in a small mini-hotel on the outskirts of the city is quite inexpensive - from 2000 rubles per day. It is better to pre-book a ticket for a water bus running along the canals of the Northern capital in order to admire the famous drawbridges. And when choosing a walking or bus tour, it is important to pay attention to whether the visit to Peterhof and the Hermitage is included in the program. The routes of city guests arriving with children run through the local zoo, amusement park and dolphinarium.

Calm rest on Baikal

This type of tourism is chosen by those who love the beauty of Russian nature. The water in the lake in spring is so clear that you can see the bottom. Moreover, in May, the molting period of Baikal seals begins, and they go ashore - this is a bewitching sight!

An ideal place to relax "savages" in tents, away from the bustle of the city - this is Chivyrkuisky Bay. Fishing enthusiasts and history buffs flock here to enjoy the ancient burial grounds, the ruins of Neolithic settlements. Surely you need to swim to the island of Olkhon and to the rock of Shamanka, literally strewn with ancient inscriptions and images. Feel the power of the Shaman Stone, ride along the coast on the Circum-Baikal Express, visit the ancient gold mines, the mystical cape Burhan, the Baikal Museum and admire the picturesque surroundings from the observation deck near Chersky Stone.


Travelers preparing to visit Lake Baikal in the spring need to stock up on finances at the rate of about 1200-2000 rubles per day per person (for meals and accommodation). With travel, entertainment and excursions, rest on the lake will cost 50-55 thousand per person.

Krasnaya Polyana

May holidays in the mountains are a reality for those who choose a respectable Russian resort near Sochi. Ski slopes for winter sports enthusiasts are open until the end of May. Hotel reservations are best booked in advance. The price of holidays and weekends will only increase. On average, a double hotel per day will need to pay 3-5 thousand rubles. Those guests of the resort who do not like frost and snowy mountain slopes should definitely look into the famous Olympic Village, as well as enjoy the natural beauty:

  • Akhshtyrskaya cave and gorge;
  • Khmelevsky lakes;
  • Brothers Waterfall;
  • Mount Chugush;
  • Psaho Canyon;
  • Lake Valley Jitaku.

Vacationers often visit the Aviary complex of Krasnaya Polyana. Here lives a large number of animals listed in the Red Book: Caucasian forest cat, peregrine falcons, red deer. The real pride of the nature reserve is the huge bison Kid.

Bison Kid

For families with small children who have not yet decided where to go inexpensively for the May holidays in 2020, without fail, you need to pay attention to Krasnaya Polyana. In addition to the famous Aviary complex, little travelers and their parents will find the Dolphinarium, the Madagascar Children's Center, the Sochi Amusement Park, the Oceanarium and the Seaside Amusement Park. Fans of outdoor activities will certainly enjoy rafting in inflatable boats, rafting, helicopter rides, hiking in the mountains and caves.

Kamchatka - the land of natural contrasts

The Kamchatka Peninsula is famous for its boiling geysers, picturesque waterfalls and lakes, hot springs, majestic glaciers and dormant volcanoes. This is a great option for spending the May holidays, especially if the family budget is very organic. Low-cost camp sites near Kuril Lake and the Valley of Geysers offer a week-long rest in the spring for only 50-55 thousand rubles.

Valley of Geysers

May holidays in warm countries

Taking a few days off in the last spring month and adding them to the official holidays, it is easy to arrange a real mini-vacation. But where to go to the sea in May 2020, so as not to spend much? Consider the most popular and inexpensive beach routes:

  • Cyprus. In spring there is no intense heat on the island, but the water off the coast warms up to + 20-22 degrees. Cape Greco attracts romantically-minded couples - a beautiful place for relaxation and relaxing walks together. The small island of Cyprus has placed on its territory many monuments of art, history, culture of different eras. As part of a tourist trip, gothic cathedrals and Venetian fortresses, Roman theaters and ancient Greek temples, ancient ruins and a warm turquoise sea appear before the eyes of tourists. A short May holidays in Cyprus with meals, accommodation and flights will cost 60-70 thousand rubles per person.

  • Montenegro Tours to this amazing country for the May holidays are inexpensive. This is the most budget option for those who want to sunbathe on a snow-white sand under the rays of the warm spring sun. A friendly little country offers its guests comfortable beaches in the sheltered bays of the secluded bays of Bar, Igalo, Herceg Novi, Tivateu. There are many diving centers, spa salons and massage rooms on the coast. Guests of an average hotel in Montenegro pay 25-30 euros per day for accommodation.

  • Malta. An attractive island in the Mediterranean attracts travelers from all over the world and beach lovers. In May, Malta literally drowns in the colors of citrus trees, pears, apple trees, oleander. A small island in spring resembles a lushly flowering garden. The ancient streets of small settlements of the island are literally shrouded in an echo of past centuries. Medieval fortresses, temples and ancient megaliths are buried in picturesque Maltese landscapes.

  • Vietnam. Exotic country in the spring is ideal for the first swims and baths. To spend a week of spring rest in the former French colony, you need to prepare 50-70 thousand rubles per person. Travel agents recommend taking a closer look at the resorts of Phan Thiet, Halong, Mui Ne, Phu Quoc, Phan Thiet and Nha Trang. True Vietnam is a quality hotel base, ample opportunities for a comfortable stay, clean beaches, the most affordable diving, picturesque exotic nature and ancient temples.

  • Greece. Thousands of Russians on May holidays go to this bewitching country on the shores of the warm Mediterranean Sea. May tours to Greece are inexpensive - from 65 thousand rubles per person for 7-10 days. And the price of entertainment has not yet reached its summer maximum. In Greece, you must definitely enjoy the fun and discos on the beach, silence and a variety of antiquities, communication with beautiful nature and hospitable locals, quality wine and delicious national dishes.


  • Jordan is a magnificent kingdom with a long history, famous for its gorgeous beaches on the coast of the Red and Dead Sea. This is a cultural center in the Middle East, actively developing its tourism potential. May holiday here will be no less exciting and high-quality than in the fashionable world resorts. This is a real paradise for connoisseurs of eco-tourism and diving. Before the summer heat sets in, you must definitely visit the local sights - Muslim and Bedouin monuments, the cave complex of Petra, Mount Amman, the Temple of Hercules.

Temple of Hercules

  • Turkey. This famous eastern country in May opens the beach season. Hotels in Hurghada, Bodrum, Marmaris, Kemer, Belek, Side and other resorts offer affordable prices to their future guests - from 35-50 thousand rubles for a week's rest. In May there is still no intense heat, so tourists choose a variety of sightseeing trips, for example, to Cappadocia, Istanbul, to the breathtaking valley of Cappadocia, Ephesus, to the hot mineral springs in Pamukkale.

Achiksarai Valley, Cappadocia

  • Morocco. This is one of the best options for a May holiday by the warm sea. In the famous Moroccan resort of Agadir, the best beaches on the entire Atlantic coast, wellness centers, golf courses are open. Lovers of antiquities in Morocco will also not be bored. They are invited to visit the epicenters of Arab culture: Ait Benhaddu, Hassan II Mosque, El Badi Palace, Mahkama du Pasha Palace.

El Badi Palace

Future May mini-vacations will certainly cause positive emotions and will remain in your memory if you spend them not at home under the TV, but plan them correctly, choose an interesting tourist route and entertainment program, taking into account the wishes of all travelers.

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