Horoscope for 2020 for the Monkeys

Eastern horoscope for 2020 for the Monkeys is positive. Sociable, curious, charming, with a dodgy mind and the ability to predict events, these representatives of the Zodiac achieve recognition and success. With an innocuous appearance they skillfully weave intrigues, they emerge victorious from difficult situations.

These are talented, outstanding personalities, often intellectually higher than those around them than they can use when manipulating situations. In life, comfort, success, family are important to them. Focusing on stability, they make many mistakes, but from each they make experience, which, ultimately, helps to achieve recognition. These bright personalities are full of surprises, and their true intentions are unknown to anyone.

What to expect from 2020

In the year of the White Rat, the sign will have to work hard, moreover, in all directions at once. You will have to forget about the rest, work hard, as previously planned ideas will suddenly give a positive result. This period of time is suitable for improving material well-being. Representatives of the sign, knowing the price of the "ruble" perfectly, will not miss the moment and will derive maximum benefit from the "smile of fortune".

In personal life, no special changes are expected. A monkey is rarely alone. She is attractive to the opposite sex, knows how to behave, carefully thinks through the image, is distinguished by a sharp mind. Independence, beauty, the ability to support any conversation, provide her with interest in the eyes of others. At the same time, representatives of the Constellation tend to be weighed by victories on the love front, as they get tired of the monotony. In the year of the Rat, amid success in work, there will be almost no time for love adventures.

Health will require attention. Have to think about proper nutrition, daily routine. It will be beneficial to change the usual rhythm of life, rest. In the second half of the year there are trips that will bring some spiritual discomfort. The habit of not trusting those who once failed will help to fence off troubles and enjoy the trip.

About men

Men expect an eventful period. Pleasant successes in work and stability in the house will not seem like a gray monotony due to difficulties in relations with friends. Old friends will resist their determination, demanding the usual attention and Sunday gatherings. The sheer success of the representatives of the sign will cause envy that once again they will assure the Monkeys that no one should open their souls.

In the first months of the year there will be a desire to retire, carefully think about strategies for the future. This will expand the worldview, see new perspectives. Those who decide to stand firmly on their feet will have to make an effort to realize their plans. In addition to the flexibility of the mind, the ability to win over people and the gift of persuasion, you will need such a quality of character as patience.

Investing in win-win projects would be acceptable. However, one must understand that the Metal Rat abhors any risk of well-being, therefore, proposals to enrich themselves should be quickly refused.

Year 2020 is suitable for serious purchases, such as real estate. Financial surpluses should be tried to accumulate. Impulsive decisions should be avoided, especially in terms of cash spending.

About women

The horoscope for women is full of pleasant moments. Love adventures await them, which will easily begin and end without mutual reproaches. Married ladies will be able to keep a spark in the relationship. Travels will come for the most part of the year, for the most part, for pleasure. Girls in the "active search" are lucky enough to get married, unless, of course, they change their minds at the last moment.

Seeking prosperity and comfort in the house, representatives of the Constellation in the year White Rats will have the opportunity to improve living conditions. Perhaps the expansion of housing, the long-awaited move to another city, even to another country. The conquered peaks will remain behind, and ahead they will meet interesting people, career opportunities.

An eventful life will make you feel tired. Feeling unwell, will develop into a breakdown, turn into depression. A cautious attitude to health and the ability to accept the events of every day with a philosophical positive will help to cope with stress. Those who have already learned to keep their peace of mind will not have to turn to psychology and sedatives for help.

About love

In love, everything is ambiguous: on the one hand there are many fans and admirers, and on the other hand, the Monkey is always a little unhappy with the relationship. In her heart, she believes that she deserves better, so she parted without regret. In the year of the Metal Rat, who loves the comfort of home, the sign will have the opportunity to start a family and maintain the old relationship. Nobody knows how exactly this representative of the Constellation will act. Sometimes he himself learns about his decision at the last moment.

These are gifted individuals who do not tolerate mediocrity next to them. They are passionate, capable of recklessness, often change partners. If in love, remain faithful to their "halves" until the first disappointment.

In his youth, with all his distrust of others, these are great romantics, longing for love, as in book novels. With age, the Monkey turns into a cynic. The older she is, the less she believes in devotion and love, but she is already resigned to other people's shortcomings, able to pretend that she does not notice them. Year 2020 will bring an opportunity to heal old wounds. Sudden care will come from an unexpected source, give hope for happiness.


In financial terms, the year is successful for everyone seeking prosperity. In this fertile time, great attention should be paid to improving material well-being. Most plans and methods for their implementation will be successful. Thoroughly thinking over ideas, one should take for the realization of those that are least dependent on the combination of circumstances. Minimum risk and maximum patience, this is what men and women of this Constellation should rely on this year.

The sign is not alien to the feeling of risk. Monkeys are gambling. They often win, but they can burn out, and then they start all over again. Units succeed in one day, the rest have to move stubbornly in the direction of their goals.

White Rat loves prosperity. She patronizes everyone who shares with her the desire to get rich, to have supplies, not to need anything. In the first months of the year it is especially important to be careful with money, not to get involved in adventures, not to get carried away on offers to get rich quick.

Career and business

Sign people are born careerists. They will not remain in the shadow of someone's glory. Strive to control every situation. Observing, purposeful, thirsting for authorities, not disdaining violation of generally accepted rules. With all this, sometimes they sacrifice their interests for the sake of others, are capable of selfless help.

If the Monkey is born in wealth, it multiplies it. Those who are less fortunate, climb the social ladder, eventually become significant figures. They don’t trust anyone in business. They don’t keep near those who humiliate their self-esteem or oppose creative “flights of thoughts”.

Representatives of the sign are successful in many areas of life, among them there are:

  • great generals;
  • successful businessmen;
  • politicians, speakers;
  • actors of theater, cinema;
  • famous writers;
  • adventurers;
  • famous journalists.

Men and women of the sign from childhood dream of great achievements. They know how to think outside the box, are not afraid to fantasize, are obstinate, and they try to overcome difficulties, enjoying the process. Under the auspices of the Rat, they have every chance to make a big leap towards career growth.


Often these are strong, well-built people who periodically experience depression, a decline in vitality. In childhood, many suffer from chronic diseases, which by an adult age cease to be a serious problem. Love delicious food. If you do not control the appetite, then get fat. Face diseases of the digestive system. Suffer from metabolic disorders, hormonal disruptions.

In the year of the Rat, general well-being may be worsened due to the lack of proper health care. Hospitalization is possible at the end of spring, but it will be all right.

Avoid health problems will help:

  • Deep sleep.
  • Compliance with the recommendations of a nutritionist.
  • Fresh air, preferably every day.
  • Quitting alcohol and smoking.

Remaining strong, Monkeys will be able to conquer any peak. That is why it is so important for them to monitor not only the appearance, but also the body from the inside. Healthy, full of strength, these people will not stop at nothing and will give mankind many more discoveries.

Celebrities born in the Year of the Monkey: Daniel Craig, Owen Wilson, Tom Hanks, Julius Caesar, Ivan III, Peter III, George Zhukov, Jacques Chirac, Spinoza, George Byron, Charles Dickens, Isaac Aizimov, Elizabeth Taylor, Ornaklin Muti, Ornellina Muti, , Faina Ranevskaya, Grigory Rasputin.

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