New Year 2020 of the Rat: characteristic, when it comes, color

The new year 2020 according to the eastern calendar will be held under the auspices of the Rat. Although this animal is the smallest of all symbols, it has a huge impact on the fate of people. Eastern peoples always try to please the dominant animal in order to get its location, which will bring good luck and prosperity. To understand what the year will be, it is worthwhile to study in detail the characteristics of the symbol, its element and color.

When comes

Eastern calendar years are very different. New Year's Eve in China and other countries in the East is celebrated not on January 1, but in the period from January 20 to February 20. On different dates every year. The arrival of the New Year for them is associated with the phases of the moon, so the date is constantly changing. The interest of people when Rat year 2020 comes is quite natural and natural.

Important! The Rat will begin to dominate the earth on January 25, 2020 and will continue its domination until February 11, 2021.

The animal will open a new 12-year cycle. Such an honor is given to this little animal for a reason. An ancient legend says that the Rat first arrived at the Buddha when he decided to gather representatives of the animal world. To get around her competitors, she had to show ingenuity, intelligence and wisdom. A vivid example of this was the crossing across a large river. She could not swim across it, so she took advantage of the "services" of the bull. For this, the Buddha Rat allowed the first to dominate the Earth.

Color and Element

With the advent of a new 12-year cycle, the element of the symbol also changes. In 2020, the Metal Rat will rule. In Eastern peoples, Metal is associated with white. For this reason, 2020 the Rat will be white.

To conquer the mistress of the year, you should carefully select the outfit for the holiday. White clothes are good. Light shades of gray, silver, metallic tints will also be appropriate. But the style of the dress should be restrained, no frills, as the patron of the year prefers simplicity and practicality. Silver jewelry or high-quality metal jewelry in white shades will help to complement the image. A white tablecloth should be placed on the table. Candlesticks and other metal objects can be used to decorate the house. For a festive table, it is advisable to prepare cupronickel or silver table set.

The metal is hard and durable, so persistent people can succeed. Incredible strength of will and spirit, strength of character will help to cope with life's hardships, problems and difficulties, to overcome all obstacles on the way. On the other hand, white color opens up new possibilities for the realization of plans and dreams. 2020 will be an excellent period to start life from scratch, try yourself in a new profession, take a decisive step towards conquering a career peak.

Characteristic and features of the year

The 2020 characterization of Rats cannot be described in a nutshell. This is a good-natured and sweet animal, which has amazing intelligence, wisdom, perseverance. The rat is a good, thrifty hostess, so there will be favorable conditions for the accumulation of wealth. Astrologers warn that the period will be difficult, as the new decade begins, but the patron of the year will be able to find a way out of any current situation. Despite his stamina, he never goes ahead. She always uses her intellect and cunning, looks for workarounds, does not enter into conflicts.

The symbol of the year puts its interests at the forefront, but at the same time believes that other living creatures have the right to life. To deserve his favor, you should take care of nature and ecology. Hard work is one of the main characteristics of the totem. People who work hard toward their goals will certainly receive a reward. But those who wish to rise at the expense of others, the Mistress of the year can punish. She does not like deceit. Because of the straightforwardness, she does not understand the purpose of hidden interests.

The new year 2020, which will take place under the auspices of the Rat, is well suited for any undertakings and changes - moving to another city, changing the main occupation, opening your own business, etc. And although the new path will be difficult, the result will certainly please.

Career and money

Hardworking and honest people can achieve success at work, but you should not count on easy money. Opportunities will open up for entrepreneurs to expand their business, improve the quality of their services, or move to a new level. Before making investments, you need to weigh everything, assess the risks and possible income. Do not take risks or commit rash acts, the patron does not like this. In financial terms, the year will be stable. The rat does not like poverty, although it is worth giving up waste. The symbol is characterized by rationality and practicality.

Family and relationship

Since the Rat belongs to herd animals, the family is in the first place for her. It is necessary to give enough time to households, make pleasant surprises for them, and show love in different ways. Plunging headlong into work is not the best option. In this case, problems may begin in the family.

Lonely people in 2020 will be able to find a soul mate, as the Rat will contribute to new contacts and connections. There will be an opportunity to strengthen old relationships, move to a new level, for example, from meetings to cohabitation.

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