What elections will be in 2020 in Russia

Thousands of election campaigns are held in Russia annually. Since October 2012, almost all of them, with the exception of the presidential ones, have been held on the same day. A single voting day established by federal law includes elections of state authorities of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation and elections of heads of local self-government. In 2020, the powers of the leaders elected by the people in September 2015 expire in 16 regions of the country. Analysts make forecasts whether the choice of the population will be the same as in the previous elections or whether the power will change dramatically.

Elections of the head of the Leningrad region

The term of office of the current governor of the Leningrad Region expires in September 2020. Alexander Yuryevich Drozdenko, a native of the Kazakh SSR, has been chairman of the Government of the Leningrad region since May 28, 2012. Drozdenko’s candidacy was proposed by Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. The legislative assembly of the region, having familiarized themselves with the plans of the future leader, approved the choice of the head of state. In May 2012, Drozdenko was appointed governor of the Leningrad Region. But in connection with the return of the "popular" vote, at his request, he decided to go through the election procedure on a common basis. With the consent of President Putin, Drozdenko resigned and ran for United Russia in the 2015 election campaign. The population expressed their confidence in the current leader in the form of 85% of the vote.

Alexander Drozdenko

Will the level of trust in the governor of the Leningrad Region be equally high at the next election, the opinions of experts differ greatly. A significant part of the population expresses their dissatisfaction with the current regime of power. The protest electorate was formed from a large number of deceived equity holders. Several large settlements at once express dissatisfaction with inaction and unwillingness to help people recover lost funds or square meters. Sociologists also note that in the region, questions of rising prices, the quality of medical care, infrastructure development, and others remain acute for the population.

As for the cultural capital itself, the mayor of the city, as well as the heads of municipalities, will be elected on a single voting day in September 2019. Such a combination will significantly reduce the budget money of St. Petersburg.

For information. Under the law, in order to become a candidate for the post of governor of the region, it is necessary to obtain the so-called approval of municipal deputies. Each municipality can support only one applicant. Such a “filter” is far from accessible to everyone.

Elections in Tatarstan

In the Republic of Tatarstan in 2020, municipal elections and elections of the head of the republic will be held. Interestingly, contrary to the federal law adopted back in 2010, the leader of the republic still has the status of “president”. Under the law, until 2015, all the top leaders of the executive authorities of the national republics of Russia, called the presidents, were to be renamed. The requirement of the letter of the law was fulfilled by everyone except Tatarstan. At first, this deviation from the rules took the form of a one-year delay. Then, Moscow did not respond to the 2015 election campaign, during which Rustam Minnikhanov was again elected president of the republic. Perhaps in 2020, elections will be held in accordance with the law. The head of the republic has not yet noted any strong rivals, and practically the entire population is on the rather political course of the current government.

Rustam Minnikhanov

In the municipalities of Tatarstan, the previous elections were held on September 13, 2015. In total, representatives of six political associations took part in them: United Russia, Communists of Russia, the Communist Party, the Liberal Democratic Party, Yabloko, Rodina, and about 50 self-nominees. The party “United Russia” has the greatest popularity among the population. According to experts, despite the fact that about 65 party associations are known to exist in Tataria, no special surprises should be expected from the 2020 elections.

For information. Direct and secret voting for leaders of subjects and deputies of local self-government in Russia since 2012 is held once every five years, on the second Sunday of September. That is, in 2020, a single voting day falls on September 13th.

Elections on Sakhalin

In September 2020, the plan approached the deadline for the election of the governor of the Sakhalin Oblast. But in connection with the dismissal due to loss of confidence in 2015, Khoroshavin, the change of government went according to a different plan. The last to appoint Vladimir Putin, the interim governor of the Sakhalin Oblast, was Valery Limarenko. Limarenko will be the head of the region until the next single voting day, that is, until September 8, 2019. The further political fate of the governor will be determined by the population.

Valery Limarenko

Elections in the Rostov region

In the fall of 2020, elections will be held for the head of the Rostov region. Political analysts note that it is difficult to predict which elections will be political due to the intensity. But the experts say no doubt that the current governor has minimal chances of re-election. It is also possible that Vasily Golubev, on the initiative of the president, can leave his post already in 2019.

A rating with a negative characteristic has developed, according to political scientists, as a result of the fatigue of the population. Golubev has been heading since 2010. At the same time, in the course of sociological surveys, the population does not see another suitable candidate for the position of governor. In 2015, more than 75% of voters voted for him, with the turnout being about 50%. According to some reports, Hamit Mavliyarov may become the new governor.

Mavliarov Hamit Davletyarovich

For information. Employees of the Center for Electoral Practices compiled an election ranking of regional leaders. The criteria for the distribution of places in the ranking were the assessments of regional experts. The deuces received 14 heads of regions, and Golubev among them. The chances of re-election for a new term with an assessment of perfectly received the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov.

Elections in the regions in 2020

In addition to the areas that have already been mentioned, the election of the governor will be held in a number of regions of Russia:

  • Chuvashia;
  • Kamchatka Krai;
  • Krasnodar region;
  • Arkhangelsk region;
  • Bryansk region;
  • Irkutsk region;
  • Kaluga region;
  • Kostroma region;
  • Penza region;
  • Smolensk region;
  • Tambov Region;
  • Jewish Autonomous Region, etc.

IzbirKom Center recalls that full information about candidates for the positions of regional leaders can be found on the official website of the same name. Leading political scientists of the country, in turn, remind us that the quality of our lives depends on who we choose.

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