Hug Day 2020

Hug Day is gaining more and more popularity every year, so in 2020 it will be celebrated not only in big cities, but also in the province. An unusual holiday has many fans, the number of which is constantly increasing. The reason is simple - the day is filled with good. People give each other warmth, smiles and good mood.

When will be celebrated

It’s easy to find out what date Hug Day in 2020 will be. Celebrate the holiday internationally twice a year - January 21 and December 4. These dates are fixed, therefore, remain unchanged from year to year.

Important! In 2020, Hug Day will traditionally be celebrated on January 21 and December 4, although hugging relatives and friends is necessary not only during the holidays, but also on ordinary days.

Some countries have their own cuddle festival. For example, in Japan, people celebrate it on August 9th. Russia does not have its own holiday, so the Russians are joining the world traditions. Hug Day in the Russian Federation does not have an official status, so there is no day off. In 2020, it falls on Tuesday. Fans of the holiday will have to go to work. Although this does not hurt to have a good time and hug as many people as possible.

History of occurrence

Surprisingly, the modern holiday originated in the 70s of the last century. It all started with the fact that a young guy named Juan flew to Sydney. The young man had a difficult period in his life. Moreover, in the Australian city no one met him and did not support him. He wanted to feel the warmth of other people, so on a large sheet of paper he wrote in large letters: "Hugs for free." With a banner in his hands, he stood at the entrance to the airport. People passing by looked at him in bewilderment, but after a girl approached Juan who was away from home and faced with a number of life troubles.

This incident became the root of the holiday. The idea of ​​hugging just like that, including with strangers, was first supported by Australian students. Later, an unusual tradition spread to European countries. December 4 began to celebrate World Hug Day, which will not lose its relevance in 2020.

The United States was also inspired by the idea of ​​exchanging "hugs", so in 1986 they decided to create their own holiday. This is the International Hug Day, which is celebrated on January 21. The holiday quickly spread beyond America. Now he is celebrated almost all over the world.

In Russia, an unusual holiday appeared only in the 90s. Initially, it was popular only among students of large universities in Moscow and St. Petersburg, but every year its popularity grew. Now, twice a year, strangers are hugged even in small provincial towns.

As noted

The uniqueness of the holiday is that it does not require any material costs. The only tradition is to cuddle with everyone: family, friends and strangers. On this day, on the street, you can embrace any passerby with your hands, but only on condition that he does not mind. Through touch, a person shares his warmth, shows love and support.

There are several unspoken rules:

  1. You need to hug only with sincere motives and from a pure heart.
  2. Do not be offended by a stranger who has decided to cover you with his hands.
  3. You can not forbid your loved one to cuddle with other people.

If in 2020 there will be no opportunity to hug one of your friends or relatives on Embrace Day, you can send a piece of your warmth with a picture or postcard on a social network, to your phone or email.

Recently, young people often like:

  • flash mobs;
  • thematic exhibitions;
  • master classes;
  • photoshoot.

All events are aimed at exchanging positive emotions. On the streets you can meet people with posters on which is written an offer to hug. So people honor the traditions of the holiday and its founder.

Interesting Facts

Scientists have proven that hugs are good for humans. During bodily contact, he experiences peace of mind and security, can overcome fears. Surprisingly, they have a positive effect not only on the psychological, but also on the physical condition. If you hug often, blood pressure returns to normal, immunity strengthens, the work of the nervous system and other organs stabilizes. For an interaction to be beneficial, it must last at least 20 seconds.

The world has set some amazing records:

  1. The longest hugs lasted 31 hours. A couple from Canada broke the previous record for a guy and a girl from the UK - 24 hours 33 minutes. Hugging, young people watched their favorite series, ate pizza and talked.
  2. Jeff Ondash set a world record - during the day he made 7777 hugs.
  3. The largest group hug took place in Canada in 2010. The record was set by 10,554 pairs.

See video About Hug Day:

Watch the video: hug day in USA 2019,2020 (February 2020).

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