Makeup for the New Year 2020

Carefully think over a stylish look for the New Year of 2020 - we will tell you what fashionable makeup to choose for a festive look and which makeup trends to pay special attention to.

The coming 2020 will be held under the auspices of the Rat, which means that the trend will be rigor, elegance, restraint, as well as all shades of gray that exist in nature.

Gray makeup

Indeed, many stylists say that gray halftones (from barely distinguishable ashy to deep hafit) will be trendy shades on the coming New Year's Eve.

The trend of the season is the mysterious smoky ice, which is ideal for owners of gray and green eyes. It is worth noting that in 2020 both blondes and brunettes will be able to afford such makeup. Take a look at the photo of how smoky ice looks like trendy eye makeup.

As you can see, fashion trends can offer many variations on the theme of fashionable “smokey”. The main thing is to preserve the naturalness in the image and not to cross the line that separates the spectacular and vulgar.

White haze

This is one of the smoky interpretations that uses white shades instead of dark Gothic shades. Makeup artists recommend this technique to girls who want to visually highlight and at the same time enlarge their eyes.

Like New Year’s makeup, the “white haze” (pictured) will be incredibly popular in 2020 due to the relevance of the white style. White color promises to become the main trend in all areas, from New Year's interior and Christmas tree decor. This trend and evening fashion will not bypass. Moreover, unusual and eye-catching, he still looks very elegant and restrained, which will surely appeal to the patroness of the coming year.

Important! White shadows, like white eyeliner, are not suitable for everyone. As you can see from the photo, this solution is optimal for blondes with fair skin.

It is also worth noting that white shades can be combined with other shades, creating soft transitions from white to lilac, lilac, green or gray.


Fashion for "makeup without makeup" will not lose its position in 2020. Do not think that making nude makeup is easy and simple. In fact, the secret is to achieve a soft haze and natural internal glow inherent in perfectly healthy skin.

Nude makeup is a great idea for the New Year 2020 for fashionistas who want to celebrate in dresses of white, cream or light ash color.

By the way, in this make-up style you can use not only neutral tones, but also transparent lipsticks with a slight pink or peach hue, barely noticeable on the lips.

Chic and shine

Another trend of the coming 2020 will be the metallic luster, which means that not only clothing items and accessories, but also New Year's makeup can be brilliant in the literal sense of the word.

Option number 1 - a brilliant eyeliner in eye makeup

Such a make-up will be perfectly combined with any strict way, and therefore it is perfect for a New Year corporate party or any other event at which brighter shades or catchy shadows will not be appropriate. Laconic and stylish, shiny arrows will add expressiveness to the look and bring a festive note to the image.

Color may not necessarily be black. In 2020, shades of silver and white gold will be relevant, as well as any other cool colors (blue, green, ash) with a metallic tint. You can complement the image with a stylish New Year's Neil-art.

Option number 2 - shiny shadows

If you want a brighter and more spectacular look, use metallic shadows and multi-colored loose spangles of different sizes, which can simply be applied on top of your favorite shade.

Shiny eye coverings can be combined with arrows. This will give the image even more mystery and New Year's gloss.

There are no special restrictions in shades. It all depends on the color scheme of the New Year's image. Bright brilliant make-up can become a spectacular addition to a plain white, black, red, blue or green dress. But when choosing a motley multi-color dress, it is worth giving preference to a more restrained make-up option.

Also watch a video on the implementation of the idea of ​​stylish makeup with a metallic effect:

Varinat No. 3 - lipstick with a metallic effect

Another interesting idea for those who want to shine on New Year's Eve is lipstick with sparkles, or the trendy version with a metallic tint.

Are you going to a youth party to celebrate 2020 with friends or in a club - do neon makeup and attention for the New Year will be guaranteed.

Option number 4 - glitter tattoo and rhinestones

New Year is a time of fairy tales and magic, a time of fun carnivals and colorful costume parties. If you decide to make the holiday truly unusual, invite all your girlfriends to complement their image with original shiny elements in the style of a glitter tattoo with inlaid rhinestones and intricate painting.

We offer you to evaluate how such a bright and fashionable New Year’s make-up can look in the interpretation of 2020 and save your favorite photos for further implementation on your own or with the help of an experienced makeup artist.

Body art

This is a new and rather unusual direction of makeup that is rapidly gaining popularity. Since there is no place for such elements in the everyday image, the New Year holiday can be a great opportunity to experiment with the image.

Important! To create such beauty you will need not only classic makeup tools, but also special paints that are easy to apply. They dry quickly and are easily removed from the skin without any consequences.


As you can see, in 2020, stylish and beautiful New Year's makeup can be very diverse. It all depends on individual preferences, the format of the event and the availability of opportunities.

Those who try to adhere to the recommendations, taking into account the taste of the symbol of the coming year, should pay attention to the matte, nude and classic options, because it is such a bow that will be more to the liking of the Rat. Nevertheless, the trends of 2020 also provide a lot of opportunities for self-expression, which will be interesting for girls who are bright and open to experiments.

We also offer to watch a video in which an experienced makeup artist will share secrets on how to make beautiful makeup for the New Year 2020 yourself:

Watch the video: Planning a Las Vegas Trip 2019: New Year's Eve in Vegas 2020 #NYE (April 2020).

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