Unusual gifts for the New Year 2020

To truly surprise your family and friends for the New Year 2020, you should prepare unusual gifts in advance. There are many interesting ideas, among which you can easily choose the option for a woman or man of any age. Original presentations always leave pleasant memories in your memory, but when choosing it is worth considering the person’s age, his interests, occupation and other factors.

Universal Presents

Often, when choosing a gift, the key criterion is the gender of the recipient, although you can opt for universal options.

Here are some good ideas:

  1. Blanket with sleeves. A good alternative to a regular rug.
  2. Original wall or desk clock. You can choose a multifunctional model with a radio, alarm clock, etc.
  3. 3D lamp. When choosing a specific model, it is worth considering the gender of the recipient. For a woman, you can choose a flower, a butterfly, a heart, and for a man, you can choose complex geometric shapes, a robot, a transformer, etc.
  4. Fancy gadgets. It’s not necessary to spend money on an expensive smartphone; you can choose a usb splitter or a bank of an unusual shape.
  5. Original alarm clock. The stores have a huge selection of unusual models. Alarms can fly or move on the surface. There are models that you need to stand on your feet to turn off.

Gifts may also be a good option. It could be:

  • a cup;
  • thermo mug;
  • T-shirt;
  • baseball cap;
  • sweatshirt, etc.

Named gifts for the office also look unusual - flash drives, external batteries, pens, diaries, notebooks, etc. You can also put some cool phrase on the present.

Delicious gifts

Universal presentations include sweet treats. From traditional candy boxes and pineapples, you should turn up and opt for original ideas. It could be:

  • Gingerbread house;
  • a set of chocolate tools;
  • various chocolate figures;
  • fortune cookies
  • Christmas-themed cake
  • honey with gold;
  • basket with exotic fruits, etc.

Sweet treats can be supplemented with a set of elite tea or coffee, a set for making hot chocolate or mulled wine. You can also purchase alcohol in a beautiful wooden box.


The best gift is emotions. If you give a person impressions, he will remember them for a long time. Here are a few ideas to consider:

  • snowmobiling;
  • horse ride;
  • ticket to the concert of your favorite artist;
  • interesting excursion (in the night city, catacombs, abandoned places, attractions);
  • certificate to the spa;
  • visiting karting, etc.

It is important to consider the age and health status of the recipient, especially when choosing extreme entertainment. To elderly people, for example, parents, you can present a ticket to a sanatorium or a bus tour in several cities. But friends can choose a parachute jump, descent to the zip-line, zorbing, a visit to the cable town and other extreme forms of entertainment.

For man

When choosing gifts for a husband, father, brother or friend for the New Year 2020, you can use the following unusual ideas:

  • computer mouse in the form of a car;
  • multitool;
  • board alcohol games;
  • drunk glasses;
  • set for barbecue;
  • luminous glasses;
  • hammock for legs;
  • boxing punching bag;
  • stones for whiskey;
  • holiday set of socks in a suitcase, etc.

An original and stylish present will be a mini-bar in the form of a globe, a home brewery or a hookah. If a person drives a car, then he can be presented with a massage cloak on the seat or an unusual form of a thermo-mug-spill.

Important! If a person has a good sense of humor, you can choose a playful present. It can be an unusual lighter in the form of a pistol or an ashtray (if a man smokes), toilet paper with jokes, an original award figurine or a diploma.

For woman

For women, the assortment of original gifts is no less than for men. Here are some good options:

  • an apron with an unusual print, for example, sexual beauty;
  • talking piggy bank;
  • bedding with a 3D-pattern;
  • organizer for cosmetics;
  • magnetic board on the refrigerator;
  • kigurumi pajamas;
  • a dagger comb;
  • portrait on canvas;
  • ball for predictions;
  • slippers in the form of animals;
  • Handmade soap;
  • original decorative candles, etc.

You can surprise a woman with a bouquet of sweets or soft toys. A good option would be a bottle of champagne in the form of pineapple. It takes a little effort to make such a presentation - you have to glue the bottle with candies in a brown or golden wrapper, and make leaves out of colored paper. Such a present will become a real decoration of the festive table.

For children

Choosing a present for a child is a difficult task. The younger generation is hard to surprise and interest, although it is quite real. When choosing unusual gifts for children for the New Year 2020, you need to focus on age and hobbies. Here are some ideas that children will enjoy:

  • 3D pen;
  • interactive toy "Pet";
  • children's computer or laptop;
  • projector of the night sky;
  • slippers with a flashlight;
  • luminous shoelace;
  • device for making snowballs;
  • runaway alarm clock or with a laser sight;
  • exclusive pencil case or backpack;
  • souvenirs with your favorite multi-heroes (T-shirts, cups, pillows, soft toys, etc.).

See a master class on using 3D pens:

Active children can be presented with a gyro scooter, rollers or a skate. Creative people should buy kinetic sand, anti-stress coloring books, kits for drawing, embroidery, weaving with beads, wood burning, etc. Almost all children love to explore the world, so you can purchase kits for chemical experiments, a telescope, a microscope or other research tools.

Having picked up an original gift, be sure to think over a beautiful New Year's packaging for it. Bright and New Year's colorful, it will give the recipient even more unforgettable emotions.

We also offer some creative tips for packing New Year's gifts:

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