Doctor's Day 2020

Worldwide, Doctor's Day 2020 will be celebrated in early October. This holiday belongs to all medical staff (regardless of specialization) and students of relevant educational institutions. It is not very popular in Russia, and even unknown among the population, although it is noted in narrow circles.

Important! Many countries will celebrate International Doctor's Day in 2020 on October 5th.

Sometimes it becomes unclear what date the holiday will be, since the date is not fixed. Doctors in different countries are revered on the first Monday of October. In Russia, doctors also receive congratulations on the third Sunday of June. In 2020, the holiday falls on June 21.

How did

The history of the holiday began in 1971. The idea of ​​establishing a Doctor’s Day belongs to the World Health Organization, as well as the Doctors Without Borders organization, which provides medical assistance on charitable terms. In addition to professional specialists, many volunteers work in it, helping people in different parts of the world, in particular in hot spots, as well as in places of mass epidemics or natural disasters.

The idea of ​​creating a holiday was supported by other charitable organizations. Its main essence was respect for the work of specialists who represent the organization Doctors Without Borders and work on charitable foundations. They made a significant contribution to the history of mankind, since they saved many lives. They treat people regardless of nationality, skin color, financial well-being and other factors.

Over time, the holiday gained a large scale. He was celebrated not only by field doctors, but also by doctors who work in classrooms. Many countries from different continents joined the celebration, although many states have their own day honoring the work of physicians. For example, doctors in India are congratulated on June 1, and in the USA on March 30.

Tradition of celebration

The main tradition of Doctor’s Day is the implementation of various social projects and events. Their main purpose is to draw public attention to health problems. Topics can range from hygiene to the spread of AIDS and other deadly diseases. Doctors often give workshops or give free consultations. Some clinics conduct promotions during which you can undergo a medical examination for free.

On Doctor's Day in 2020, they will also hold events for specialists:

  • symposia;
  • workshops;
  • Conferences
  • round tables, etc.

Doctors come together to discuss current problems, innovative developments in the field of medicine, etc. Often, the festival is timed to hold exhibitions where you can get acquainted with modern medical equipment, drugs, technologies. At universities and other educational institutions give thematic lectures. Usually they are devoted to common or deadly diseases. Both teachers and students make presentations.

In Russia, various contests are often held before the holiday, and on the first Monday of October, awards are presented to the winners. In some clinics, corporate parties are arranged, and the most worthy in honor of the holiday are given bonuses.

Interesting Facts

The profession of a doctor is considered one of the oldest. The facts of healing were discovered a few millennia BC. True, then patients were treated with herbs and conspiracies. A lot of interesting facts are connected with this profession:

  1. Doctors in Babylon received a serious punishment for a medical error - they cut off their hand. In this regard, there were few people who wanted to devote their lives to medicine. To recover from some kind of illness, people in the city square exchanged experiences.
  2. The first operation under general anesthesia was performed around 150 BC. e. This is an important historical event in China. A mixture of strong wine with hemp was used as anesthesia. The operation was performed by the famous Chinese doctor Hua Tuo. He was very revered in the Middle Kingdom. For a long time, the doctor’s birthday was a national holiday.
  3. The first "prototype" of electrophoresis was used in ancient Greece. An electric slope was used as a source of electricity, which was placed on the patient’s chest to stimulate his activity.
  4. Corneal transplantation was first performed in 1835. True, the patient was not a man, but an antelope. Another dead antelope became a donor. The operation was successful and allowed the animal to regain vision.
  5. The first plastic surgery was carried out by Indian doctors in the VI century BC. e. The attackers were cut off their nose, and experienced specialists restored their organ. Skin for surgery was usually taken on the patient's forehead.

How and whom to congratulate

On Doctor's Day, it is customary to congratulate specialists in various fields, from therapists and pediatricians to surgeons and psychotherapists. It is also customary to please future doctors (students of medical universities, interns) with symbolic presentations.

We offer you a selection of interesting cards that you can download and use in congratulations, adding beautiful wishes.

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