Gifts for mom for the New Year 2020

Any gifts for the New Year 2020 will be pleasant for mom, but she will get twice as much pleasure if they reflect the care and attention of children. The main criteria for choosing are the preferences and taste of the recipient. Such a present could be something that she had long dreamed about and could not decide or could not acquire. It is not necessary to talk about an expensive thing, sometimes some kind of “trifle” gives more joy, since it has a special meaning.

For mothers with an active lifestyle

The present should be selected taking into account the age and occupation (sports, tourism, cycling, travel and so on):

  • pedometer, electronic scales, subscription to a sports or fitness room, award products (personalized cups), fitness bracelet;
  • picnic goods: camping furniture, grill, barbecue and so on;
  • thermos, shawl, sleeping bag, flashlight, pressure bag, backpack;
  • a bicycle or accessories to it (special gloves, a lamp, a combination lock);
  • travels: navigator, vacation package, sightseeing tour, suitcase, bag for hand luggage, liquid iron, travel cosmetic bag, raincoat, folding backpack, organizer).

Mom may have some of the above, but a replacement is required due to wear. Then it will be a great gift and a manifestation of attentiveness on the part of children.

Creative natures

If your mother is fond of creativity or has long dreamed of developing her talent, but there was no opportunity, help take the first step. Depending on your interests, order:

  • table for painting with sand;
  • canvas and paints (there are ready-made sets with the numbering of the elements of the picture by color);
  • blanks or kits for needlework (embroidery, diamond mosaic, for sewing toys, painting finished figurines, and so on);
  • everything for beadwork, including ready-made sets (where all the necessary colors of beads, gypsum, wire and other elements are provided);
  • engravings (black and white, with the effect of silver or gold);
  • certificate for clay modeling courses or a master class;
  • set for creating panels on quilling technology.

A suitable option is selected, what to give for the New Year 2020, taking into account the hobbies of mom. If any of the above is already her hobby, you can pick up supplies or items to organize a place to work (shelves, organizers, and so on).

Culinary specialists and confectioners

New Year is one of the few holidays when it is appropriate to give household appliances and household items:

  • pastry bags, baking dishes, figured dough cutting and so on;
  • a set of pots, dishes, a frying pan (for example, for pancakes), a set of Turks of different sizes (for connoisseurs of natural coffee), glass ducklings, pots for baking dishes in the oven, tureen;
  • containers for storage / freezing / transportation of products;
  • a set of kitchen towels, fabric napkins, better with tack (always useful in everyday life);
  • mechanical vegetable cutter (container with nozzles of different shapes of knives);
  • mixer, blender;
  • juicer;
  • oven;
  • thermal sweat or electric kettle;
  • microwave;
  • pressure cooker, slow cooker, double boiler;
  • household dough sheeter or noodle cutter

  • electric meat grinder;
  • pressure cooker;
  • electric vegetable cutter;
  • yogurt maker;
  • waffle iron;
  • toaster;
  • grill;
  • electric barbecue;
  • 3D oven.

Keeping up with the times

The gadget will be a great gift for a modern mother who actively uses computer, electronic and mobile devices:

  • the tablet;
  • laptop;
  • eBook;
  • printer or MFP;
  • smartphone;
  • a case, headphones, a memory card, etc. for the phone;
  • laptop bag (can be supplemented with a special flashlight for night use);
  • case or stand for the tablet.

For collectors and souvenir lovers

There are several options here:

  1. If mom collects something enthusiastically, a new collection item will be an ideal gift.
  2. The present can be souvenir products from different countries or only a certain type: figures of elephants, cats and so on.
  3. Sometimes a woman is simply interested in beautiful objects, unusual in execution or style of figurines.
  4. The symbol of the coming year is also a good option - the White Metal Rat. It can be animal figures or its image (for example, on a calendar or magnets).
  5. Rare, antique gizmos and objects are for connoisseurs of antiques.
  6. Original souvenirs or handicrafts, including Christmas balls.

Art lovers

If mother is not indifferent to art, the gift should be appropriate to her subtle nature:

  • picture or portrait;
  • a ticket to a theater, a ballet, a musical, or, as a last resort, a movie theater (if she is interested in some new film, the premiere of which is expected in the near future);
  • a pass / ticket to an art gallery, an exhibition of contemporary art;
  • a rare edition of the book, a complete collection of the works of the beloved author (or the missing books from the collection available to mom)
  • classical music concert ticket.

Gifts for beauty and health

Cosmetics and care products - you should not consider it as a presentation, as the woman often does not trust anyone with their choice. But you can purchase universal options:

  • high-quality hair dryer with thermal protection;
  • certificate in a beauty salon or spa (you can go together and pay for the procedures chosen by mom);
  • curling iron or ironing;
  • set for manicure with quality tools;
  • laser comb;
  • Darsonval apparatus (for facial massage: anti-aging and wellness effects);
  • massager for legs, back, head and so on;
  • humidifier;
  • set for home spa treatments.

Pleasant trifles

If the gift is useful and practical, the likelihood of its approval increases at times:

  • soft plaid (possible with sleeves);
  • magnetic board on the refrigerator;
  • gift certificate to a restaurant, photo shoot, online store, master class and so on

  • portable battery for the phone;
  • tumblr or thermos;
  • Christmas balls with photos;
  • personal items: purse-clutch, flower vase, thermo-glass, diary, alarm clock with a background from a photo;
  • a stylish table lamp, an original lamp (of the Up-Down type);
  • book with a personalized cover and congratulatory text;
  • Board games;
  • breakfast table in bed.

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