Psychic Predictions for 2020

Predicting the future of world powers is a thankless task. Only courageous, confident in their abilities and abilities psychics decide to talk about their visions to the general public. Many seers spoke of the future development paths of Russia. Some of the predictions never came true, others came true with amazing accuracy. The approaching 2020 in the predictions of the prophets for will be a year of global change and the beginning of a new era.

Predictions of Nostradamus

Well-known soothsayer Michel Nostradamus in his book of predictions covered a huge period of time, up to the 38th century. He wrote about the future of Russia with a fairly clear breakdown by year. According to the great French alchemist, in 2020, Russian land will assume the role of justice of the peace. The leader will face the difficult task of resolving serious conflicts between countries that were once allies. As for the internal affairs, the scientist believed that the Siberian part of the country would become the center of life. It should be noted that at present the state has already launched several programs aimed at the active development of Siberia.

It is from 2020 that Russia, according to the Frenchman, will go by leaps and bounds to success. And after 15-20 years for the Russian Federation, the so-called Golden Age will come. A strong economy, highly developed science and astronomy will lead the state to world leaders. For European countries, the predictions on the contrary are unfavorable. Natural disasters, global warming, floods, catastrophic rainfall - all this will undermine the welfare of many countries. Foreigners will seek to move to Russian land for permanent residence.

For the coming years, Nostradamus did not predict military conflicts for Russians. But the prophecy about the wars of 2018 came true with incredible accuracy. He wrote about the conflict in the countries of the East in his poetic catrons. The intensification of world terrorism, religious extremism in the Middle East may be the beginning of the third world war. Recall that in addition to dozens of uprisings around the world, 2017-2018 entered the history of the civil war in Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, South Sudan, Libya, Yemen.

Interesting: Nostradamus is one of the few psychics who predicted with incredible accuracy the terrible fire of 1666 in London, the Great French Revolution in the 17th century, the seizure of German power by Hitler, the death of Kennedy from a gunshot wound and the terrorist attack on the twin towers in the United States.

Matrona Moscow

In addition to the wonderful gift of healing people, Matron could see the future. Almost all of her predictions were about Russia. Matrona has repeatedly said that 2019-2020 will be a troubled time in the history of the country. The spiritual state of people will come to such a devastation that many will no longer believe in God. The population will have a choice: a cross or food. Young people will trust false prophets. People will wallow in pursuit of money, will envy each other, condemn. In the end, this will lead to the end of the world. Which, according to the saint, comes suddenly, without war. About what years the world will end, according to Matron, it is not known for certain.

She predicted the key role of the United States in the world. But over time, countries will become tired of American domination and will go over to the side of Russia. After that, American influence on the world will come to naught, and there will be uninterrupted natural disasters on its territory. Russia will become a strong world power and will lend a helping hand to countries in need. Over time, a grouping of countries will form around Russia and the structure of the state will be similar to the former USSR.

Great Wang about the future of Russia

Finding Wanga’s predictions for 2020 is difficult. The Bulgarian soothsayer always spoke in riddles. Some of them are not decrypted to this day. But over time, it became clear that Vanga warned that the Russians would pay dearly for the annexation of Crimea. The price of the return of the southern part of the earth will be the militia of the whole world on Russia. According to the soothsayer, it is precisely the sanctions that will temper Russia, and over time it will become self-sufficient and prosperous. Literally, Wang said this: "In 2024, Russia will establish an era of peace and prosperity for a thousand years."

About the time preceding 2024, the broadcaster said that in Russia there would be a turning point or some significant reform. But this will cause a wave of discontent among citizens. Now everything that grandmother talked about is interpreted by everyone differently. Someone believes that this is a pension reform. Others say global change is yet to come. Wang also mentioned tensions with the United States and Ukraine. At the beginning of 2020, the world could plunge into the third world war.

Like many psychics of the past century, Wang said that in the period 2020-2030 natural anomalies and disasters will occur on Earth. Almost the whole world from cataclysm will be plunged into confusion. But this will not affect the Russian land, and foreigners will hastily seek shelter on Russian soil. Wang also said that people would kill each other because of disagreements regarding religion.

Interestingly, 90% of the predictions of the Bulgarian clairvoyant about Russia turned out to be believable. However, there are such predictions by Wanga who were not destined to come true. The sorceress said that humanity will completely cease to grow food in the fields. But despite the amazing achievements of genetic engineering and the ability to get substances from test tubes, people still actively continue to engage in agriculture.

Interesting: Since 1967, Vanga has been recognized as a civil servant of Bulgaria. From that moment on, all her tricks became paid, and the money went to the state treasury. The seer received a small salary. Until 1967, Vanga never charged people for her work.

Modern psychics about the future

The winner of one of the battles of psychics, Alexander Sheps, says that despite the fact that now is not the best time for Russia, its future is quite optimistic. By 2020, relations with countries in Western Europe will improve significantly. It is possible that the sanctions will slightly weaken or remain at the same level. Strengthening restrictions on the Russian Federation after 2020 is not expected, the psychic said. The country's economy is stabilizing, the ruble will slowly but surely strengthen. Excludes Sheps and Russia's participation in any military conflict.

The famous astrologer Pavel Globa, on the contrary, says that in 2019-2020, Western sanctions will only increase. The economy will experience ups and downs. All this will contribute to higher prices. It will take more than one year to achieve a real economic recovery, Globa said. Of the optimistic forecasts of an astrologer, the following are especially interesting:

  • Ukraine will cease to perceive Russia as an enemy and the path to establishing partnerships will begin;
  • Russia will become the founder of the union, which will include almost all the former republics of the Union;
  • new relationships will become a good stimulator of the development of science, economics, astronomy, medicine.

Already gone into the world another Wolf Messing argued that from 2016 to 2020, Russia will move towards prosperity and success. This path, according to the famous mentalist, will be thorny and difficult. But the result will exceed all expectations.

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