New Year 2020 in the Leningrad Region

The new year 2020 in the Leningrad Region will be remembered for its peaceful atmosphere, affordable prices and various leisure activities. Holidays away from the bustling St. Petersburg during the Christmas holidays are chosen by tens of thousands of city residents. They prefer to spend this wonderful time in the company of close people in nature, which is famous for its picturesque landscapes.

Climate features

Weather for the New Year 2020 in the Leningrad Region will please with moderate frost. During the day, the thermometer column varies between -5 - -10 ºС, and at night it drops to -8 - -12 ºС. In the north of the region, near Lake Ladoga, in January, frosts often occur up to -15 ºС. Unstable air masses from the Baltic Sea bring adverse weather events: squally wind, blizzards, ice.

January is the snowiest month of the year when up to 40-50 mm of precipitation can fall in a few days. The snow cover in the region reaches 15-20 cm, which makes winter activities (sledges, skis, skates) affordable. Separately, mention should be made of a high level of humidity, which on rainy days reaches 85-95%. A sharp change in weather conditions has long been a hallmark of the region, but this does not deter potential tourists in the least: the main thing is to take warm clothes with you on vacation.

Leisure options

Holidays for the New Year 2020 in the Leningrad Region will be full of various events and unforgettable experiences. The list of the most popular pastime options includes:

  • sightseeing;
  • rental of suburban real estate;
  • visiting ski resorts;
  • check-in at boarding houses or motels.

Holidays for the New Year 2020 in the Leningrad Region are often organized with children. Young travelers will be interested in visiting nature reserves (for example, Lindulovskaya Grove) or the residence of Santa Claus in Toksovskiy Heights. In the majority of sanatoriums of the region, animators work, children's rooms and costume festive performances are provided.

Sights of the region

It is possible to spend unforgettable time for the New Year of 2020 in the Leningrad region during the inspection of cult historical places. For many centuries, the region has been the political, cultural and religious center of the Russian state. The legacy of the descendants left many sights that amaze with their splendor, monumentality, breadth of architectural thought. Among them:

  • Wrangel Manor - an estate of an old Russian family;
  • Church of All Russian Saints - built in the 15th century, located in the village of Sosnovo;
  • The building of the former Town Hall - located in Kingsepp on Bolshaya Sovetskaya Street;
  • Memorial "Nevsky Piglet" - erected in memory of the famous battle of 1942;
  • Vyborg Castle - served as a fortress for the Swedish crusaders, built in 1293.

In the Leningrad region, there are a huge number of original monuments, for example, a "lorry" or the first steam locomotive launched in the region. For admirers of spiritual relics, the Pechersky Holy Spring is located near the village of Turovo. It will be useful for connoisseurs of natural attractions to see the Borschevsky caves, which at one time served as quarries. In other words, during the Christmas holidays in the region there is much to go.

Ski resorts of the region

New Year holidays in 2020 in the Leningrad Region can be spent in one of the ski resorts. The list of the most popular places where winter sports lovers prefer to relax include:

  • Okhta Park - just 10 km from St. Petersburg;
  • "Igora" - the longest and highest slopes in the region;
  • "Snow" - 14 tracks located on seven mountain slopes;
  • "Golden Valley" - 12 tracks with elevations from 10 to 105 meters;
  • "Red Lake" - has over 15 tracks of varying difficulty.

All resorts listed will be open until late at night during the New Year holidays. The cost of entertainment is quite affordable for everyone: renting sports equipment will cost from 1,000 rubles / day, instructor lessons - from 500 rubles / hour, a trip on a lift - 80 rubles. Numerous cafes are located near the resorts, where for 300-700 rubles you can warm up with warm tea or have a bite to eat. All ski resorts offer a wide range of additional services, ranging from unusual winter fun (ice skating, tubing, snowboarding) to interesting excursions in the surroundings.

Rental of suburban real estate

The prices of cottages for the New Year 2020 in the Leningrad Region are quite affordable, therefore this type of vacation is being chosen by an increasing number of people. The cost of houses varies depending on location (the farther from St. Petersburg, the cheaper) and equipment. For example, the cost of renting a one-story cottage (20 sq. M.) Of Economy class from December 31 to January 2 is 10,000 rubles. Luxury and Lux ​​+ houses (75 sq. M.) Are rented during the Christmas holidays at a price of 70,000 rubles.

Reservation of real estate should be done in advance, otherwise on the eve of the New Year holidays all available options will be ordered. Most of the cottages are equipped with car parking, walking area, barbecue, independent heating and other amenities. In luxury homes, there is almost always a bathhouse (sauna), fireplace, pool, sports equipment.

Rest in sanatoria and boarding houses

Many tourists come to the Leningrad region on New Year 2020 to visit the famous sanatoriums or holiday homes. They are famous for their high level of service, affordable prices and quality medical care. The table below shows a list of popular establishments with a price list.

Name of institution



Cost of living (rubles / day)


p. Repino, st. Lugovaya, 8

Finnish sauna, pool, children's room, gym

3 500

"Sestroretsk resort"

Sestroretsk, st. Gorky, 2

Mineral water pool, cedar sauna, fish peeling, children's room



P. Smolyachkovo, Primorsk highway, 704

Large swimming pool, Finnish sauna, whirlpool baths, cinema and concert hall

3 200

"Baltic coast"

Zelenogorsk, st. Kurortnaya, d. 1

Swimming pool, sauna, SPA-complex, playground, sports equipment rental

3 600


v. Repino, Primorskoye shosse, 394 A

Pool, hydropathic, sauna, hammam, playground

4 000

North Riviera

Zelenogorsk, Primorsk highway, 570

Swimming pool, hydropathic, SPA-center, Finnish and infrared sauna, cedar barrel

4 200

Most institutions on New Year's Eve offer a banquet with an original entertainment program. It must be paid separately, and guests have the opportunity to choose dishes and alcohol. In a number of establishments on January 1, specific events are foreseen, for example, “Sohmel Party”, quests or competitions in the fresh air.

Offers of tour operators

Tours for the New Year 2020 to the Leningrad Region are a highly demanded product. They are approximately comparable in price category with trips to Karelia or Finland. A three-day trip from St. Petersburg with check-in to one of the sanatoriums in the region and a rich entertainment program varies from 17,000 to 25,000 per person. A week tour will cost from 30-35 000 rubles per person. You can visit the region yourself by booking a room in a hotel or at a camp site and having previously thought over suitable options for organizing leisure activities.

Thus, the holiday for the New Year 2020 in the Leningrad region is suitable both for families with children, and for noisy companies. The region has a developed tourist infrastructure, which allows you to quickly pick up entertainment to your liking. Having been here at least once, millions of tourists remain impressed by local attractions, unusual nature and original culture.

About the features of the New Year's Eve in the Leningrad Region, see the following video:

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