New Star 2020 - vocal competition

The new star 2020 is a vocal competition for talented representatives of each of the 85 regions of the country who gather on the same stage to fight for one of two prizes: according to estimates by experts in the music world and spectators voting. Castings have already started, so in the near future the audience will find interesting songs, vivid emotions and enchanting voices of vocalists from all over the country.

Organizational moments

The organizer of the contest "New Star 2020" is the TRC of the RF Armed Forces "Star" with the support of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. It was created to emphasize the identity of different parts of the country and the creative potential of their inhabitants. Confirmation of this should be a characteristic video about the region where the participant came from, and about the performer. The result is 85 video cards lasting 40 seconds, which are performed in the same style, but at the same time reflect the individuality of each region and its representative. The latter may already be popular artists or just beginners unknown to the general public. The terms of the competition allow solo performances, duets or participation in a vocal-instrumental group. All of them will fight for the main prize - financial assistance for personal professional development and promotion.

The members of the “New Star” will be evaluated by a commission of 5 jury members, the composition of which may vary in different issues. These will be honored and popular musicians of different generations. Only the place of the chairman, Maxim Isaakovich Dunaevsky, remains unchanged.

Voting takes place on the principle of five rays from five judges, each of whom has the right to "extinguish the ray." Such an action takes away from the vocalist 20 points out of the maximum possible 100.

Who can participate

One of the main conditions is the direct connection of the vocalist with the represented subject of the Russian Federation. This applies to the place of birth, real residence or creative biography, which one way or another should have something in common with the chosen region.

The following criteria are also taken into account during selection:

  • originality of style, timbre and personality of the performer;
  • strong vocal abilities;
  • citizenship of the Russian Federation;
  • age 16-45 years (inclusive);
  • the maximum number of people in a group is 5.

If any of the criteria does not meet, the organizers reserve the right to consider such applications individually. As practice shows, approximately equal proportions of female and male vocalists are often observed. At the same time, the most artistic and charismatic performers with an interesting history are selected.

Competition Stages

The provisions of the contest "New Star 2020" traditionally approved several stages:

  1. Preliminary selection is a non-broadcast stage, information on the course of which is published in social networks and news releases of the organizer channel. At this stage, a recruitment of performers is announced in all regions, among which the producers will have to approve the participants of the future show. For this, in-person casting is conducted in Moscow (sometimes additionally in other regions) and online castings for those who are not able to come to the capital. At the selections, you can submit already known songs or cover versions.
  2. Competitive auditions - live performances in the form of 8 concerts with traditional competitive scenery, where a professional jury will evaluate the skill of the performers and choose the most powerful vocalists in two semi-finals. As a result, there will remain 24 semifinalists, but their possible number for each qualifying concert is not limited.
  3. Semifinal performances - the next stage in the form of two spectacular concerts with guest stars of show business. Here, the vocalists will have to perform premiere songs, which will be specially written by famous authors for them. According to their results, in each concert 6 strongest will be selected.
  4. The final is a gala concert with the participation of 12 best performers of the "New Star 2020" contest and Russian popular performers. According to the tradition of last year, two winners will be determined: one according to the professional jury, and the second according to the results of the viewers' voting.

Online castings

For online casting, applicants for the "New Star 2020" contest must prepare:

  • A completed application form (required format doc or docx).

Download application for participation in the contest New Star 2020

  • Video recording with a video greeting (the requirements for it are indicated in the questionnaire) and the actual performance of the performer (not older than 1 year). The material can be presented in the form of links to Vkontakte, YouTube, file hosting services with a mandatory requirement for recording quality - a horizontal format with a resolution of at least 720p. For each entry, the name of the artist and song is required. Links are indicated only in the letter itself, but not in the questionnaire.
  • Audio recordings of mp3 format with songs in Russian or a foreign language (minimum 3 pieces) with the obligatory indication of the name of the song and artist. Links in this case are not allowed. Moreover, even songs recorded on the telephone are allowed if they allow you to fully appreciate the vocal abilities of a potential participant. But the material should be different from that presented in the videos.
  • Photos of the artist / group (4-8 pieces).

Prepared material with all attachments (totaling up to 300 MB) should be sent in one email to [email protected]

Important! The subject of the letter is indicated in this format: New Star 2020, name of the participant (group name), region / city represented.

The response on the acceptance of the application is sent within 10 business days. In case of any shortcomings, the absence of the minimum required material, a letter is sent with a request to edit the application.

The full list of participants in the New Star 2020 vocal competition will be known after the completion of all castings, but the exact dates for their completion and the dates of subsequent concerts have not yet been set.

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