2018 Volkswagen Jetta vs5

Volkswagen's popular Jetta sedan line has evolved into a separate brand that they plan to sell in the Middle Kingdom! Without waiting for the April auto show in Shanghai, which should be held from the 14th to the 18th, the Volkswagen Group presented in Chengdu (China) a new brand of budget Jetta cars and showed three new models: a VA3 sedan and two crossovers VS5 and VS7.

And, if the VA3 did not cause much interest, since its exterior clearly shows the features of the well-known Volkswagen sedan, then the SUVs of the VS series, which were based on the popular Tharu model, are really worthy of attention.


They introduced new Jetta models of Volkswagen’s subsidiary brand at the end of April, and the venue was not chosen by chance, because it is at the plant located in Chengdu (Sichuan province) that they will soon begin to collect new items.

Having lifted the curtain, the manufacturers still managed to maintain the intrigue, demonstrating to the assembled only the exterior of the new models and not delving into what technical characteristics the first representatives of the new Jetta brand will receive.

Nevertheless, it is not difficult to guess that at least they should not be inferior in reliability, functionality and equipment to their European counterparts. We have learned over time where and on what we saved during production, having managed to offer a competitive price in the Chinese market.

Most likely, the world will be able to see Volkswagen Jetta VS5, VS7 and VA3 in all its glory, as well as evaluate the interior, available options and equipment for 2020 cars in April. Volkswagen plans to introduce a subsidiary brand at the 2019 Shanghai Motor Show.

Crossover Exterior

In fact, the VS5 and VS7 models are two versions of the same car with five-seater and seven-seater interior design (which is obvious from the name). Externally presented in Chengdu, the models differed only in the color scheme of the body and the lower air intake of the front bumper.

So, what will attract residents of the Celestial Volkswagen to technology-savvy technology?

The bright, effective and dynamic design of the Volkswagen Jetta VS5 (and VS7) 2020 model form:

  • a large 6-sided radiator grill, which received a completely different design, not typical for VW cars;
  • original geometry of the head optics;
  • stylish design of bumpers with stripes of fog lights and contrasting plastic elements;
  • large comfortable mirrors;
  • plastic body kit;
  • an abundance of chrome in the finish;
  • longitudinal stamping of the body, giving the car dynamism;
  • high side glazing line;
  • roof rails and sunroof, the line of which is somewhat underestimated as you approach the rear pillars;
  • large rims with an exclusive design;
  • original models of the rear lights with an unusual Y-shaped arrangement of luminous elements;
  • a rising tailgate for convenient loading;
  • neat spoiler over the rear window;
  • rear bumper with protection hinting at off-road qualities of the car.

As you can see, outwardly, the corpssovers turned out to be rather charismatic, and certainly no one will be able to blame the debutants for the lack of a “personal face”. The color scheme also promises to please not only with classic shades, but with bright colors, which are in great demand in the Celestial market.


The company carefully hides information about what will be the interior of the new Volkswagen Jetta VS5 and its older brother VS7, which they plan to launch before even 2020, and even on spy photos the paparazzi were unable to capture the interior of the new item.

Perhaps the interior will use design elements inherent in the ancestor of Tharu, but it is possible that the new SUV will receive its own individual interior without reference to more expensive analogues from the VW line.

Judging by the external dimensions, the car in the 5-twin design should be quite spacious and roomy inside. Those who are guided by a 7-seater elephant will traditionally have to abandon a roomy trunk. It is difficult to say whether Jetta will get transformability.


Watching the road tests of the Volkswagen Jetta VS5 camouflage, many experts predict that the 2020 models will receive 2-liter turbocharged power units, but we understand that "expensive, powerful and economical engine" = "high price", and Jet is positioned as a budget line.

The Weibo network also has information about the possible integration of new products with such power units (unknown power):

engine's type



Petrol aspirated

1,5 l


Petrol turbocharged

1.4 l

VS5, VS7

Petrol turbocharged

2.0 l


Volkswagen will provide more information about the new Jetta VS5 and other 2020 novelties after the premiere in Shanghai.

Sales start

The first in the Middle Kingdom market in September 2019 will be the budget crossover VS5. The seven-seater version is scheduled for the first half of 2020.

Car sales will take place through the dealer network. In the near future, 200 showrooms will open in China, the design of which was also presented at the presentation of the brand.

It is hard to say what the price of the new product will be. Perhaps VW experts are still looking for a middle ground, which will allow the young brand, even with a well-known "parent", to be competitive in the Chinese market. And it will not be so easy, because they will have to resist the brands that have already proven themselves: Baojun (from General Motors), Haval, Geely, Dongfeng (works in collaboration with Nissan), Haima, etc.

Also watch the first video review of the new 2018 Jetta VS5 from Volkswagen:

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