Open South - 2019-2020 Program

Open South is a socially oriented program. Every year, it gives residents of Russia the opportunity to spend the winter and off-season in Sochi. In 2019-2020, resorts and pensions of the popular resort await guests from October 15 to May 31.

Program benefits

The Open South 2019-2020 program is available to everyone - any resident of Russia can take advantage of it. Its purpose is to improve the population on favorable terms. Discounts, in comparison with seasonal prices, reach 50% (the size of discounts differs for different health resorts). Estimated price of rest - from 1550 rubles. per day. Since there is a lot of time left before the opening of season 16 (May 15th season ends on May 31, 2019), the minimum price may change. But even with this in mind, the benefits of such a proposal are obvious.

Important! As in previous years, there is a limit on the minimum stay - you must pay at least 7 days in advance.

Both vacationers and health resorts benefit. In the quiet off-season, the hotel expects an influx of visitors. Arriving once and appreciating the quality of service, vacationers will want to visit the resort again. Many of them will share information with friends. All this contributes to the popularization of the resorts of Sochi.

You can book a ticket by leaving a request on the official website openyugsochi.rfby calling the numbers indicated there or by contacting Skype.

The reservation manager will clarify the details, send the invoice to fax (email) - just specify the option convenient for yourself. The bill must be paid within 3 banking days. After that, a confirmation voucher will be sent in the same way (it must be presented with your passport upon check-in).

What is included in the program?

Only hotels capable of providing a decent level of relaxation at a reduced price are allowed in the program. Having bought a ticket, a vacationer receives the following package of services:

  • accommodation (category of objects - not less than 3 stars);
  • three meals a day (according to the buffet system, a comprehensive, custom-made menu - depending on the hotel);
  • spa treatment (a standard set of medical procedures is provided in accordance with the profile of the institution).

Treatment can be done by adults and children (minimum age - 5-6 years, the conditions should be clarified before booking).

The advantages include the availability of heated water pools in many hotels - rest in the off-season will not force you to abandon water procedures.

Featured Hotels

The program involves several dozen objects.

  • Sanatorium "Motorist" offers rooms in a comfortable 14-story building. There is a good medical base. Specialization: diseases of the nervous system and musculoskeletal system. Additional advantage: convenient location in relation to the station and the airport.
  • Sanatorium "Knowledge" is located 100 meters from the sea. Vacationers are accommodated in two 7-story buildings. Advantages: good medical base, many entertainment venues on the promenade, own parking lot.
  • "Sputnik" - in addition to an excellent medical and preventive base, the sanatorium attracts vacationers with a well-maintained beach, close proximity to Mount Akhun, the tract Agursky waterfalls. There is a cozy park area.
  • "Svetlana" - a sanatorium located in the center of Sochi. To the sea coast - about 150 m. It offers an 8-storey building.

  • "Magadan" is located in an ecologically clean microdistrict of the city of Sochi - Loo. Not far from the complex are subtropical dendropark, water park "Akvaloo". Well-developed infrastructure of the village provides a comfortable stay.
  • In the village of Loo there is another good sanatorium - it is located on the territory of the indoor water park "Akvaloo", working all year round. The boarding house offers comfortable living conditions, a developed infrastructure of recreation and entertainment.
  • Pension "Burgas" is located in the ecologically clean microdistrict of the big Sochi - Kudepsta (20 minutes from the city center). It is focused on youth and family vacations. There is a multidisciplinary medical center. 150 meters from the building, designed for 500 guests, there is a private beach.
  • Sanatorium Zapolyarye is located 10 minutes from the center of the resort city. On the territory there are 3 water parks and several gyms, a disco. A package of medical services is provided.

This is only part of the facilities located in Sochi, participating in the Open South program and waiting for guests in 2019-2020.

The benefits of off-season relaxation and treatment

In winter and in the off-season, the southern resort provides ample opportunities for relaxation and treatment. One of the advantages is the mild climate of the resort region:

  • in October and November, the average temperature is 16 and 12 соответственно, respectively;
  • in winter, daytime temperatures reach 10-12 ℃;
  • in March and April, the average daily values ​​are respectively 12 and 17 ℃, and in May, vacationers can already enjoy the warm weather (the air warms up to 21 ℃, and water - up to 16-18 ℃).

The Open South program provides an opportunity to improve health in Sochi - in 2019-2020, vacationers are waiting for comfortable health centers where they can undergo treatment under the supervision of experienced specialists. The beach and summer activities will not distract from the prescribed procedures.

Off-season is a great time for diverse excursions. In summer, many holidaymakers do not have enough time to explore the many attractions of Greater Sochi. The hot weather gives such an opportunity - it will be interesting for vacationers to visit churches and cathedrals, see the famous monuments, take a walk along the beautiful promenades. Of interest are the Olympic venues hosting the 2014 Olympics. In winter, the ski season opens - the routes of Krasnaya Polyana attract lovers of an active way of life.

The Open South 2019-2020 is a profitable program that allows anyone who wants to relax and improve their health in Sochi, significantly saving money.

All-Russian Open South program in action: video

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