May 9, 2020: how to relax

Love to plan your vacation in advance - we offer you to find out today how we rest on May 9, 2020, how many days in a row will give us official transfers and what day of the week will be the first working day after a long "May vacation".

May holidays

Traditionally, in May 2020, two major holidays will be celebrated in all regions of Russia:

  • May 1 - Spring and Labour Day;
  • May 9 - Victory Day.

Spring and Labour Day

In 2020, the Government will give the Russians a truly long “May vacation” on May 1, because we will rest for 5 days in a row from 05/01/20 to 05/05/20 inclusive! And on April 30, as a pre-holiday working day, it will be officially reduced by 1 hour.

Such a pleasant surprise was made possible thanks to the convenient distribution of the days off resulting from the imposition of winter holidays on weekends (January 4 and 5). It was suggested that the Ministry of Labor of the Russian Federation in April 2019 postpone the two January weekends on May 4 and 5.

Of course, these two days could be walked off immediately in January, having received a 10-day period of New Year's holiday. But, according to psychologists, such a long breakthrough in work leads to a difficult period of adaptation after the holidays, besides 10 days off can immediately undermine the economic well-being of many companies, given that the “winter holidays” are legally a paid rest period for enterprises of all forms of ownership.

Victory Day

In 2020, we will celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory!

According to the transfers of 2020, on May 9 we do not rest as much as on May Day. The weekend will be only 3 days from 09/09/20 to 09/11/20, and the last working day before the holiday of May 8 should be shortened.

Monday, May 11, will be formed due to the fact that in May 9, 2020 falls on the day off of the week - Saturday.

By the way, in 2019, the May weekend was 1 day longer (5 days on May 1 and 4 days on Victory Day) due to the weekend postponed to May, formed by the imposition of February 23 on the day off.

Thus, full-time workdays in May 2020 will begin only on the 12th, when we take a long May Day weekend and celebrate Victory Day on May 9th. And if the management allows you to take 3 days of unpaid leave, then you can plan a great vacation of 11 days!

  Important! So far, this is a draft resolution, which will still be considered by the government. During the discussion, the document may still be changed. If changes are made to the weekend calendar, we will be the first to inform you of this news.

Events in Russia on Victory Day

As we will celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Victory in May 9, 2020, in many regions the celebration will be even more magnificent than in previous years.

In Moscow, traditionally planned:

  • Parade on Red Square, which will begin on May 9, 2020 at exactly 10:00;
  • the march "Immortal Regiment" which has already become traditional;
  • thematic exhibitions dedicated to the 75th anniversary;
  • concerts during which famous vocalists and groups will perform songs of the war years;
  • historical reconstructions in which you can take part;
  • a salute that will illuminate the night sky of the capital in several locations at once.

Parade on Red Square

The best way to see the main parade of the country is through live broadcasts, because you can’t just get into the central zone, access is allowed only by invitation, as well as for accredited journalists.

Nevertheless, once in Moscow on May 9, 2020, you can see military equipment that is returning from the parade to military units. The best locations for those who want to consider tanks, missile systems and armored personnel carriers are:

Before the parade

After the parade

Zvenigorod highway

Garden Ring road

st. Tverskaya-Yamskaya

Pushkin Square

Vasilkovsky descent

Kremlin embankment


New Arbat

Garden Ring road

Zvenigorod highway

Locations for salute

The fireworks, dedicated to the celebration of May 9, in 2020 will begin traditionally at 22:00. You can enjoy the contemplation of luxurious umbrellas and enchanting shows in the capital in various areas of the city. In total, more than 120 sites will work, the main ones of which will be:

  • Poklonnaya Gora (CJSC);
  • Olympic complex "Luzhniki" (CAO);
  • DOSAAF site (SEAD);
  • Park near the complex "Aquamarine" (SZAO);
  • Hyde Park (VAO);
  • Chermyanka park (NEAD);
  • Vorontsov Park (South-Western Administrative Okrug);
  • Friendship Park (CAO);
  • Borisov Ponds (YuAO).

Of course, interesting thematic entertainments worthy of attention will be many in the regions. The full list of events dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory can be found in the articles of our website, or by visiting the regional information portals.

And in anticipation of Victory Day 2020, we suggest recalling what the festive parade on Red Square was in 2019:

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