2020 Mercedes GLS

The annual New York International Auto Show, which started on 04/19/19, gave the world many bright new products, including the new three-row crossover 2018-2019 Mercedes GLS. We offer to evaluate the first photos of the exterior and interior of the car, as well as find out what will be the technical specifications, equipment and starting price of the new item.

Model history

The first generation of the largest car in the SUV line was launched by Mercedes in 2015. In fact, the new model was a modernized version of the GL class, which received the prefix S, indicating the corresponding class in the Mercedes-Benz internal hierarchy.

Among the undeniable advantages of the model, which ensured its high popularity in the markets of America, Europe and Russia, it is worth noting:

  • reliability and excellent handling;
  • three-row interior design;
  • a package of the most advanced options;
  • willingness to conquer off-road (albeit not the most extreme);
  • spectacular premium design;
  • high quality materials;
  • excellent functionality;
  • high level of comfort.

In 2019, the 1st generation is being replaced by the new GLS 2020, which received a new platform, a number of design innovations and many improvements in the technical part.

Experts are unanimous that the closest competitors for this model will be the acclaimed BMW X7 and the Land Cruiser expected in the near future, although Kia Telluride and Sorento Prime are also among the more affordable crossovers in this group.

Exterior news

The presentation of the all-expected Mercedes-Benz GLS crossover (in 2020 modification) was one of the most striking events of the New York International Auto Show 2019. On the stage, two new models were enchantingly presented at once: the classic version and the luxurious 2020 Mercedes GLS in the AMG package.

The exterior of one of the largest Mercedes crossovers is formed by:

  • Mercedes-Benz classic grille with a large brand logo in the center and two chrome horizontal elements;
  • massive bumper with large air intakes, the design of which has slight differences in the two versions presented;
  • protective elements, as if hinting at improved off-road qualities of the model;
  • updated geometry of the head optics;
  • large arches for rims with a diameter of 19 to 23 inches;
  • high side glazing line;
  • spectacular stamping panels;
  • practical roof rails along the entire roof;
  • panoramic glazing (in TOP configurations);
  • powerful thresholds in a branded style;
  • new design of the rear lights;
  • tailgate with a narrow horizontal strip of chrome, visually uniting lights;
  • laconic bumper with an integrated pair of tips of the exhaust system.

2020 Mercedes GLS is designed on the MHA platform (Mercedes High Architecture), as well as the legendary BMW X7. Thanks to this fact, designers and engineers managed to make the car even more compared to its predecessor. Dimensions of the 2nd generation model leave:


The size



5 207 mm

+ 77 mm


1 956 mm

+ 22 mm


1 850 mm



3 135 mm

+ 60 mm

Boot volume

maximum 2,400 l



215 mm



The new generation of the GLS SUV, which will go on sale in early 2020, will be represented by several variations of the three-row interior:

  • 6 seats according to the formula 2 × 2 × 2 (increased comfort for passengers of the 2nd row);
  • 7 seats according to the formula 2 × 3 × 2 (more capacious, but less comfortable for a long trip).

Of the interior features, the new GLS 2020 model from Mercedes, the salon of which is shown in the photo, will delight with such highlights:

  • a large panoramic screen (2 × 12.3 inches), as if integrating a digital panel and a multimedia system control monitor into a single whole;
  • multifunctional steering wheel of a three-spoke design;
  • modern projection display;
  • spectacular futuristic design of the panel and the central tunnel;
  • innovative control unit for vehicle functions;
  • new automatic transmission selector;
  • many connectors for charging gadgets and their integration into the car system (including in the third row);
  • multi-zone climate control (5 zones) with ionization function;
  • excellent seats with lateral support and an electronic unit for setting various parameters;
  • an electronic interior transformation system that allows you to fold the 2nd and 3rd row seats at the touch of a button to get a flat surface;
  • MBUX system supporting gesture and voice control;
  • luxurious background illumination of the cabin with the choice of the optimal shade.

At the same time, manufacturers claim that on the 3rd row even people with a height of 194 cm will feel quite comfortable.

In the design of the GLS 2020 salon, Mercedes-Benz designers used only premium materials: polished wood of elite species, genuine leather with beautiful embossing, polished aluminum, soft plastic. The palette of possible interior colors will include a large selection of practical shades (black, brown, harfite, gray) as well as a luxurious pearl that can emphasize the owner’s high status and taste.

Also watch the promotional video from Mercedes:


At the presentation, it was announced that the new 2018-2019 Mercedes GLS will be available with 4Matic all-wheel drive, and will also receive a wide range of powertrains. The motor range will feature gasoline and diesel engines, as well as 48-volt EQ-Boost hybrid units.

engine's type

Volume (L)

Power (hp)

Tvin-turboV8 (gasoline)



Inline "six" (gasoline)



6 cylinder diesel



Turbocharged diesel



All engines will be aggregated by a 9-band automatic 9-G Tronic.

Of the technical features, it is worth noting such innovations as:

  1. hydropneumatic suspension;
  2. adaptive shock absorbers with the ability to scan the type of pavement and automatically calculate damping;
  3. all-wheel drive with multi-plate clutch, optionally equipped with a lower gear.

Also, the new Mercedes GLS in 2020 will receive a number of interesting features:

  • CarWash - the car will independently prepare for washing by closing the windows, folding the mirrors and increasing the clearance to the maximum;
  • a package of assistants to facilitate the process of driving in dense city traffic, in parking lots and when driving along the highway;
  • adaptive cruise control, able to drive a car even in urban tricky conditions;
  • memory seat settings for several regular passengers.

Security systems will be unprecedented. The new Mercedes GLS 2020 standard for the luxury model range will complement a whole range of systems that can prevent a collision, monitor the condition of the driver and minimize possible threats when driving in adverse weather conditions.

Price and start of sales

The 3-row Mercedes GLS crossover shown in the photo will appear in US motor shows before the end of this year, but the new model will most likely reach Europe and Russia already in 2020.

While there is no exact information about the trim levels, it is reliably known that the price will start from 140,000 euros. Naturally, a charged version with an elite interior and the most complete package of options will cost an order of magnitude more expensive.

Waiting for detailed details on the GLS 2020, see the first video review of the new items:

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