Cyber ​​Monday 2020

The national distance trading organization has already decided on the date when Cyber ​​Monday starts in 2020. It is known that not only Moscow shops, but also other regional Internet sites will take part in the main winter sale. Discounts on the best products of Runet online stores will be presented to the public.

Virtual Black Friday

Cyber ​​Monday is an annual large-scale sale that takes place on the Internet. An auction of unprecedented generosity first appeared in the United States. Following the Friday day of discounts, marketers decided to extend the sale marathon until Monday, but already in online stores. The tradition gradually migrated to Russia. The first time Cyber ​​Monday was organized in 2013. Unlike Europe, Russian online sales are not time bound by Black Friday. Marketers felt that the most suitable time for shopping while sitting at a computer is the last days of January. By this time, people get tired of the New Year and Christmas celebrations and go to work.

The Cybermonday share is officially all-Russian. At the same time, the largest Internet points are geographically located in Moscow. Most of them are ready to deliver to anywhere in Russia. In order to avoid unpleasant "overlays" you need to carefully study the payment and delivery conditions of a particular seller.

Cyber ​​Monday is a sale of goods only on the Internet. Arranging or not similar shares in retail outlets is the business of each owner. In 2019, 150 stores participated in the action. The number of customers is also growing year by year. So, the store notes that compared to 2018, sales doubled. Representatives of the companies said that more than half of buyers, in addition to targeted purchases from 3-4 categories, also add everyday goods to the order - food or, for example, household goods (household chemicals and household goods).

When will be in 2020

In 2020, Cyber ​​Monday starts on January 27 at 00.00 Moscow time. Unlike the western version of the 24-hour online sale, the Russian discount marathon will last for three days. Prices will again return to their previous values ​​without discounts at 00.00 hours on January 29, 2020. In order to have time to get everything you want, the organizers offer to make a list of products in advance.

In order not to miss the days when Cyber ​​Monday will take place, you can register on the official website www. For those who provide their email address and click the "I'm in business" button, an email will come with detailed instructions. Also, registered users in 2020 will receive a reminder on what date the sale will begin. Information about upcoming promotions, current store listings, the most interesting news - all this will be available to Cybermonday participants.

Discounts will be provided for the entire range of products of participating stores. It is noted that the most advantageous offers, according to the experience of previous years, will be announced at the very beginning of the global Internet sale. So, for example, some virtual stores are ready to give goods from the old collection with discounts up to 90%. Such offers scatter to customers' baskets literally in minutes from the start of the action.

What stores will participate

The number of Cyber ​​Monday partners is growing every year. For stores, this is a great opportunity to attract new customers to their sites. The action involves both leading online stores, and very small sites. The list of participants can be viewed on the official website www. Among them are such world-famous companies:

  • OBI
  • METRO;

Representatives of the Russian market also participate in mega-sales:

  • Labyrinth
  • Citylink;
  • Angstrom
  • Positronics;
  • Linsmaster and others.

The organizers of the action tried to make the service as convenient as possible. You can purchase the product you like from the main page of the official website. By clicking on the selected position, an automatic transition to the store website will occur.

Cyber ​​Monday organizers urge buyers to inform them when they detect suspicious prices. In turn, the company assures that participants noted in artificially inflating prices will not be allowed to sell.

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