VHL in 2019-2020: the beginning of the season, calendar

In 2019-2020, the 10th anniversary of the VHL will be held. Between September 5, 2019 and February 18, 2020, a team battle for the Silk Road Cup will take place. Petrov Cup Playoff matches will be held from February 22 to April 30, 2020.


In mid-summer, pre-season preparation of teams for the upcoming championship will begin, which will last until the beginning of September. All clubs will participate in friendly matches and tournaments. This allows the teams to try their hand and look at the tactics of the opponent, and fans are given the opportunity to cheer for the clubs in the offseason.

List of teams

The composition of the VHL teams for the 2019-2020 season will be replenished with six new clubs:

  • Dynamo Tver from the Dynamo Farm Club in Moscow;
  • “Torpedo-Gorky” - a club from Nizhny Novgorod that replaced “Sarov”;
  • “Nomad” - a team from Nur-Sultan, who performed earlier in Kazakhstan;
  • "Humo" from the city of Tashkent;
  • “Rostov” - performed in the Championship of the Hockey League;
  • ShowGan is a Chinese team from the Kunlun Red Star Farm Club.

34 clubs from 4 countries will take part in the VHL championship:

  • 27 teams from the Russian Federation;
  • 3 clubs from Kazakhstan;
  • 1 team from Uzbekistan;
  • 3 clubs from China.

The calendar of matches of the new season will be updated soon.

Rearrangements in teams before the start of the game season

Consider the main replacements in the composition of teams:

  • At the club, Chemist Oleg Gorbenko replaced Vyacheslav Kozlov;
  • Replacement in Ugra from Alexei Zhdakhin to Vadim Epanchintsev;
  • Ramil Sayfullin replaced Igor Kropotin in Izhstal;
  • In the Lada club, Alexander Titov was replaced by Anatoly Emelin;
  • Buran replaced A. Trofimov with A. Yarushkin;
  • Maxim Smelnitsky became a replacement for Igor Znarok in the Chelmet club;
  • Andrey Shutov as a member of the Tambov club was replaced by Alexander Prokopyev;
  • SKA-Neva put Konstantin Kurashov instead of Mikhail Kravets;
  • Yegor Bashkatov left the game, in his place they put Eduard Zankovets in Dynamo St. Petersburg;
  • Alexander Titov from the Sokol club was replaced by Vladislav Khromykh;
  • The Torpedo Club put Sergei Dushkin instead of Ayrat Kadeikin;
  • The hammer-Prikamye replaced Vyacheslav Dolishnya with Pavel Desyatkov.

The main prize of the championship was renamed in honor of Vladimir Petrov, who was the center forward in the Soviet Union and had the title of 9-time world champion and 2-time Olympic champion.


In the new season, the league was divided into conferences and divisions. Each Division includes 8 teams, and two Divisions in the Conference. The compositions were divided by a geographical principle to optimize the costs of each club.

Matches will be held:

  1. Each team will play 52 games, half of which will take place on the opponent’s site.
  2. Teams will play 14 matches with each opponent on their field and away against their division.
  3. One match on their ice and on the ice of the opponent with the teams of the second Division (own Conference for 16 matches).
  4. 16 matches in one game with opponents of another Conference.
  5. An additional 6 games will be held both on the field and on the ice of the opponent with the clubs of their own Division. Winners will become the owners of the Silk Road Cup.

Conference Tables

Consider the conference tables by division:


We present the calendar of the VHL 2019-2020 game schedule for September, the dates of subsequent games can be viewed on the official website.


MPlace in the tournament
ANDNumber of games
ATNumber of winnings
INOvertime wins
WBBullet winning
PBBullet Losses
BYOvertime Losses
WBlocked / Missed Washers
ABOUTEarned Points

Play Off 2020

In the playoffs there will be 8 teams from each conference. Games will take place:

  • 1/8 finals will be held from 02.22-08.03;
  • 1/4 finals will begin between 11.03 and 26.03;
  • the semi-final will be held from March 29 to April 13;
  • final games from April 16 to April 30.

The winner of all games will become the owner of the Petrov Cup.

VHL Broadcasts

Since the beginning of the 2012 season, the VHL channel has opened on Youtube video hosting. On it you can see the broadcasts of all the teams in the championship. The management of the Higher Hockey League made an agreement with the sports portal Championship.com. In case of blocking video hosting and the VHL channel in any region of the Russian Federation, this channel will broadcast matches of teams from these territories.

Watch the video: MJPRU improvement form online date BABscBcom improvement form online (February 2020).

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