2020 Anime: List

For fans of the anime genre, 2020 will be full of premieres, many of which were planned a few years ago. Viewers will be able to see both the continuation of previously popular storylines, as well as completely independent paintings with new characters that will surely attract their attention. Vivid graphics and character traits have long been a hallmark of Japanese animated films. Fans of the genre are looking forward to what kind of anime will be released in 2020.

Evangelion: 3.0 + 1.0

Premiere: 2020

Genre: Fiction, Action, Fur

Director: Hideaki Anno

Studio: Studio Khara

Studio Khara's Japanese animated film is the fourth part of a tetralogy based on the Evangelion series. Initially, it was assumed that Evangelion: 3.0 + 1.0 will be released in 2015, but director Hideaki Anno, after problems with the release of the third part, was depressed for a long time and refused to start work on creating the film.

The scriptwriters of the final part do not disclose the details of the plot, but argue that the ending will be stunning and will appeal to fans of anime. Considering a long break, Evangelion: 3.0 + 1.0 is the most anticipated new product in 2020. The events of the film, as well as the previous parts, will unfold in Tokyo-3, and the audience will be able to meet the old heroes they love.

Zero Century: Emeralda

Premiere: January 2020

Genre: Fiction, Action, Adventure

Studio: Gainax

A powerful explosion destroyed Tokyo, but a new city was built on its wreckage, which is more like a totalitarian state. The artists of the film "Zero Century: Emeralda" managed to create an apocalyptic picture of the world, where the "iron hand" with laboratories for the development of new weapons is opposed by the underground Resistance, whose participants are not ready to put up with tough structures and the current state of affairs.

In the center of the plot is a gang of teenage bikers. Its leader Kaneda becomes an involuntary participant in the experiment on extracting Akira's super energy, as a result of which he acquires magical superpowers.

Kood Wafter

Premiere: September 2020

Genre: Fiction, Comedy

Studio: J.C. Staff

The action of the anime Kud Wafter takes place after the end of the tour, where the main characters went to Ricky and Kudryavka in the series "Little Pranksters". During the holidays, they remained to live in school dormitories, but due to a malfunction in the water supply, Ricky was forced to change his place of residence, moving to Kudryavka in a women's dormitory. At first glance, there is nothing wrong with taking an empty seat of a neighbor. The only problem is that boys cannot live in a female dormitory and now the heroes will have to hide Ricky from other residents, which over time becomes more difficult.

Created in the Abyss: Dawn of the Deep Soul

Premiere: 2020

Genre: Fiction, Detective, Drama, Adventure, Fantasy

Director: Kojima Masayuki

Studio: Kinema Citrus

The Abyss is the only unexplored place on Earth that holds many unexplored secrets. Its endless careers and tunnels are inhabited by amazing creatures that possess ancient, endowed with magical properties, relics. Director Kojima Masayuki invites viewers to meet the Researchers of the Depths who are not afraid to challenge the Abyss. The film "Created in the Abyss: Dawn of a Deep Soul" is a full-fledged continuation of the previously popular television series, which was shown to viewers in 2017.


Premiere: July 2020

Genre: Sports, Drama, School, Casual

Studio: Kyoto Animation

The full-length film takes place after the events of the third season of the television series of the same name. Education in high school has come to an end and the friends of Haruka, Makotu, Rinu and Nagisa should choose their future life path and a new vector for development. What will the heroes do for whom constant training and competition have become an integral part of everyday life? This can be learned from the full-length anime "Freestyle", the premiere of which is scheduled for July 2020.

Violet Evergarden

Premiere: January 10, 2020

Genre: Drama, Adventure, Fantasy

Studio: Kyoto Animation, Animation Do

Another 2020 anime without which the list of paintings of this genre would be incomplete is Violet Evergarden from Kyoto Animation and Animation Do. The main character is a 14-year-old girl who, by chance, found herself in the war. During the service, she acquired many useful skills, but during the war, Violet lost both hands, which were replaced with iron prostheses. The girl begins a new life in the role of a self-feeding doll, which practically does not understand human feelings, but wants to find a new meaning of existence.

Looking for students for a witch

Premiere: May 2020

Genre: Comedy, Magic, Shojo

Director: Sato Junichi

Studio: Toei Animation

The only dream of the girl Doremi is to become a sorceress. Once, while walking around the city, she finds an unusual store that immediately attracts her attention. Doremy accidentally finds out that his mistress is a real witch, and she does not mind taking a smart girl as a student. But will she have the tenacity and magical powers to pass 9 difficult exams and fulfill her dream? “Finding Witch Students” is a fun and light film from Toei Animation, which is known for its high-quality anime paintings. The first film screening of the adventures of the future sorceress is scheduled for May 2020.

Words bubble like soda

Premiere: 2020

Genre: Music

Director: Kyokhe Ishiguro

Studio: Signal.MD

The 10th anniversary of the FlyingDog studio was an excellent occasion to create the anime "Words bubble like soda," which is filled with musical and vocal compositions. The screenwriter was Dai Sato, known to the viewer for other popular films, Ergo Proxy and Wolf Rain. If the anime rental is successful, Signal.MD can decide to create a sequel, where the characters will be the same characters. The director's work was entrusted to Kyokhe Ishiguro, who managed to shoot 6 successful animes.

My Hero Academy: Movie

Premiere: 2020

Genre: Comedy, Action, School, Senen

Director: Kokhei Horikoshi

Studio: Bones

"My Hero Academy: Film" is a full-length picture in the franchisee "My Hero Academy", the premiere of which is scheduled for 2020. In the anime, the audience will be told the original story of the boy Izuku, who all his life dreamed of being a Hero, but did not possess the superpower necessary for this. Despite the bullying and humiliation of peers, the boy manages to get some incredible skills from his idol and superhero Almighty. Only with such power can he fight the Alliance of Villains who want to establish power over people all over the planet.

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