Star Mind - 2020 movie

  • Premiere in Russia: March 5, 2020
  • Country of Origin: Russia
  • Genre: Fiction, Adventure, Thriller
  • Director: Vyacheslav Lisnevsky
  • Cast: Egor Koreshkov, Katerina Spitz, Alena Konstantinova, Nikita Volkov, Alexander Kuznetsov.

Representatives of domestic cinema have recently learned to create paintings that are not inferior, and sometimes even superior, to the work of their Hollywood colleagues. A fantastic film with elements of the thriller "Star Mind", which will be released on large screens in 2020, should not be an exception. In addition, he should once again remind that neglect of nature and its resources will sooner or later jeopardize the very fact of the existence of the planet and the life of people on it.

What is known about the film

"Star Mind" is a project of the KINODANZ film company. For a long time he appeared under the name "Project Gemini" - the name of the installation, which should save humanity from imminent death. Like the name, the release date of the picture has repeatedly changed. At first, the dates were called from April to August 2019, but in the end the final version was chosen - March 5, 2020.

Worked on the creation of the picture:

  • Director: Vyacheslav Linevsky (the operator of the film (“The Balkan Frontier”, the mini-series “Run!”, The series “Retribution”, etc.).
  • The producers of the picture: Victor Denisyuk, Eugene Melentiev. Star Mind will be their 4th joint project.
  • Camera work: Sergey Dyshuk ("Kitchen", "Kitchen in Paris").
  • Script writing: Dmitry Zhigalov ("Beyond Reality"), Vyacheslav Lisovsky.
  • Installation: Andrey Anaykin ("Balkan Frontier", "Dnyuha!").

Star Mind will be the premier feature film from Vyacheslav Lisnevsky as a director. Prior to this picture, his directorial experience was limited to the 8-minute short Mohammed, released in 2016, about a Syrian boy whom his parents sent to Germany. But in his track record as an operator there are more than 32 films.

According to the filmmakers, the inspiration for the work was Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar film. Vyacheslav Linevsky completely calls the picture a kind of Russian response to the American blockbuster. In addition, in the process of work, there were repeated visits to Star City and consultations with astronauts in order to tell about the events in space as realistically as possible, convey the atmosphere of the spacecraft and at the same time avoid inconsistencies.

The filmmakers promise numerous special effects and the use of cutting-edge computer technology. AlexaMini cameras with anamorphic optics should provide a special depth and frame volume. About a third of the picture "Star Mind" will be recreated using computer graphics. The Moscow City complex will become the prototype for the city of the future, where new futuristic details will be added to. The creators considered the Charyn Canyon in Kazakhstan to be the place that is best suited for the landscapes of the new planet.


The actors involved in the film "Starry Mind" and the names of their characters in the script are also known:

  • Egor Koreshkov ("Titanic", "Thaw") - Dr. Stephen Ross, who owns the idea to move the house for people outside the Earth.
  • Alena Konstantinova ("The Chronicles of the Paranoid", "Christmas Tree 2") - Emily Novak, a colleague of Dr. Ross.
  • Katerina Spitz (Swallow’s Nest, Crew) is a journalist Jane Rutkowski.
  • Nikita Volkov (Tenderness, Cop Wars 7) - journalist Vadim Ladin.
  • Alexander Kuznetsov (Primorsky Boulevard, Capercaillie. Continued) - Senator Reigert.
  • Mikhail Bashkatov ("Kitchen", "Eagle and Tails") - Nicholas Stoller.
  • Egor Koreshkov
  • Alena Konstantinova
  • Katerina Spitz and Nikita Volkov
  • Aleksandr Kuznetsov
  • Mikhail Bashkatov

The role of Senator Reigert became one of the last in the life of Alexander Kuznetsov. Since 2014, the actor struggled with cancer and died on June 6, 2019, in his 60th year of life.

Story line

In the story, the action of the 2020 film "Star Mind" takes place in the near future (although the exact years are not called), but the continued existence of people is already at risk due to catastrophic overpopulation and the global environmental crisis. In an effort to save humanity, a young scientist (the hero of Yegor Koreshkov) is developing a unique installation for terraforming, which will help to recreate on one of the planets of the Universe a kind of double of the Earth with suitable conditions for the subsequent resettlement of people. The planet Tess was chosen as such an object, where a special delegation was entrusted with delivering the installation to begin work.

According to the classics of the genre, travel is not complete without trouble. Due to the accident on the spacecraft, even during the flight, astronauts completely lose contact with the Earth and, accordingly, the opportunity to return. In addition, after landing on a new planet, they are faced with something incomprehensible. The meeting threatens to fail the mission, which means that the survival of mankind is also at risk. Surely it will not do without a love line, because it is not in vain that the film will be released in 2020 with the significant slogan "Love over space."

Trailer the movie "Star Mind" (2020):

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