Teacher salaries in 2020

According to a number of specialized print and online publications, in 2020 teachers' salaries will increase by 5.4%. As the government hopes, according to the results of the implementation of state initiatives, the remuneration of Russian teaching staff will have to equal or exceed the average earnings in the regions. In general, according to the assurances of the Russian government, by 2022, teachers will be able to receive up to 45 thousand rubles. per month.

The legislative framework

The policy of increasing the salaries of public sector employees, including teachers, originates in the presidential decree of 05.07.2012 No. 597. In pursuance of this act, the head of state additionally signed over 10 documents that provided for the gradual introduction of new amendments in the educational sector. Since that time, the state has embarked on the annual increase in wages for the most vulnerable categories of employees, taking into account inflationary processes. According to the latest news, this year the salary increase will be 6%. The corresponding surcharge will begin to be issued on hand traditionally from September.

According to government plans, it is planned to allocate 363 billion rubles from the treasury to increase the salary fund for teaching staff. until the end of the program: in 2019 - 109 billion, 2020 - 120 billion, 2021 - 134 billion rubles.

Categories of teachers who will increase salaries

In 2020, the long-awaited income growth will affect the salaries of workers who are engaged in teaching activities in the following organizations:

  • Kindergartens.
  • High schools.
  • Secondary special and higher educational institutions.
  • Specialized schools, orphanages for working with orphans, etc.

The above categories of teachers are subject to accrual and payment no earlier than the new school year. Employees of universities will receive the most - their salaries will be at least 2 average regional salaries. The remaining teachers will be given a salary of 1 average salary or a little more than this. In addition to them, the labor incomes of auxiliary workers and technical personnel employed in the educational sector will increase. Their contentment will increase already in May, since the work of such employees is paid at the minimum wage level or even lower.

According to the Ministry of Education, the decision to adjust the salary in the educational environment was made due to the decline in the prestige of the teaching profession and the striking inequality with average earnings in the regions.

Current state of affairs

As recent parliamentary hearings revealed, the situation with teachers' earnings in the country is ambiguous. Their labor incomes vary significantly and depend on the subject of the Russian Federation, city, position. According to statistics, in most regions, salaries make up no more than 50% of the average, since local budgets barely have enough money to cover basic social benefits. Somewhere this figure does not exceed 10%, while according to the law, teachers are entitled to a monthly allowance of at least 70% of the average salary and the condition for this should be indicated in the employment contract. The rest of the salary (30%) should be collected at the expense of allowances for classroom management, extra hours, qualifications, etc.

A number of regional governments reported that teachers' incomes were higher than average. For example, the leadership of the Vladimir region cited statistical data on the level of salaries in the region of 32 thousand rubles, which is approximately 12% higher than the average salary of employees. The administration of the Khabarovsk Territory reported that the salaries of their teachers cover the average norm by 10% and amount to 44 thousand rubles. per month.

Things are best in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Here, educational workers receive higher salaries. Moreover, the head of the capital region pledged to increase the salaries of his teachers in 2020 by 15%. Teachers of the Chukot Autonomy are not far behind them. In general, labor incomes in these places reach 93 thousand rubles. per month.

The regions with the lowest teaching salaries include the North Caucasus regions. So, the official allowances of Dagestanis barely reach 21 thousand rubles. Representatives of the teaching staff of Ingush educational institutions earn no more than 22 thousand rubles.

Last changes

Along with promises to increase teachers' salaries in Russia, recently, the authorities are conducting large-scale reorganizations of the teaching environment. So, positions in educational organizations plan to classify and build in the form of a hierarchical ladder: methodologist, mentor, leader and senior staff. This innovation is already being tested in 13 areas in the form of certification measures, but within the framework of the previous wage fund, without additional cash subsidies. Therefore, the changes will not improve the financial situation of teachers, but only lead to the fact that if someone is assigned a higher status and salary is increased, then they will automatically reduce the payment to another person with a low rating. According to the results of the experiment, the Ministry of Education will decide on the advisability of introducing a new structure of the teaching environment.

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