The new form of Zenith 2019-2020

The American company Nike and the Zenit team officially unveiled a new set of soccer uniforms for the 2019/2020 season. Photos of home and away equipment appeared on the network almost simultaneously. The form is made using the latest technology with the preservation of corporate identity and taking care of the environment.

Kit for home games

The graphics and geometric pattern on the fabric is becoming one of the main trends in the 2019/2020 season. The new form of “Zenith” is no exception. Designers placed a geometric abstraction on the traditional azure color of t-shirts for the club. The pattern is made in various shades of blue and blue. On the chest, as before, there is a snow-white inscription of the general sponsor of the Gazprom team. Above are two stripes in the form of the logo of the football club Zenit and Nike. The back side of the collar is decorated with stripes of white and blue colors. Below is the inscription: "FIGHT FOR" ZENITH ".

Homemade shorts are sewn of deep blue fabric. Vibrant knee-high socks with the Nike logo just below the knees complete the perfectly matched set.

Nike has been working with the St. Petersburg football club since January 1, 2010. Under the cooperation contract, a well-known manufacturer of sportswear and shoes supplies uniforms for the main team, the football academy and the youth team. The previous official Zenith technical partner was Puma.

Guest kit

Outfit equipment is inspired by the modern and high-tech arena St. Petersburg. The snow-white top and bottom of the kit are decorated with strips of cold blue and blue.

The shirt is made by Nike using a special technology that allows players to move more. The secret is excellent air circulation, which is achieved through perforated holes in the fabric, which allows moisture to evaporate quickly, and also helps to avoid overheating. Specialized cut provides maximum comfort. In addition, recycled polyester fabric is used in Nike Dri-Fit manufacturing technology. These are nothing but plastic bottles melted into the finest threads. One set takes about 16 bottles. Such polyester does not have a negative effect on the environment.

The new blue-white-blue guest form will be tested on July 21 during a match with Milan Inter. The meeting will be held at 21.15 Moscow time at the Leaning Garibaldi Arena.

Goalkeeper Outfit

The goalkeeper sports kit, as always according to the rules, is significantly different from the color of the main team uniform. In the 2019-2020 season, the goalkeeper's sweater is painted with a dynamic ornament. Original T-shirts are available in two color palettes: green and gold. Thanks to the long sleeves, the goalkeeper's uniform provides protection against falls and bumps. When tailoring goalkeeper equipment, Dri-Fit technology was used, which guarantees maximum comfort. To ensure complete freedom of movement, the cut of the shirts is anatomical, fits the body tightly, which gives the most comfortable fit.

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