The composition of the tractor for the season 2019-2020

The composition of HC "Tractor" for the season 2019-2020 has known tangible changes, new names have added to the list of the team. In the regular season 2018-2019, the Chelyabinsk club took 5th place, having been defeated in the ¼ finals by HC Avtomobilist. And in the series of playoff games in the 1/8 finals, they were once again defeated by the Yekaterinburg Avtomobilist 3-0.

Until April 2019, the team's head coach was Alexei Tertyshny, but Peteris Skudra came to replace him. It is he who has experienced all the victories and failures with his team since 2019. With the arrival of the new coach, the 2019-2020 tractor team was changed.

Peteris Skudra

To achieve high results, changes are always and everywhere needed. That is why a significant change was made in the composition of the team and head coach.

Transitions 2019

At the moment, the main team is 90% formed, and the head coach claims that he does not plan to make changes in the near future. It is impossible to foresee everything, so we will not exclude transitions during the season.

New hitters are:

  • Penkovsky Artyom;
  • Malykhin Fedor;
  • Babenko Egor;
  • Kruchinin Alexey;
  • Gika Tomasch;
  • Sedlak Lukash;
  • Karlin Ruslan;
  • Popov Andrey;
  • Lisin Enver;
  • Fateev Egor;
  • Kosov Yaroslav.

Protection replenished:

  • Virtanen Essay;
  • Tereshchenko Sergey;
  • Kalinin Dmitry;
  • Menshikov Vitaliy;
  • Nazarkin Eugene;
  • Sergeev Dmitry.

Regarding the defenders, in one of his interviews, Peteris said that he considered Voinov an excellent hockey player and would like to see him in his team. Unfortunately, to date, the return of the professional is just rumor.

Also, goalkeeper Ivan Fedotov joined the team from Salavat Yulaev HC.

As we can see, transitions to the KHL Tractor 2019-2020 significantly changed the composition. We wish good luck to the team, we hope that the changes will benefit them.

Due to the fact that many players have expired contracts, they left the team. Namely, the defenders:

  • A. Shinin;
  • A. Petrov;
  • N. Nikitin;
  • N. Khlystov;
  • G. Zheldakov;
  • E. Ryasensky.


  • A. Bergstrom;
  • D. Gubarev;
  • R. Gunge;
  • E. Dugin;
  • S. Kokuev;
  • A. Rybakov;
  • R. Stoa;
  • J. Enlund.

We want to thank them for their professionalism and hope for their further career growth.

Not only the composition of the tractor for the 2019-2020 season has changed, but also the head coach. Alexey Tertyshny becomes the head coach of the Tractor club, and Peteris Skudra replaced, and in April 2019 signed a contract with this club. His coaching career began in 2011, and from 2013 to 2018 he led the Torpedo Nizhny Novgorod. The team constantly sought to get into the playoffs and knew how to fight for victory on every corner of the site. The Latvian coach in his interview said that over a year of rest from work, he analyzed his mistakes that were present in his leadership, now he hopes to become more diverse in technology.

The man gives good forecasts, as the residents of Chelyabinsk need good hockey, and they are very looking forward to high results.

Goalkeeper changes

The composition of the "Tractor" 2019-2020 replenished with a new goalkeeper Ivan Fedotov. A young and promising hockey player previously played for HC Salavat Yulaev. His statistics in the Continental Hockey League are not so bad. He spent 5 matches, 2 of which were victorious. And the percentage of goals saved was 91.9%, with 2.65 missed per game. Now the team has two young guys Fedotov and Sukhachev, they have little experience in the KHL, but their game was confident and of high quality.

The head coach assures that he believes in Vasily Demchenko and not very experienced guys, so there is no need to work on strengthening the goalkeeper position.

Attack and defense

Peteris Skudra set himself the task of rejuvenating the previous team, and he did it. Today, the average age of players is approximately 28 years. The composition of the forwards has changed significantly, it was supplemented by 11 new hockey players.

Contracts were also signed with older hockey players. Dmitry Kalinin and Lisin Enver are “veterans” of hockey. The head coach considers them professionals and claims that age is not an obstacle to the speed and maneuverability of these athletes. Kalinin is a pupil of the Tractor school, and in the KHL he was able to win the Gagarin Cup with his team. Enver has vast experience behind him - 134 matches and the title of the fastest hockey player.

Six players joined the defense, all of them about 90 years of birth. The inexperience of the younger generation may adversely affect the results. This is also a plus, they are faster and easier to learn and will soon be able to compete with "veterans".

An updated team, young players with great potential, “old people” with great experience, leadership interested in the development of the club, perseverance and active fans eager for victories, starting from the first games - all this will undoubtedly be a plus for achieving more and more big peaks in hockey.

We hope that the new Tractor roster for the 2019-2020 season will bring many brilliant victories!

See video about a newcomer to the Tractor team:

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