Champions League 2019-2020

In 2019-2020, the 28th, since the reorganization, annual international football tournament is held. Champions League date 2019-2020: June 25, 2019 - May 30, 2020. 80 teams of 55 football associations will take part. Liechtenstein will not be a participant in the tournament, as the country does not arrange a national championship.

Qualification stages

How it all began? In order to determine which of the 4 teams will go to the first stage, a selection was made.

For a clearer understanding, we provide the table:

Rounddate ofTeamScore
PreliminaryJune 25Feronickels from Kosovo - Lincoln Red Imps1:0
June 25"Tre Penne" from San Marino - Andorra "Santa Coloma"0:1
June 28Feronickels from the Kosovo-Andorran Santa Coloma2:1

The winners in the semifinals met in the final match, where the Kosovo Feronickels won. Thanks to this, I got a ticket to the first qualifying round. 32 teams will take part in it. 31 begins its journey from that moment, and the winner of Feronickel will join them.

Rounddate ofTeamScore
The firstJuly 9thLuxembourg Dudelange - Valletta from Malta2:2
"Suduva" from Lithuania - Serbian "Crvena Star"0:0
Wales New Saints - Feronickels from Kosovo2:2
Sarajevo from Bosnia and Herzegovina - Scottish Celtic1:3
Finland HIK - Torshavn from the Faroe Islands3:0
Estonian "Nõmme Kalju" - "Shkendia" from Sev. Macedonia0:1
"Ararat-Armenia" - Swedish "AIK"2:1
Kazakhstan "Astana" - Romanian "Cluj"1:0
July 10thIcelandic "Valur" - Slovak "Maribor"0:3
"Linfield" from the North. Ireland - Norwegian Rosenborg0:2
Dundalk (Ireland) - Riga (Latvia)0:0
Slovan Bratislava (Slovakia) - Sutjeska (Montenegro)1:1
Ferencvaros (Hungary) - Ludogorets (Bulgaria)2:1
Moldovan "Sheriff" - Georgian "Saburtalo"0:3
Belarusian "BATE" - Polish "Piast"1:1
Albanian "Partizani" - Azerbaijani "Karabakh"0:0
July 16Valletta from Malta - Luxembourg Dudelange1:1
Serbian "Crvena Star" - "Suduva" from Lithuania2:1
Feronickels from Kosovo - New Saints (Wales)0:1
Torshavn from the Faroe Islands - Finnish HIK2:2
Georgian “Saburtalo” - Moldavian “Sheriff”1:3
"Shkendiya" from Sev. Macedonia - Estonian "Nõmme Kalju"1:2
July 17thScottish Celtic - Sarajevo from Bosnia and Herzegovina2:1
Swedish "AIK" - "Ararat-Armenia"3:1
Romanian "Cluj" - Kazakhstan "Astana"3:1
Slovak "Maribor" - Icelandic "Valur"2:0
Norwegian Rosenborg - Linfield from the North. Ireland4:0
Latvian "Riga" - Irish "Dundalk"0: 0 / (pen. - 4: 5)
Montenegrin "Sutjeska" - Slovak "Slovan Bratislava"1: 1 (pen. - 3: 2)
Bulgarian "Ludogorets" - Hungarian "Ferencvaros"2:3
Polish "Piast" - Belarusian "BATE"1:2
Azerbaijani "Karabakh" - Albanian "Partizani"2:0

The winners in previous matches go to the champion path in the next battle. The losers move into the second round of the Europa League. Participants in the Champions League 2019-2020 at this stage will be 24 teams.

With this qualification round, the division into:

  • Champion path (are home league champions) - 20 teams;
  • Representative path (are not) - 4 teams.

Champions Way:

Rounddate ofTeam (country)Score
SecondJuly 23Georgian Saburtalo - Croatian Dynamo Zagreb0:2
Welsh New Saints - Danish Copenhagen0:2
Montenegrin "Sutieska" - "APOEL" from Cyprus0:1
Cluj from Romania - Israeli Maccabi Tel Aviv1:0
Belarusian "BATE" - Norwegian "Rosenborg"2:1
July 24Ferencvaros from Hungary - Valletta from Malta3:1
Irish "Dundalk" - Azerbaijani "Karabakh"1:1
Scottish Celtic - Nõmme Kalju from Estonia5:0
Serbian Crvena Star - Finnish HIK2:0
Slovak "Maribor" - "AIK" from Sweden2:1

Representative Way:

Rounddate ofTeam (country)Score
SecondJuly 23Czech "Victoria Plzen" - "Olympiakos" from Greece0:0
PSV from the Netherlands - Swiss Basel3:2

Schedule of the next matches of the Champions League 2019-2020: calendar of the second round

On July 30, several teams will meet at once:

  1. Greece will play against the Czech Republic in the face of the teams Olympiacos and Victoria Plzen.
  2. Swiss FC Basel will enter the field against PSV from the Netherlands.
  3. Croatian Dynamo Zagreb team will fight for victory with Georgian Saburtalo.
  4. “Nõmme Kalju” from Estonia will play against the Scottish “Celtic”.
  5. APOEL from Cyprus will enter the field with Montenegrin Sutjeska.
  6. Israeli team “Maccabi Tel Aviv” will compete with the Romanian “Cluj”.
  7. “Valletta” from Malta will play with the Hungarian “Ferencvaros”.

Matches will be held on July 31:

  1. Norwegian team Rosenborg and Belarusian BATE.
  2. AIK from Sweden versus Maribor from Slovenia.
  3. HIK from Finland will fight for victory against Serbian Crvena Zvezda.
  4. Danish Copenhagen will enter the field against the New Saints team from Wales
  5. Azerbaijani FC Karabakh to meet with the Irish Dundalk.

The winners of the champions of their home leagues will go into the corresponding category of the third qualifying round, and the defeated - in the third round of the Europa League.

Losers from the representative league will be sent to the main path of the 3rd round of the Europa League.

Winners remain in their category and move on to the next round of the tournament.

Third qualification round

In total, 20 teams will take part in this round, of which: 12 - the champion path, 8 - the representative. Participants will compete for a place in the Olympic system. Luck will not turn out to everyone. The losers, from the champions of their national leagues, fall into the playoffs of the Europa League. The defeated, from the representative path, will take place in the group stage of LE 2019-2020.

A clear list has not yet been formed, since not all matches from the previous ones have been won back; it is not known who will be the winner. Already known opponents will be highlighted in a different color.

Rounddate ofTeam (country)
ThirdJuly 6thTurkish “Istanbul Bashaksehir” - Czech “Victoria Plzen” / “Olympiakos” from Greece
PSV from the Netherlands / Swiss Basel - Austrian LASK
Greek "PAOK" - Dutch "Ajax"
Belgian Brugge - Ukrainian Dynamo Kiev
July 7thRussian Krasnodar - Portuguese Porto
Czech "Victoria Plzen" / Greek "Olympiakos" - Turkish "Istanbul Bashaksehir"
Austrian "LASK" - "PSV" from the Netherlands / Swiss "Basel"
July 13Ukrainian Dynamo Kyiv - Belgian Brugge
Ajax from the Netherlands - Greek PAOK
Portuguese "Porto" - Russian "Krasnodar"

Playoffs or Olympic system draws

This stage is also divided into sections:

  • Champions way - 8 teams, 2 of them will join;
  • The path of the representatives is 4.

Winners will get a place in the group stage of the Champions League, in the corresponding sections, and losers - in the LE.

It is at this moment that the Young Boys (Switzerland) and Slavia (Czech Republic) teams will enter the game.

What will happen next?

Champions League 2019-2020 includes games by groups that go after qualification. They will be attended by 32 teams, of which 26 are new arrivals, and 6 are winners of the Olympic system.

Teams that will join at this stage:

  1. Ukrainian: Shakhtar.
  2. English: Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester City, Tottenham Hotspur.
  3. Spanish: Barcelona, ​​Atlético, Real Madrid, Valencia.
  4. Italian: Juventus, Napoli, Atalanta, Inter.
  5. German: Bayern, Borussia Dortmund, Leipzig, Bayer.
  6. French: PSG, Lille, Lyon.
  7. Russian: Zenit, Lokomotiv.
  8. Portuguese: Benfica.
  9. Belgian: Genk.
  10. Turkish: Galatasaray.
  11. Austrian: Salzburg.

Champions League 2020 will take place after holding the games in the group stage, in the month of February, from the playoff round. It consists of: 1/8 finals, quarter finals, semifinals and finals.

It is in the final game May 30, 2020 we will watch the wonderful struggle of the two strongest teams that have come a long way to prove their superiority.

This game will be held at the largest stadium. Ataturk in Istanbul. The final will be watched by millions of fans and football fans.

We wish the UEFA Champions League 2019-2020 to select the strongest football team that deserves to be the Champion!

See video about the second round of the Champions League:

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