Dakar Rally in 2020

In 2020, the next Dakar rally will be held. Professionals and amateurs from all over the world of motorsport will take part in transcontinental competitions, including a team from Russia (which has been showing excellent results for many years). In the new year, the championship will change its location, moving from South America to Eurasia. In April 2019, the rally organizers officially announced the time frame of the competition and presented the routes that participants will need to overcome in order to receive a prestigious trophy.


From the founding of the rally in 1978 to 2009, races took place in Africa and Europe with a mandatory start or finish in Dakar, the capital of Senegal. In those days, the race was called “Paris-Dakar.” For the next 10 years, the championship was held in South America along the routes to Peru, Chile, Argentina and Bolivia. In the new season, it was decided to change the location.

The next race "Dakar" -2020 will be sold in the Middle East in Saudi Arabia. This will be the 30th country hosting the marathon. The kingdom occupies most of the Arabian Peninsula and is washed by the Red Sea - in the west, and the Persian Gulf - in the east. Here are located the two most important cities for all Muslims - Mecca and Medina.

Most of the country is occupied by deserts and semi-deserts. The central part of the territory is a huge desert plateau, with an area of ​​about 1 million km2, streaked with rare dried rivers. There are three large deserts here - Big Nefood, Small Nefood and Rub al-Khali. Such a natural landscape is ideal for races of this class. Participants have to overcome long distances under the scorching sun, passing through deserts, dunes, mountains and hills.

Date of

Traditionally, competitions are held in early January. In 2020, the launch is scheduled for January 05 in the city of Jeddah. The race will end on January 17 in Al-Qiddiyah.

In January, the most favorable weather for the marathon is observed in Saudi Arabia. The air temperature during the day is 25-30C, and at night - about 16C. For comparison, in the summer, the temperature in the desert remains above 50C. Snow here is rare even for January. It sometimes falls in the mountains, but not every year. Nevertheless, sandstorms are often noted in deserts, which greatly complicate the navigation and movement of vehicles.


The Dakar-2020 highway runs through almost the entire territory of the country. Participants start moving off the coast of the Red Sea and will move north along the Al-Hijaz mountain range. Further, the route turns east through the Big Nefud desert, and turns south. Passing through the Tuvaik mountains, makes a loop and ends in the central part.

The opening race will be held in Jeddah. This is the second largest city of the kingdom, it is considered its economic center and the gateway to Mecca. From January 2 to January 5, all participants are collected here and vehicles are checked.

It was decided to make a day of rest in Riyadh, the largest city and capital of Saudi Arabia. From Arabic, its name translates as "gardens." The city is located in a lowland, so it is covered with vegetation. And around the vast expanses of the desert.

The end of the race and the announcement of the results will occur on January 17 in Al-Kiddiy. Rally "Dakar" will be the first global event to be held in the new city. Al-Kiddiya is an entertaining mega-project located 40 km from the capital. Its foundation was laid in 2018. According to the master plan, the city will include many amusement parks and resorts designed for families. Thus, Dakar will contribute to the development of the new pearl of the east.


Competitions will be held among amateurs and professionals of long-distance motor racing in the following categories:

  • motorcycles;
  • ATVs
  • cars;
  • SxS;
  • trucks.

Teams from all over the world are taking part in the Dakar rally. Registration for the Motorcycles and ATVs categories ended July 15, 2019. For the rest, it will last until October 31, 2019 inclusive.

The cost of registration will cost drivers a tidy amount - from € 14,800 (for "Motorcycles") to € 41,400 (for "Trucks"). There is also a system of discounts and even the right to free participation. It is awarded to the best pilots who have proven themselves in the competition for young talents "Road to Dakar". In 2019, they were held in Mexico and Morocco. This year, the winners with the right to participate in the Dakar main race for free are Luis Javier Palayo (SxS), Mirko Gritti (Motorcycles) and Frederick Pitout (SxS).

Races are allowed serial and modified models of vehicles, a certain weight and volume of engines. All vehicles undergo a mandatory check before launch and are divided into their categories and subcategories.

For several years now, the KAMAZ-master team from Russia, which performs in the Trucks category, has shown excellent results. The team has been participating in the auto marathon since 1996 and has 16 victories on its account, including a win in 2019. KAMAZ-master is considered the strongest team in the world in the class of sports trucks.

In 2019, KAMAZ-master won 1st and 2nd place in the Dakar rally in Peru.

The first place in the individual classification among pilots of the "Trucks" category from around the world is occupied by Vladimir Chagin - he won 7 victories. Since 2011, he left the big sport and is now the head of the Silk Road Rally project - the Russian analogue of the Dakar.

The third place in the individual classification is occupied by the honored master of sports of Russia - Eduard Nikolaev. He is a three-time winner of the race, including one won in 2019.

In the new season, the team with renewed vigor will continue to defend its leadership position, conquering the vastness of Saudi Arabia.

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