Invasion in 2020

In the coming 2020, it is planned to hold the next annual rock festival "Invasion", which has long been considered an important cultural event in the country. The event has been organized by Our Radio for many years, and it attracts not only rock music lovers, but also all other genres. The festival is also visited by those wishing to have a good time in the fresh air with friends and family. “Invasion” is an opportunity to participate in sporting events, watch air shows and theater performances, performances by new talented artists and groups, as well as legendary performers who have gained worldwide popularity.

History reference

“Invasion” is the largest multi-format event, which is also called “The main adventure of the year”, and 2020 should not be an exception. It has been held since 1999. Initially, it was a small rock concert in honor of the anniversary of Russian Radio, and it took place in the Moscow House of Culture Gorbunov. The audience enjoyed the live performances of Bi-2, Linda, Zemfira, etc. After the successful conduct of the first “Invasion”, the organizers decided to repeat it annually.

In 2000, the performances of rock bands were moved to the suburbs, in Ramenskoye. Dozens of popular performers from Europe and Russia gathered here. A large-scale musical event, which lasts 3 days, was attended by more than 70 thousand spectators. In 2017, this figure exceeded 200 thousand people. Since 2005, not only rock bands, but also representatives of other musical trends have been invited to the festival. The conditions for guests began to improve - tent camps, recreation areas with children, trading floors, places for dancing, and parking were built.

Until 2009, “Invasion” changed several sites and finally, finally “moved” to the Tver region, the village of Big Zavidovo. For so many years, a seemingly simple musical event has turned into a significant cultural event, popular both in Russia and abroad.

In 2019, “Invasion” turned 20 years old, more on video:

When will the Invasion be held in 2020

Thousands of rock fans are already preparing to have a great time this summer. The main open-air event "Invasion" in 2020 falls in mid-July, more accurate dates will be indicated on the official website. According to the organizers, a costume show is planned, that is, a massive Carnival. All participants can dress up as they wish, decorate their cars. The grandiose event of the summer will erase all the rules and barriers, turning several days of life into a costume party and allowing you to enjoy all, without exception, high-quality live music.

Who will perform

A few days of unforgettable impressions and emotions, drive and unrestrained energy - all this is "Invasion" 2020. On the main stage on a large field will be the legends of Russian rock, and on an additional venue - young bands.

It is not yet known exactly who will sing, but among fans of rock music and the media there is information that the following bands and artists expect to visit:

  • Picnic;
  • Vyacheslav Butusov;
  • B2;
  • Alice;
  • Leningrad
  • Night snipers;
  • Spleen;
  • Aquarium;
  • Mummy Troll;
  • DDT;
  • Garik Sukachev.

Musicians of the group Mill, Underwood, SergGa, Leg Svelo, The End of the Film, Django can come to the Tver region. A new carnival "Invasion" awaits fans of computer games, comics, movies, science fiction, colorful day and night processions, contests and flash mobs. It will be a time for carelessness and laughter, a huge platform for the embodiment of creative ideas and the opportunity to transform into images of your favorite characters.

Infrastructure and Events

The organizers of a grand summer event plan everything to the smallest detail. On the field near the village of Bolshoi Zavidovo, several scenes with shadows will be installed in case of bad weather. Also, under the bright July stars, anyone can enjoy watching a good movie in the "Open Air Cinema" with comfortable benches and a large screen.

From morning until evening, master classes and meetings with poets, musicians, writers, actors, as well as real knightly tournaments will be held on specially designated and equipped venues. The Organizing Committee also plans next year to improve and expand the playground, adjusting it not only for children of different ages, but also for adults who want to remember childhood - to climb, jump, compete in agility and strength. Perhaps the local registry office will work again, that is, exit registration of marriage will be carried out. Many lovers can not only enjoy beautiful music, but also connect their hearts.

Last year, all participants in the music festival were given the opportunity to use the laundry, so as not to wash and dry their clothes and things, not to waste time on this. In the coming year, the same paid service is planned as the "SUV club". On the territory around the field special off-road vehicles will be on duty for emergency assistance and the evacuation of stalled cars. Professional assistance will also be provided to car owners - minor repairs, tire fitting, battery charging.

How much are the tickets

Prices for the "Invasion" of 2020 will be slightly higher than last year, but not by much. This was reported by the organizers and leaders of Our Radio. They developed several types of tickets:

  1. Simple admission ticket. It will cost about 2000 rubles. It provides a one-time visit only to the common area. If a visitor leaves the festival area, then the entrance will have to be paid again. Holders of such a ticket cannot be accommodated in the tent camps "Moscow" and "Leningrad", as well as put up their own tent and park the car (only for an additional fee).
  2. VIP ticket. The price of such a ticket will be about 9-10 thousand rubles. Its owner receives a special bracelet and can enter the festival area as many times as you like, visit VIP zones with a special night program, seating stands and improved infrastructure, but you will have to pay separately for parking and your own tent.
  3. Fan ticket. It costs 4200-4500 rubles. It makes it possible to enter the territory 1 time, purchase a place for a tent in the towns of Leningrad or Moscow, use the fan zone with improved sound.

Separately, you will have to pay for a parking space. Therefore, before planning your vacation and vacation, you need to not only find out exactly when the "Invasion" will be in 2020, but also how much the parking will cost. In 2019, the cost of a single abandonment of a car was 1800 rubles. For repeated arrivals / departures it is more profitable to order a parking ticket, which cost about 5000 rubles. He also made it possible to enter and leave the festival field an unlimited number of times.


The most inexpensive option for a night's rest is your own car. Of course, such an overnight in the parking lot is not the most comfortable, but it will save a lot. Some participants of the Invasion specifically rent minibuses or caravans, but for the latter they will have to pay a double price for parking.

There are other options where to spend the night and relax between the performances of the performers:

  1. Luxury apartments. They are chosen by fans of rock music, not ready to give up luxury and comfort. They stay for a few days at the Zavidovo or Radisson Residences apartments. These hotels are located on the banks of the Doibica River and have several sandy beaches. The price of 1 day in such a place starts from 9 thousand rubles. Here you can ride horses, a yacht, take advantage of SPA-services.
  2. Cottages and summer residences. At the rock festival, many homeowners located in the Konakovo-Zavidovo zone earn annually. Real estate agencies of the Tver region often by the beginning of summer begin to publish relevant announcements about the delivery of cottages or cottages. For an overnight stay in 1 room you will have to pay from 4-5 thousand rubles. The entire housing estate for a large company on average costs from 10 thousand per day. There are also guesthouses and guest houses in Zavidovo that offer more reasonable prices, but it is better to book reservations in advance.
  3. Apartment for rent in Konakovo. Daily rent of 1 and 2 room apartments with household appliances and appliances will cost 1-2 thousand. Options with VIP repair cost 2-3 thousand. From Konakova to the rock festival only 20-25 minutes away by car, and also want minibuses.
  4. Hotel room. In order to have stable Wi-Fi and not spend the night under the open sky with mosquitoes, you need to book a room at a local hotel or hotel. Near the festival venue is the hotel "Yamskaya", hotel "Daphne", hotel "Olgino" and "House on the Volga", "Valley of the Volga". A room with breakfast for two per day here costs about 4-5 thousand rubles.
  5. Camping. Lovers of camping romance who have arrived at the Invasion Drive Festival can set up their tent or rent an already established one. The cost of the tent in the campsite "Sverdlovsk" - 3 thousand rubles. Owners of VIP and FAN tickets for 4.5-5 thousand rubles can settle in Moscow, Leningrad. The cost of 2 or 4 local ready-made housing options include sleeping bags, airbags and mattresses, personal hygiene products, dishes, plastic furniture and even cleaning.

Do not forget that each ticket to "Invasion" is personalized, therefore, when going on the road, first of all you need to put your passport or any other identification document in your bag or suitcase, for example, a driver’s license. Children are also allowed into the event upon presentation of a document - a birth certificate. They should always be supervised by adults.

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