Rammstein Tour 2020

The European tour of the most popular German rock band Rammstein will continue in 2020. This decision was made on July 4, 2019 due to the high demand for tickets that went on sale through official distributors on July 5 and after only two weeks for concerts in some cities, they were simply not available. Domestic fans really hope that Ramstein will once again give a concert in Moscow, but so far there is no such event in the schedule for 2020.


The group’s official website has a full list of concerts that will be held in 2020 in European cities. Most stadiums will be gathered by German stadiums. This was the decision of the musicians themselves, as a tribute to domestic fans. Fans from other countries are not at all embarrassed by such discrimination, because they are ready to go after their idols around the world. To prove this, you should go to the group’s official website and see that almost all the Buy Ticket buttons are highlighted in red. This means that all places are sold out.

It’s too early to despair, because, according to experts, tickets are sold by releases. This means that there is still a chance to get to a music show, only with each new party tickets are getting more expensive. In the 2019 season, in some countries, passing checks went on sale only a few weeks before the show. The excitement for tickets is supported not only by the popularity of the group, but also by the official statement by the musicians that the Ramstein tour in 2020 will be the last for the next three years.

date ofA countryCity, playground
25AustriaKlagenfurt, Wörthersee Stadion
29 -30GermanyLeipzig, Red Bull Arena Leipzig
02 - 03GermanyStuttgart, Mercedes-Benz Arena
06 - 07SwitzerlandZurich, Stadion Letzigrund
10BelgiumOstend, Park De Nieuwe Koers
17United KingdomBelfast, Boucher Road Playing Fields
24NetherlandsNijmegen, Goffertpark
27 - 28GermanyDusseldorf, Merkur Spiel-Arena
01 - 02GermanyHamburg, Volksparkstadion
04 - 05GermanyBerlin, Olympiastadion
9FranceLyon, Groupama Stadium
13ItalyTurin, Stadio Olimpico Grande Torino
17PolandWarsaw, PGE Narodowy
21EstoniaTallinn, Song Festival Grounds
26NorwayTrondheim, Granåsen
31SwedenGothenburg, Ullevi Stadium
4DenmarkAarhus, Ceres Park

According to the official schedule of concerts, Ramstein will not be in Russia in the framework of the 2020 tour, although last year the musicians visited Moscow and St. Petersburg. Domestic fans of the group are forced to buy tickets for shows in Europe. For real fans of rock, this is not a problem: they unite in communities in advance, buy seats in the LIFAD club in order to be able to buy a ticket in the forefront.

How to buy a ticket

On the official website of the group, strict age restrictions have been introduced. The minimum age of the viewer is 13 years. Even before the official start of sales (from July 03, 2019), the LIFAD community participants were the first to purchase tickets to the shows of their favorite musicians. This could be done through the official distributor at eventim.com. In the early days, the most interesting places were sold out. In order for “simple” fans to have the opportunity to attend the concert, a limit was introduced for LIFAD, so not every member of the community was able to buy the coveted ticket.

Tickets can also be purchased through other distributors who are not authorized dealers. As practice has shown, there are many scammers among them, so buying through such portals is not without risk. Tickets purchased through such sites do not have legal force in the event of a conflict.

All relevant information on availability is available on the Ramstein official website. Here you can see the scheme of the stadium to select the best review. The time indicated in the announcement of the event corresponds to the time zone of the show.

Each country has its own quotas. This helps prevent speculation and allows spectators from all over the world to attend concerts. For each country in which the musical performance will take place, personalization requirements have been introduced. For example, for a show in Germany, all tickets are registered, and one spectator can buy a maximum of 6 tickets. Passing personalized tickets is prohibited.

For other countries, their own restrictions on the purchase have been introduced, while one person can immediately redeem the entire quota. In this case, personalization is canceled, so if a person cannot go to a concert, he can resell his ticket without returning it to a certified distributor.

In order not to fall for scammers, entire communities of people are created on the Internet who want to get on the EUROPE STADIUM TOUR 2020. Information about unscrupulous sellers is published here. Also, such groups are a great opportunity to get a seat in the stadium, when all tickets have already been sold out on the official website. But you have to be careful: in order not to overpay, look at the real cost of seats on the show, remembering that paper check passes are about 14% more expensive than electronic ones. At the same time, despite the status of a rock band, prices are quite affordable. For example, an electronic ticket for the presentation of Rammstein in Russia in 2019 cost only 3,500 rubles. Europe, of course, is more expensive, but this does not become an obstacle for fans who are ready to go to another country and even watch a concert while standing.

Watch the video: Rammstein Europe Stadium Tour 2020 (February 2020).

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