Pensions in the Ministry of Internal Affairs in 2020

The Ministry of Internal Affairs provides jobs to millions of Russians, service in the authorities attracts not only prestige, but also the presence of a number of benefits. What will be the pension of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in 2020, will the length of service increase?

Retirement Age Increase

Is an increase in the retirement age in the Ministry of Internal Affairs expected in 2020? At the beginning of August 2019, a law was signed according to which the age limit of persons remaining in the service was increased by 5 years:

  • generals - up to 65 years old;
  • Colonels - up to 60 years old;
  • lieutenant colonels - up to 55 years.

Every year, a medical verdict on the possibility of continuing service should be issued.

For all the others, the age limit remained the same - 50 years. Until 01/01/25, the possibility of completing the service on the conditions in force until the law entered into force. For new employees, the age limit has also been increased - up to 35 years for junior officers / privates and up to 40 years for the higher echelon.

Increasing the age limit is not related to the length of service for going on a well-deserved rest and receiving payments (the figure has remained the same - 20 years). The changes in the all-Russian pension legislation of the security forces are not related, since they do not receive money from the PF of Russia.

Although in 2020 the length of service for obtaining a pension by the Ministry of Internal Affairs will remain the same for the time being, the situation may change in the future. The need to increase it from 20 to 25 years is already being considered. This is due to the increasingly acute problem of financing the department - due to the possibility of earning a pension before the age of 45, the influx of new personnel does not run out. Accordingly, the number of pensioners is growing steadily.

Will pension be canceled in 2020?

The possibility of abolishing the pension of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and other law enforcement agencies has been said since the reform that affected the civilian population. The Ministry of Finance is discussing the issue of providing a large severance pay instead of lifelong payments to those who have finished the service. The head of the research financial institute considers this approach justified - not the old people finish their service. The severance pay will provide them with an opportunity to rest for 1-2 years, undergo retraining and continue work in the civilian sphere. Such a solution promises significant economic benefits - it will be possible to save annually up to 700 billion rubles. While it is under discussion, therefore, in 2020, you should not expect changes. In addition, everyone who has already gone on a well-deserved rest will remain on the same financing, they have nothing to fear.

Payout increase

An increase in the pension of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in 2020 will be necessary, although in comparison with 2019, the increase in appropriations is not very significant - financing of pensions for security officials will increase by 122 billion rubles. In 2021, it is planned to increase the figure to 240 billion rubles.

Growth factors

Pensions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in 2020 will increase due to:

  • changes in the big side of the reduction factor;
  • allowance indexation.

The amount of payments to pensioners directly depends on monetary allowance - the amount is multiplied by a decreasing coefficient.

Until 2019, the reduction coefficient remained at 0.7223, although it was initially assumed that it would increase by 2% annually from 54 to 100% inclusive. In 2015, the process was temporarily suspended. In October 2018, a decision was made to resume the program. The previously established schedule will be implemented - the annual growth of the coefficient by 2% will continue (in 2019, its level reached 0.7368, in 2020 it is expected to be 0.7515).

There are rules for participants in the Second World War - a law was signed in May this year, according to which the size of their pensions is equal to the full cash allowance (the reduction coefficient for this category of citizens was canceled).

The size of the monetary allowance indexation depends on the projected inflation rate. In 2019, the figure was 4.3%. Together with a 2% increase in the reduction coefficient, the amount of payments increased by 6.3%. The projected inflation rate for 2020 is 3.8%. Thus, next year the pensions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs will grow by another 5.8%. When calculating them, individual factors are taken into account: service life, amount of monetary allowance, rank.

On payments received by working pensioners

If the employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, after long service, has received the right to a well-deserved rest and continues to work, then he will be charged only a military-force pension, and he will begin to receive the main insurance payment only after reaching the retirement age stipulated by law.

In accordance with the latest news, the pension of the Ministry of Internal Affairs will increase from 2020, while the length of service will remain the same. Increasing the age limit for service will affect only officers.

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