DIY 2020 Crochet Symbol

DIY handmade souvenirs are a win-win option for gifting your friends and relatives. Unlike template factory products, a part of the master’s soul is embedded in them, which allows you to demonstrate your attention and love for others. The idea for making a souvenir can be borrowed from the eastern horoscope, according to which the White Metal Rat will be the totem of 2020.

Industry Agreement for 2018-2020

The relations of employers with their employees are carried out in accordance with the Labor Code of the Russian Federation and industry agreements, which are drawn up by a specially created commission and designed to protect workers' rights and stimulate the development of various sectors of the Russian economy. Labor agreements Labor agreements are acts that govern the relationship between employers and their employees.

DIY Christmas balls for 2020

Beautiful and unusual Christmas balls with your own hands for 2020 can be made from almost any material - paper, fabric, satin ribbons. It can be a variety of classic options or original jewelry in the form of a tidy Rat. Beads, beads, rhinestones, etc. are suitable for decoration.

Reform of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Russia in 2020

Back in 2017, V. Putin voiced the need for reform in the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Reformation began successfully at the same time and will have to end in 2024. The essence of the reform: reducing the number of employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and improving their skills. Reforming an entire industry is a complex process that is carried out gradually, i.e.

Euro 2020 Qualification

The qualifying campaign for the European Championship 2020 has started. Two rounds took place, which showed that the qualification of Euro 2020 will be tense. Expect intrigue to remain in each group. None of the rivals will simply lose in the fight for tickets to the tournament. The format of the qualifying tournament At the European Championship 2020 will not be the mistress of the tournament.

OGE schedule in 2020

Finishing Grade 9 and want to rationally plan the preparation schedule for exams and rest days for spring and early summer in 2020 - focus on the official OGE schedule, which traditionally FIPI makes in advance for all regions of the country. The draft exam schedule for grades 9 will be presented in late October or early November 2019.

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Fortune-telling for Christmas 2020

Very soon, the year of the Metal Rat. Fortune-telling on Christmas Eve, which will come on Christmas Eve 2020, will help to find out what the new period of life will bring. The most common types are at the disposal of inquisitive and persistent people: love, a betrothed, money, etc., as well as fortune telling techniques on cards, wax, mirrors and other household items, including modern gadgets.

Federal list of textbooks for the 2019-2020 academic year

The old Federal List of Textbooks, first introduced by the Ministry of Education as mandatory for schools in 2014, has been canceled. A new version of the document was approved by the Ministry of Education on December 28, 2018. Since the creation of this normative voluntary-compulsory choice of the CMC on the subject, a number of problems have been identified.

2020 European Women's Handball Championship

The 2020 European Women's Handball Championship is the 14th edition of the international handball championship, which will be held from December 3 to 20, 2020 in Denmark and Norway. The tournament will be attended by 16 teams, including Russia. Our girls are considered one of the strongest in the world and Europe.

Anniversaries of composers in 2020

Over a long period of history, music accompanies a person at every turn. In 2020, a large number of anniversaries of composers will take place, both long ago leaving this world, and those living and continuing to create wonderful works. The jubilee dates of composers in 2020 will allow us to once again recall and honor the memory of genius and talented people who left mankind a wonderful gift - music.

Sustainable rural development until 2020

The leadership of the Russian Federation has been struggling for the first year for economic development in the Russian countryside. The work aimed at attracting finance, increasing the level of economic activity in the villages is carried out by the Ministry of Agriculture. Over the past decade, several federal programs have been launched that focus on improving living standards and business development in settlements remote from the city.

New Year 2020 at sea

If you combine rest at sea with the New Year's Eve, you can recharge with positive emotions for a long time. And although Russia has its own resorts, they are not suitable for a pleasant time in the winter. In this regard, it is better to pick up a trip to one of the warmer countries. It’s better to plan your trip in advance.

Muslim calendar for the year 2020 with holidays

Around the world, there are nearly 1.6 billion adherents of Islam. Like the Orthodox, they have their own memorable dates marked on the Muslim calendar. What days will the holidays fall in 2020? Muslim holidays In 2020, the calendar marked many dates revered by Muslims.

Lazarev Saturday 2020

Ahead of the Holy Week of the Orthodox, a bright holiday awaits, giving hope for resurrection and eternal life. Lazarev Saturday is a day of fasting, time to think about the eternal and ask the Lord for health for ourselves and loved ones. What is this holiday when it is celebrated? The Orthodox celebrate Lazarev Saturday the day before Palm Sunday, 8 days before Holy Easter.

Manezhnaya Square for New Year 2020

Every year by the New Year in Moscow, entertainment events are organized. They come to the capital from all regions to participate in interactive competitions, visit the theater, go with their children to an enchanting New Year mood, meet 12 hours under the chimes of chimes with loved ones. Moscow always attracts with the scale of the New Year celebration, because the program may include several days.

Evening dresses for 2020

On the catwalks of London, New York, Paris and other fashionable capitals of the world, enchanting displays of the best collections fall-winter 2019-2020 have made noise, and we suggest discussing what trendy evening dresses of the new season will be. Evening fall fashion is diverse and multifaceted, which provides the opportunity to choose your own unique image for the solemn publication, taking into account the characteristics of the figure, the format of the event, as well as any individual preferences.

Simple salads for the New Year 2020

It is impossible to imagine a New Year's table without a variety of salads, so now many housewives are interested in simple salads for the New Year 2020. Considering that the White Metal Rat will be the next patron of the year, this is entirely justified. The 2020 totem belongs to gluttonous animals. This means that on the New Year's table there must be a huge variety of dishes, including all kinds of salads.

Winter holidays 2019-2020 academic year

Rest from school for students of all countries is a welcome time. Even school-loving children rejoice at the opportunity to relax, play and not do their homework for some time. At the same time, during the school year, the duration of the holidays is not so long, although thanks to the presidential decrees for the New Year you can relax normally.